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What are the prominent uses of a virtual private server?

There are quite many times that you must have heard the term Virtual Private Server if you are working in IT sector or are a computer student. Virtual Private server or VPS appears as a dedicated server to the user but in reality it isn’t one. It is basically a server present on a computer that serves various websites. Perhaps it is also called a VDS or a virtual dedicated server. A computer can have many VPSs having its own Operating system with hosting software. This software has a web server program, a mail server program, some special applications for blogging and e commerce and a file transfer protocol program. Virt ual Privat e Server is used by small firms who cannot afford a dedicated server but require a personal website. It is useful in cases where a duplicate site need to be maintained to perform tests, updates or new programs. For web hosting, VPS has a great advantage. Hosting on shared servers is cost effective. It offers a testing and developing environment. Without two physical servers, the software can be debugged; updated and major changes can be installed too. A VPS is also termed as a cloud server. On a cloud server, there are hardware resources like RAM and CPU added. A very important feature is that the server can be moved to other hardware when it is in operation. A VPS can be used for storage purposes. Also the website’s visibility can be maintained due to switching practice between servers. This can happen even when the development work is happening on both servers. This kind of service is less expensive where the users have no responsibility of the hardware. Also technical support is granted to users who avail this service. Web host ing server can be customiz ed using this service giving more technical flexibility to users. T he Virt ual Privat e Server gives access to the root directory with an option to install and delete applications and software while permissions are set and accounts are created. It helps the user to determine a customiz ed server environment. There is also no need to maintain and secure physical maintenance through these servers.

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What are the prominent uses of a virtual private server