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We were organized into a tour group of about 25 other people and led by our guide into the caves. The sights were instantly awe-inspiring. Lurary Caverns are like no other cave network. The coincidence of geography and time created a spectacular experience for touring spelunkers as every gallery is filled with extraordinary formations. Luray Caverns are essentially a “best of” cave network. There are no “less than spectacular” galleries, just simply incredible formations one following closely after another. Liz, a veteran of many of America’s greatest caves was pleasantly surprised by the amazing collection of formations in such a relatively small cave network. The highlights for me were the “Dream Lake”–a three inch deep, mirror-like pool that reflects the cave’s ceiling formations in such a way that it looks nearly 10 feet deep, and the Stalacpipe Organ. The organ was hailed by our guide as “the world’s largest musical instrument!”, and is essentially a system of wires, levers, and plungers connected to 80

a music box that plays quiet, haunting songs on the cave walls and stalactites. Our mesmerizing tour of the caverns took just over an hour, after which we headed back up the Blue Ridge to enjoy the scenic overlooks passed up on Friday afternoon. Slowly driving up the winding Skyline Drive while stopping every 5 or 10 minutes at another breathtaking overlook is hard to beat as one of the best ways to spend an autumn afternoon. After a couple of hours taking pictures, driving, and relaxing among the brilliant fall colors we decided to head to Big Meadows Lodge, another dining hall and lodge a dozen or so miles down Skyline Drive from Skyland Resort. When we arrived at Big Meadows, I was immediately transported to a Colorado mountain lodge ( just 10,000 feet of elevation lower!) We explored the family-friendly living room of the lodge, with huge windows affording a wonderful

DomiCile Fall 2014  
DomiCile Fall 2014  

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