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subterranean galleries of Luray Caverns. We descended Skyline Drive, making quick stops at three scenic overlooks to enjoy the views and take several dozen photographs, and arrived in Luray 45 minutes after leaving Skyland. Having enjoyed just a light breakfast, we were both hungry and excited to grab a filling, fresh-made, friendly lunch at the oftrecommended Artisans Grill. The unique restaurant is located in a restored, historic, red-brick building with bold green awnings on Luray’s undulating main street. Artisans Grill is a pleasantly friendly and quirky establishment that takes deep pride in its historic roots, welcoming atmosphere, a fresh and wholesome menu, and straightforward delicious food. Once inside, Artisans Grill gives the impression of a deli-meets-soda fountain-meets-upscale pub. Linen tablecloths and friendly, attentive service distinguishes Artisans Grill from many other runof-the-mill, busy-at-noon delis. The menu featured stylized re-imaginings of standard deli fare, but what really set Artisans Grill apart was the soda fountainstyle bar and enigmatic placement of the sandwich kitchen and grill in a corner near the entryway. It’s hard to question the quality of a gourmet deli that bares its kitchen and chefs to nearby patrons. I ordered the Rembrandt–a beefed up delicious take on a reuben–and Liz chose the Monet, a grilled portobello sandwich. Both came with a dill pickle spear and sweet potato fries. The Artisans Grill experience was exactly as advertised on goldrimmed signs outside the restaurant: artful fare in a friendly atmosphere. While the menu is primarily deli staples, the quality and accents added by the Artisans Grill make this a memorable experience, both for the food and the atmosphere. After lunch, we drove across the highway to our featured afternoon destination: Luray Caverns. The caverns are a privately-owned commercial cave network, one of the largest and most popular in the eastern United States. Entering the property reminded me of visiting a theme park: a sprawling parking lot, hundreds of people with excited children in tow, and a long line at the entrance. You can hardly complain about standing in line at a popular D.C. area destination on a Saturday afternoon, and our wait was just 30 minutes.


DomiCile Fall 2014  
DomiCile Fall 2014  

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