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eredith Sheperd is the founder of Love & Carrots, an organic home gardening service company operating in the D.C. metropolitan region. Love & Carrots installs gardens for private residences, businesses and community spaces. We were fortunate enough to catch her between installs to get a better understanding of what Love & Carrots does, and to get some first hand advice from someone with two green thumbs. DomiCile: How and why did you decide to start Love & Carrots? Meredith: The origin of Love & Carrots is rooted in environmental concern. I became passionate about the local food movement through my experiences learning to farm. I was traveling the world working on farms and reading books by inspirations like Michael Pollan and John Jeavons. I began to see that choosing what you eat daily is a decision that has great impact on many important issues: health & wellness, the environment, the economy, so I had to get involved. After managing Chailey Farm in Virginia for several seasons growing food for local D.C. restaurants, I decided I wanted to shift to urban agriculture. Urban agriculture focuses solutions where the problems exist. I stumbled upon the idea of helping people grow food in their own yards while biking around the city to job interviews and observing all the open space D.C. had to offer. I gave up my job search, put out a flier, and never looked back. DomiCile: Why Love & Carrots, where did that name come from? Meredith: I wanted there to be a vegetable in the name. Love & Carrots is the remixing of “Love & Care” and “Peas & Carrots”. We provide “Love & care for your peas & carrots…” DomiCile: Walk us through a typical installation process- start to finish. Meredith: It starts with a consultation and site assessment, where we meet on site to talk about what the client is looking for and what makes sense for their space. I ask about how much experience they have growing, how much time they have to devote to gardening, and what vegetables they are most excited to grow. Every site has its own set of challenges. I take sunlight readings, soil samples, and other measurements. Then we talk about how we can craft a garden and crop list that will best fit the space and maximize production. We do a lot of landscape master plans in which we tie the vegetable garden into a native landscape and use fruit trees, berry shrubs, native flowers, and herbs in place of typical landscaping choices. Once we nail down a plan, we get a materials deposit and pick an 45

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