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Its true... don’t need a license to ride one. They’re very conservative on gas, and if you’re looking for a fun time then...Well, we may be biased, but riding one of our alternative energy vehicles can definitely be fun. What the %&$#? Yep, it’s probably a bit of a stretch, but we like to think of our boards as alternative forms of transportation. If you’re just catching onto the “green” thing (better wake up), then you may think we’re talking about construction materials, etc. However, we’re not talking about the fact that our boards are made from bamboo, or our maple wood is obtained from FSC certified foresters, or that some of our wheels are made from soy-based urethane. No, what we’re talking about is the pure fact that riding one of our “Alternative Energy Vehicles” requires absolutely no fossil fuels to “run” and is both fun and good for you. What could be better than that? While many of our boards are built for tricks and all kinds of other crazy stuff, they can also all be used to get you from point A to point B, in a healthy, environmentally responsible way. So, wake up! Go green, and get to transporting yourself via an alternative energy vehicle... We mean skateboarding!


Carbon TR3 9.0 x 38.0 PS092

9 Star* 9.5 x 39.0 PS097

Joel Tudor 8.75 x 38.3 PF091

Bullet* 9.0 x 40.0 PF093

Carbonite* 9.25 x 41.0 PF094

BHNC 10.0 x 46.0 PF095 *Drop Through Flush Mount


Big Rock 7.5 x 26.5 BBF091

Ala Moana 8.8 x 31.75 BBF092

Ours 8.75 x 36.75 BBF093

Shipsterns 9.375 x 38.0 BBF094

Sunset 9.5 x 42.0 BBF086

Ghost Tree 9.25 x 42.0 BBF095

Teahupoo 10.0 x 46.0 BBF097


City Crusher 8.0 x 29.7 CRF091

Coconut 8.125 x 31.8 CRF092

Greenroom 8.25 x 34.0 CRF093 graphic top and bottom

Mainland 8.5 x 38.0 CRF094

Pathfinder 8.5 x 38.0 CRF095

Deserts 9.0 x 43.5 CRF096

Whistler 9.5 x 46.0 CRF097


Reflections 8.0 x 33.5 SF091

Off The Wall 2* 8.25 x 33.75 SV082

Sand Wedge* 9.10 x 38.5 SS093 *Drop Through Flush Mount


Montage 7.5 x 26.5 MF091

Reno 8.5 x 27.5 MF092

9er Drop 8.6 x 30.0 MF093

Mosh Pit 8.6 x 30.0 MF094

Joel Tudor Signature Model 8.6 x 29.5 MF095

Rasta N8V 8.25 x 31.75 MF096


Drainer 9.5 x 37.5 OGF091

Oracle 9.80 x 46.0 OGF093

Seedling 9.20 x 40.0 OGF092

OG Cloud 9.6 x 46.0 OGF094

California 8.75 x 47.75 OGF095

Luke 11.0 x 55.0 OGF096


Mosaic 7.5 x 31.5 DF091

Faded 7.75 x 31.5 DF092

Essay 8.0 x 32.0 DF093

Skullz 8.25 x 32.5 DF094

Painkiller 9.0 x 32.5 DF095

Iron 9 8.8 x 32.75 DF096

Unchained 8.5 x 36.0 DF097

WHEELS 54mm / 78A

58mm / 101A

65mm / 78A

65mm / 78A TS

60mm / 98A

69mm / 75A & 80A

61mm / 78A & 82A TS

61mm / 78A

82A available in ghost only

Biothane Soy Compound

70mm / 75A

Biothane Soy Compound

70mm / 75A & 78A


72mm / 75A

74mm / 75A & 78A

69mm / 78A & 82A

76mm / 75A & 78A

70mm / 78A & 82A

74mm / 78A & 82A

76mm / 78A & 82A

81mm / 75A & 80A

70mm / 78A & 82A

77mm / 77A & 82A

81mm / 78A & 82A *All Yellow wheels 78A & Red wheels 82A

HARDWARE Cosmic Bearings

Platinum Bearings

Race Bearings

Bolt Packs

Riser Packs

ABEC 7 Bearings

Stainless Steel ABEC 9 Bearings

Black Ball Ceramic Bearings

1.25,” 1.5” & 2” Bolts

Angled, 1/8” Shock Pads, Standard 1/4” & 1/2”


There are some ancient speedboarding critics that grumble about sliding as just a fancy way of slowing down. Well, I guess they’re right. Regardless of what those trogs say, sliding has evolved into its’ own little niche. We’ve spent considerable time at the drawing board to bring you a couple of excellent choices if you’re one who likes to come within centimeters of sanding your hands off.

Replacement Niner Pucks

Surgeon Slide Glove

BHNC Slide Glove

2 9 Ball Pucks/ 4 Finger Pucks SPS091

Leather Slide Gloves Black/ Yellow SGS091

Poly/ Nylon/ Neoprene/ Gloves Moss/ Black SGF091

STALKING... ...We’ve been told it’s creepy and gives cold, chill visions of Richard Ramirez and his prey at night, and that it brings thoughts of 50 year old voyeurs watching you through your bedroom window while you’re asleep. Well, we’re not going to lie to you. The patented road vibration dampening system this truck features may give you the chills, and the reality of the added control may keep you up at night dreaming of the new lines you can now draw on your favorite hills. One thing is for sure: This new generation of truck will undoubtedly set the standard by which all others will be judged. So next time you ride with your friends, give them a good head start. As you creep up on them from behind, the only thing they will hear as you approach will be “on your left,” as you blow by them grinning that evil grin that only a stalker knows… Shhhh...

Silver/ Silver

Black/ Black

Gullwing Alpine

Gullwing Bomber

Gullwing Charger

9.0” • 10.0”

9.0” • 10.0”

9.0” • 10.0” Black/ Rasta

White/ Blue

Silver/ Black

Gullwing Mission

Gullwing Grinder

Gullwing Sidewinder

Gullwing Concicle Bushings

8.375” • 9.0” • 10.0”

8.375” • 9.0”


84A • 86A • 90A • 92A • 94A

Sector 9 Catalogue  

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