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VIPs shower

STCAA 2011 Batangas wows STCAA crowd

STCAA Health team monitors Tayabas BATANGAS: WELCOME MABUHAY


VIPs shower

STCAA 2011 by: Lanei Dimaano

What a grand opening with very important persons and dignitaries! Thus uttered the spectators who witnessed the opening ceremony of the STCAA 2011. The DepED and local government officials included Region IV–A Calabarzon’s Director Dr. Lorna Dig Dino; Dr. Marietta Opulencia, Chief of Elementary Schools, Quezon Governor David “Jay-jay” Suarez, Dr. Gloria Potez and Dr. Norma Macalindog, Schools Division Superintendents of Quezon and Lucena City; and Hon Ruby Talaga, Mayor of Lucena. From the province of Batangas, Congressman Hermilando Mandanas of 2nd District and Board Member Mabel Virtusio joined the parade, as well as Congressman Sonny Collantes of the 3rd District. Lipa City Mayor Meynard Sabili marched with Lipa delegates, as Batangas Schools Division Superintendent Emma A. Bautista walked along with Assistant Superintendents and Supervisors. Batangas Governor Vilma Santos Recto was not available that day, but other viewers said they also waited and expected her arrival, especially with the presence of the VSR-HEARTS bus in the Quezon NHS area. Most of Calabarzon’s city mayors were also present in the opening rites, prompting Gov. Suarez to comment that this year’s STCAA is by far “the most well-attended by LGU officials”. VERY INTIMATE PARADE. SDS Emma A. Bautista (right) walks with crowd-waving Congressman Sonny Collantes during the STCAA opening rites.




Batangas wows STCAA crowd


howing finesse and discipline, synchronized choreography and fighting stance, the Batanguenos easily captured the hearts and admiring applause of judges, viewers, and participants in the Southern Tagalog Calabarzon Athletic Association (STCAA) Meet opening rites held at the Alcala Sports Complex in Lucena City, March 13. Leading the parade of all 15 divisions, the 646-strong marchers in red and white uniforms chanted Ala Eh and attuned to street dance music complete with props of recycled plastic bottles as rain sound makers. Superintendent Emma A.


Bautista personally led the lines of marching athletes and officials from Perez Park to Quezon NHS’ sports grand arena. With her in the afternoon sun are Assistant Superintendents Mr. Donato Bueno, Ms. Nadine Celindro and Mr, Tolentino Aquino, Batangas Board Member Mabelle Virtucio, Education Program Supervisors headed by Arts Supervisor Jimmy Morillo, English Supervisor Homer Mendoza, Sports Coordinators Joel Lubis and Dr. Leopoldo Landicho, Secondary Schools Area Chairmen, and Public School District Supervisors from the 30 municipalities of Batangas. “You all did well; keep it up and thank you so much for your display of excellent sports character today”, said

Mrs. Bautista to the athletes as she shook their hands, tapped shoulders, while some received blessings in the foreheads during the recessional. One by one and to the last man in line, the Superintendent thanked the athletes, athletic managers, and trainers. She also expressed hopes on winning the Best in Parade award for the division due to the signs of approval expressed by fellow Superintendents and other guests in the arena, including that of the Regional Director, Lorna Dig Dino. The Batangueno participants then retreated to Tayabas East Central School while select officials joined the Governor’s NIght at the Quezon Provincial Convention Center.



STCAA Health team monitors


MEDICS ON THE MOVE. Dr. Arojo (second from right) leads the monitoring team at Tayabas East CS. With her are (from far left) Mr. Gavino Marasigan, Dr. Placida Dela Vega, and Mrs, Simeona Cabello (far right).


r. Analiza Araojo of the DepED Region IV-A Medical Unit led the inspection team in their visit to Tayabas East Central School, March 14. The evaluation on the health and safety, cleanliness, and order in the athletes’ quarters is their primary goal, as well as coordinating with each Division’s Medical teams and host schools. She was accompanied


by other evaluators including Ms. Annabelle Romay, Nurse In Charge of Quezon, Ms. Nancy Cupo, Nurse In Charge of Lucena City, Dr. Edward Joson, Dentist In Charge of the Region Office, and Dr. Ma. Rose Camillon, Dentist In Charge of Quezon division. “Tayabas East CS seemed a very large school with lots of trees and falling leaves, which could really make it difficult for maintenance”, Dr. Araojo commented. “But we cannot yet make comparative statements regarding the criteria on keeping the over-all cleanliness and orderliness,

because this is yet our 2nd delegation quarter to visit”, she added. Education Program Supervisor Simeona Cabello accommodated the inspection team, assisted by Batangas Division Quartermasters Dr. Placida Dela Vega of Balayan and Mr. Gavino Marasigan of Rosario East.




alutations and congratulations to the Batangueno athletes! O u r delegates deserve to hear such wonderful remarks with the level of discipline they have shown from the past training days up to the parade and opening ceremonies in the on-going STCAA Meet 2011. Truly, their patience, open-mindedness, and respectful behaviour have been commendable, as they have displayed an outstanding performance in the straightlined march and wellcoordinated dance and yell presentations. Together with their trainers and coaches who served unselfishly in

preparing them, both have become models of grace under pressure, dancing to the beat all with Olympian skills, while keeping health, cleanliness, and unity in spirit. Even in their mess halls and living quarters, equipment and utensils are put in order before and after use, that even the chairs and baggage are arranged well. T h e i r instances of greeting guests and superiors are another display of exemplary acts, with a simple “Good morning, Sir/Ma’m!” or “Thank you” and the Batangan courtesy of “Nagpupugay po!” that counts a lot for they are pleasant to hear and endearing to one’s heart. Those little things are precious gems our Batangas delegates have imbibed along


with the deep-rooted values of faith and hope in God. They are really worthy of praise and applause not just here in STCAA Meet, for they will bring such good traits up to their growing years as responsible Filipino citizens. Naturally, it all must have started from an inspiring leader who led by example, conscientiously carried on by the the supervisors, managers, and other subordinates. For this, our beloved Superintendent Emma A. Bautista deserves kudos for her immeasurably transforming leadership. This early, for all the success our Division delegation have achieved, we already are winners in the sporting community and in the eyes of God. The Blades staff joins you in the celebration of your exemplary athletic development.









OPENING SALVO. Education Program Supervisor Cecilia AE Tusing energetically recites her composed introduction of Batangas delegation to the 2011 STCAA.

INTRO: STCAA 2011 Magandang hapon, PILIPINAS Magandang hapon, CALABARZON Magandang hapon, Lungsod ng LUCENA, Lalawigan ng QUEZON MAGANDANG HAPON, MADLANG P-E-O-P-L-E... Magandang araw sa inyo, kami po ay nagpupugay, Delegasyong nagmumula sa SANGAY NG BATANGAN Sinasabi na ang Pilipinas ay Perlas ng Silangan At ang pinakatampok sa mga Perlas, BATANGAS na lalawigan. BATANGAS, BATANGAS, bukal ng kadakilaan Lalawigang pinagpala ng Poong Maykapal BATANGAS, BATANGAS, brilyante ng Katagalugan Mga bayani ng lahi, sa kanya’y isinilang. Mga sagisag ng bansa, sa Batangas


nagmula Ang barong tagalog at tumahi ng bandila Pinakamaliit na bulkan Taal, sa Batangas nakapunla Pinakamalaking Simbahan sa Dulong Silangan, badya ay pananampalataya. Sa lawa ng Taal, mahuhuli ang tawilis Isdang maliit man, kapag natikman iyong mami-miss May uuna pa ba sa tulingan at tilapia lasa ay manamis-namis Tapa”t longganisang malasa, panutsa’t sintunis na anong tamis Mga Batangenyong kalalakihan, macho at makisig Kadalagahan naman, mayumi at tapat sa pag-ibig Kaya kapwa Pinoy, kung hindi rin lang wagas ang iyong iniisip Tiyak di ka patatawarin ng balisong na matalim, dapat mong mabatid. Lupaing Batangas, kasimoy ng hanging Laguna

At ng hanging Quezong nasa gawing Silangan niya Ang dakong Cavite nama’y kaharana Ang Rizal malayu-layo man ay pinipithaya. Anim na raan at apat na pu’t anim (646) ngayon ay nagmamartsa Tagapamanihalang Ma’am Emma A. Bautista, siyang nangunguna Kaagapay niya’y Sir Tonee, Sir Donee at Ma’am Nadine pa Sir Jimmy M, Sir Leo, Sir Joel, Sir Jimmy P, tagapangulong lahat na. Ang Pununlalawigan Vilma Santos Recto bilang PSB Chairman Bokal Mabel Virtucio, Tagapangulo ng Edukasyon, laging kaagapay Pangulo ng PTA Federation, Arnel Dimaano at Mark Lorenze Alvarez, SK Chairman Gng Fortunata Lat, Ingat-yaman ng lalawigan, nagtulong-tulong para sa tagumpay


Ang mabilis na pagkilos nina G. Sam Isaga at mga tauhan Ang walang sawang pagtulong ng mga taga-paaralan at pati kalalawigan Mga Punumbaya’y hindi nagpabaya, biyaya ay talagang naasahan Para sa ipagtatagumpay sa 2011 STACAA ng lupang Batangan Di rin matatawaran tulong sa Sports ng apat na kongresista Kgg. Tom Apacible, Dodo Mandanas, Sonny Collantes at Mark Leandre Mendoza Mga lingkod bayang ang nasa-isip lagi, ikagagaling ng balana Hindi lamang sa isip, hindi lamang sa salita, gawa ay kitang-kita. Ma’am Emma A. Bautista, Sir Tonee G. Aquino, Sir Donnie G. Bueno at Ma’am Nadine C. Celindrro Mga tagapamanihalang may pusong mapagmahal at mapagkalinga sa lahat ng panahon Apat na sandigan sa larangan ng Edukasyon Anumang tagumpay sa Batangan, sila ang nagsisilbing inspirasyon.

Habang kompetisyo’y nalalapit, umaalab ang pagnanasa Taglay ang adhikaing tagumpay ay makamtan na Dito sa Lungsod ng Lucena, GINTO ang aming nasa Tumabi-tabi kayo, Unang Karangalan aming iuuwi na. Bakit tila nag-aagam-agam sa narinig na pahayag Huwag magtataka dahil kahandaan aming ipakikita Sa mga larong kabibilangan naming nakaPULA Tiyak na ang BATANGAS laging mangunguna.

aming handog Lahat ng tagumpay na sa amin ay iaabot At sa lahat-lahat na biyayang sa ami’y ipinagkakaloob Maraming salamat Panginoon, kalooban Mo po’y masunod. CECILIA AE. TUSING Education Program Supervisor I for Music

Sa Poong Maykapal, sa Inyo ay

Kapiling din natin ang mga Tagamasid Pansangay at Pampurok Mga pinuno ng Paaralan sa Elementarya at Sekundarya sa tuwina’y nakatutok Sa mga kabataang Batangenyo samasamang karakter ay hinuhubog Hindi rin matatawaran ang kakayahan at panahong inihahandog.




Every Minute is a Measure of Achievement Lasting Endeavours Assured of Dedicated Services Building up Aspirations Towards Attainment of Nationhood, & Greater ascendancy in Academics and in Sports!

Emma Leads Batangas

Sipa Takraw advances for gold, disappoints rivals in day 1

Batangas Batters begin its bid for gold

Gold pours in at early start


Gold pours in Track and Field

at early start


t’s show time!

Batangas Province started to prove its strength in the field as it collected five gold medals today at the Alcala Field, Quezon National High School. Philip Gonzales threw the iron sphere at 11.77 meters to secure the gold in shot put secondary boys which was followed by 11.59 meters gauge of Joshua Aurio, also of Batangas to settle in second place. Ma. Espeaka Ilaga added pride to the delegation as she grabbed the gold at 9.98 meter shot put elementary girls while fellow Batangan Liane Rose Asi rested in silver with 9.64 meter throw in. However, Paul Napiza of


Lobo District failed to sustain his bid in shot put elementary boys and sunk at second place against Kim Estresa of Dasmariñas City. “We are expecting more golds tomorrow, I am confident because Gonzales and Aurio are the record holders in discuss throw and elementary throwers are doing well” explains Igmedio M. Garing, trainer of Batangas throwers. Meanwhile, John Arvin Gomez soared high to seize the gold at 1.85 meter in high jump secondary boys. Although giving his best, Jairh Oliveros dropped in third place. Lyka Villanueva in high jump secondary girls recorded 1.46 m and hoped but had to accept the second place. In the same event, elementary boys, Sherwinson

Casapao tested mettle against Jarin Collado of Laguna to grab the first place in solo. The two tested their powers and strength from 1.48 meter, but the Lagunense failed to battle Casapao's 1.59 meter high. Likewise, John Lester Vidal, hand in his share as he finished first in 1500 m race elementary boys, while Julito German fell short and rested in having the fourth. In the girls category, Violeta Rebosa got satisfied in second place followed by Gemmalyn Perez as third. by: Michael Villaluna & Zenaida delos Santos







Batangas Batters begin its bid

for gold


martly inching its way to begin campaign for gold, Batangas Batters escaped Laguna, 7-6 in their first match in Baseball Elementary Boys at Alcala Field, Quezon National High School, March 15. Batangas leaned on the speeding flings of John Gerald Quijano, easily neutralizing Laguna from 1st to 3rd innings. In the first inning, Renzo Louise Martinez marked the first vertical line in the score board when Glen Marasigan hit the ball from Sherwin Acta of Laguna. Agitated Batangans dictated the tempo pouring two homeruns in 2nd and 3rd innings courtesy of Steven Catacata and John Gerald Quijano, and three more home bases tallying 6-1 in the board at the third inning, leaving Laguna in distress.


Batangas Batters got sloppy in the fourth as Glen Marasigan replaced pitcher Quijano, giving much walk in from his erratic pitches, ending the fourth inning at 6-4. Quijano touched the home base in the 5th inning expanding their score to 7. Laguna as the last batter in the 5th inning, failed to come back when Marasigan regained his pitching stance, striking out the first two batters of Laguna, but Laguna’s bench exploded when Maorous Pelongco made a homerun and sent Sherwin Acta from the first base safe home, swelling its score to 6. With one point extra against Laguna, first baseman Marlon Catapang foiled the attempt of Miguel Ofilada to touch the first base as the ball landed safe in his hand, decidedly ending the game at 7-6.

“Mabigat ang laban, kasi malalaki ang kalaban, pero nakuha rin namin,� head coach Demetrio Malapitan expresses.


Sipa Takraw advances for gold, disappoints rivals in day 1


lthough the 29ers started with a sloppy set in Sipa Takraw, the team survived Quezon Province, 14-21, 21-17,15-11 to step forward for gold in STACAA Meet at Tayabas East Central School, March 14. Batangas Sipa-Takraw lost its bearing when Quezon Province scored repeatedly in the first set, upsetting the trio with 1421 in the score sheet. Warren Navarro of Batangas Province halted the team’s haziness as he answered back and scored from his headings. Edmund Seda and Carlo Maranan as well recovered their


composure bringing in points to subdue the fiasco, finishing the second set at 2117. Quezon Province fought back in the nail-biting third set, discharging hard kicks which were defensively controlled by the Batangas trio. The score stood even for both teams at 11 points but Edmund Seda, of Batangas Province incessantly delivered four hard services awarding Quezonians with a grieving 15-11 final set. In an earlier match the same day, before Quezon Province bowed down, Tanauan City easily conceded to Batangas Province, 21-12, 21-12. Without sweat, Navarro, Seda and Maranan synchronized

to dominate the 1st and 2nd sets, giving no chance to the younger division for a decision. “Nakuha na namin ang isa sa malalakas naming kalaban, tuloy-tuloy na ito lalo na kapag tinalo namin ang Rizal. Ini-expect talaga namin ang gold,” says head coach Rosalie Salvacion after the game.


SDS Emma A. Bautista : Splendid Deliverer of Sports


am very optimistic that we have athletes who could win medals”, the Batangas Province Superintendent said during her final briefing before the delegation proceeded to the STCAA Meet 2011 venue. Ms. Emma A. Bautista, having seen the training phase from start to finish, has all the right to say so. Not merely because of the devoted preparations the division has undergone for the past three months, she has also persistently and patiently spoke with the athletes during


their practice sessions. That there was no stone left unturned may be a simple summary, but sacrifice- filled days were really spent both by the coaches and trainees , with the supervisors seeing to it that not even a minute was wasted. The dream to make it to the top in the exhilarating world of athletic supremacy triggered the Superintendent to focus on and look into the matter herself. She already made it in academics, so to speak so to make it balance she aimed to saturate the world of sports. “The competition is really tough” she said but she remained hopeful of the victory due to the fact that she has given

her all in supervising the training of the athletes. She is known for her passion for excellence and so she is determined to soar. Her vibrance inspires everyone to partake to the fullest. Lines coming from her such as ”All we need is to stay together, play more together, talent is extremely important but chemistry matters most,” serves as a guiding light to the whole delegation. LET’S BEAT THE TOP!

was her last pronouncement.


Batangas Volleybelles pulverize the SP Lakers, 25-7; 25-21


he Batangas Volleybelles (Secondary) crushed the San Pablo Lakers in the opening games of the 2011 STACAA Meet held at the Alcala Spotrs Complex, Lucena City, March 14. In the first set of the game, the volleybelles ruled through the booming services of their key player Lovely Liat who scored the most number of points. They showed one-of-a kind game that paved them to victory over the Lakers. The concerted effort of the Batangas Spikers Garcia, Necesito, Montecer and Jamilla made them subdue the Lakers. This was intensified by the equally sure services of Castor that ended the first game with the score of 25-7.


T h e Lakers did not lose hope so they exuded their very best to lead the game. Batangas volleybelles libero Erika Tabion fielded a lot of errors that gave the Lakers a chance to earn more points. But the powerful spikes and authoritative defense of the volleybelles ended the game with a score of 25-21. “The volleybelles did all their best to win�, quoted Mr. Ronel Lat, team coach and Mrs. Millet Alarmo, asst. coach.


TEAM BATANGAS Together, Everyone Achieves More By accepting trials as part of life and going beyond the shore

Adjusting the sails to the wind, deepening the core Trumpets blown fullblast Always seeking the higher score Never giving up without a fight Go for gold with all fervor Asking for just what we really deserve Sports dominance in Calabarzon, now and forevermore!

Avenue 2 more gold from the field

o f Va l u e s Taekwondo, swimming team back to back with


Batangas kickers crush San Pablo, inching forward to the finals Batangas jin ensuresbronze, hopes for gold

Batangas booters

rout two in a row

2 more gold from the field B

atangas Province continues to accumulate gold in its attempt to rule the STCAA Meet here at Lucena City, March 14. Jenyrose Rosales dominated the 100 m race secondary girls division for a gold recording 12.40 sec finish, while Mariel Pagdunsalan delivered another from discuss throw with 28.50 m tape to mount up the number of gold at hand. In 100 m secondary boys, Jeffrey Buhay fell in the third place, same with Joey Marquez who settled third in long jump boys along with Earlyn Samadan who was down also in third place in 300 meter race secondary girls. Moreover, Bryan Demafelix grabbed silver in 110 m hurdle. In addition, Michael Joshua and Philip Gonzales grasped silver and bronze in discuss throw respectively. (Michael Villaluna) 18


Taekwondo, swimming team back to back with

bronze N

ot contented without imparting their share, Taekwondo and swimming team kept going to escalate the medal count. From synchronized poomsai, the taekwondo team at Enverga University gymnasium delivered bronze today due to the concerted efforts of John Lord Caguicla, Melvic Mendjao and Christian Joshua Gonzales. “We are expecting for


more. Our elementary team will spar tomorrow and we are hoping to deliver gold,� team coach Willy Rosales expressed. At the Alcala swimming arena, the swimming team yielded bronze in medley relay in the stance of Christian Dimaculangan, Jayron Gutierrez, Laurence Dimaculangan and Ronald Laroza. Earlier, Christian Dimaculangan dispensed bronze from 200 m back stroke. (Michael Villaluna)


Batangas kickers crush San Pablo, inching forward to the finals


espite the cold wind of the late afternoon, football team heat up the crowd when a kick from Jomel Caballero rested the ball inside the goal earlier in the first half. Batangas Province demolished San Pablo; 2-0, in the elimination round of STCAA Elementary Football Boys at Alcala


Sports Complex, March 14. Lost in limbo, San Pablo regardless of their height advantage did not manage to subdue the prowess of Batangans. Another goal from Vergel Buen exploded the crowd but the referee called for an offside. In the second half, a goal from Eder John Pawig tamed San Pablo and called it over although minutes

more are left from the clock. Before this game, Batangas suppressed Cavite Province from unanswered two points managed by Eder John Pawig and Gerald Andal. “We are now preparing for Rizal, our hopes are high that we can also make it,� says team coach Bonifacio Carandang. (Michael Villaluna)


Batangas booters

rout two in a row “P

atuloy kaming nagdarasal para makuha ang kampeonato. Sa Bracket A, kapag na-outwit namin ang Quezon palagay kaming matutulog mamaya,” pronounces Marius Dimagiba, trainer of Batangas football team before they collided with the kicking Dolphins. It seems that the Batangas football team will really sleep well tonight after their overwhelming win against Quezon Province, 4-0 to remain in the lead of the elimination round, Bracket A Football Boys Secondary in STCAA Meet at Camp Nakar, Lucena City, March 16.

Earlier, Batangas booters wrecked San Pablo, 7-1 through the heroics of Jojo Nitro scoring two points in the first half and four in the final half supplemented by a point of Angelo Guingon before the whistle. “Sana’y magtuloy-tuloy, sana po di masira ang teamwork namin sa sunod na laban,” speaks Jojo Nitro before their bout with Quezon Province. After 14 minutes of trading kicks in the first half, Nitro scored stimulating the confidence of Batangueños which continued in the second half as Angelo Guingon manage to log a point in the early minutes of the play off. Startled Quezonians did not anymore recover from the flop when Nitro put in another point swelling the score to a heart-wrecking 3-0. Ten minutes before the game is over, Nitro the generous spilled another point which sealed a final 4-0 mark. “Leading kami sa Bracket A, tinalo na namin ang dalawang malakas Laguna at Quezon. Bukas makakalaban namin ang Tanauan; sanay magtuloytuloy ito,” team coach Eugene Sarabia explained after the game.



Batangas 29ers devastate Cavite Patriots 25-17 ; 25-17 T

he Batangas 29ers shocked and diminished the Cavite Patriots in their first Volleyball Secondary Boys Game of the 2011 STCAA Meet held at the Alcala Complex, Lucena City, March 15. The Patriots committed service errors in both sets and due to weak defense, they were not able to subdue the 29rs even in the second set. De Chavez Mikko garnered


most of the points followed by Abrenica. The teamwork and unity shown by Oliver De Chavez, Marvin Caloy, Angelo Saturno and Eleazar Elsisura paved their way to victory. “Faith in God, strong determination and discipline are the key points to achieve victory�, quoted Mr. Nemesio Macaraig, coach and Mr. Ernie Castillo, trainor of the 29ers. (Z. delos Santos & B.Janet Dimailig)


Batangas jin

ensuresbronze, hopes for



atangueñoChristian Joshua Gonzales overpowered Kurt Vidal of Sta. Rosa City to ensure the bronze and hope for the gold in Taekwondo category four in the STCAA Meet at Enverga University Gymnasium, March 16. Gonzales discharged power kicks resting directly in the trunk of Vidal rewarding him three points against one of Vidal at the end of the first round. At the start of the second round Gonzales dominated again but got slack for Vidal to release


his powerful kick and directly hit the head of Gonzales awarding him a total of five points. Gonzales gained the same point from his successful kicks and errors from his opponent forcing both players in a sudden death. Trying to avoid mistakes both players got too careful and no points were made, thus the judges awarded the win to Gonzales for his aggressiveness. “Sigurado na ang bronze sa panalo niyang ito, kapag nanalo pa uli siya silver na, tapos gold.” Aireen Magnaye, team coach expressed hopefully after the game.



Avenue o f Va l u e s A

s the 2011 STCAA Meet moves on and approaching its last day or finish line we can’t let it pass but ponder on the many good things this activity brings. The parade and opening ceremonies were carried on peacefully and successfully as God endowed that day (March 13) a very fine weather. The sincerity, discipline and honesty of the athletes, coaches and officials is a great factor for the smooth sailing of the scheduled

games each day. Sportsmanship, which is the core virtue of this Meet can be vividly observed among players, coupled with humility in accepting defeat. Faith in God is depicted by the players through prayers before each game starts. Moreover, those two simple words “Nagpapasalamat po!” they utter after each game mean a lot to the officiating officials. As we enter the gate of Quezon National High School, where we pass through in going to Alcala Complex some girl scouts

smilingly greet us with “Good Morning or Good Afternoon and Welcome” which could ease our feeling of tiredness due to long travel from the billeting quarters. In addition, the host school, Quezon NHS serves as a model of cleanliness and environmental awareness that has lessen the bulk of garbage especially in the playing arena. Of course, we would not forget the generosity of the officials of the Provincial and Local Government Units who sponsored the clothing and other expenses of

the players, coaches and officiating officials particularly our governor Hon. Vilma Santos Recto. Your all-out support to the 2011 STCAA Meet is truly commendable! We also admire the hospitality of the Quezonians and Tayabensi in accommodating the delegates of the 14 divisions of Region IV-A CALABARZON. To host a one-week affair like this requires unity, patience, cooperation and strong leadership of the concerned heads. If there are negative traits that we normally see among coaches and

athletes, they are overshadowed by the good ones. If the positive values continue to prevail during the entire Meet, we could say that this prestigious event is not only set for the physical development of the athletes but an avenue of moulding the characters of the youth toward better citizenship. Congratulations to all the players and coaches! You are all winners in the eyes of God! Hail to the organizers of STCAA MEET 2011! More power to all of you and Mabuhay!

Keep the Flame By: Danilo Mutia

Faster, higher, stronger – so the Olympic motto goes, and as the STCAA 2011 draws to a close, the DepED dream of elevating the Calabarzon sports arena to higher standards is more apparently realized than before. From the screening of athletes and standard setfor tournament officials to the preparation of venues and competition guidelines, this Regional Palaro has shown adherence to accreditation and excellent performance. Parade and saludo executions have also been memorable and enjoyable, revealing how well the delegations have

prepared for this grand event. Needless to say, division training camps must have been scientifically and systematically conducted to come up with the vigorous performances that we have witnessed. What is left then as we await the awarding ceremony is who really emerged as Division and Regional champions? The flame must be kept burning, hot and well-fueled. Sports need not just be in the grandstands, but in the grassroots in every school and soil or clay courts back home.



It was in the ground level where we spotted and drew talents from,, so as we upgraded them, we need to return there but in better shape, with better systems. As our Batangas team leaders have shown us, through the inspiration of Ma’am Bautista, Sir Jimmy, Sir Leo, Sir Joel, and many other coaches, trainers, managers and supporters, we know we can rise above our old self. We can all become better athletes. We can all be champions! Just keep the sports flame burning, and keep the faith in Him!.




Ooops. . . let’s pause for a while


AVE A BREAK ... Have a kitkat...human as we are, we need to unwind, to give ourselves a sigh... a space... because all work and no play makes anyone stressed. With the busy schedule of the athletes,coaches, the supporting staff, and most of all the schools division superintendent, luxury is already out of one’s vocabulary. God is so good because the reward of a good job will never be forgotten. Out of nowhere, the kind hearted Tayabenses offered such reward. Beyond expectation, the delegation was provided with an unremakable night, a night to enjoy, a night to cherish, a night to remember. What an awesome scenario! Pleasant music filled in the


hall that made almost everybody present giggled, while others weren’t able to hold their emotions, they flew and occupied the dance floor.They forgot how tough the competition they are facing and there they go...a cha-cha, a swing, a rumba presto! they dance candidly with the music played by the band. The night was also highlighted with the good voices of Ms. Malou, Sir Jimmy and the known Eric Santos of Tayabas. The superintendent’s versatility surfaced, as dancing was never an excused, she went out with her gracefulness that almost everybody was mezmerized. How inspiring to note that she is not only a master of the brainy but also a queen of the dance floor! An hour of mirthfulness occupied

everybody’s heart. Laughters were heard, teasers evolved and the creativity of those who were present came out. There was a mock wedding between Jimmy Morillo and Ms. Malou of Tayabas. The merrier the audience were, laughters became yells and many were enchanted with the music played. What else could we ask for? The irresistible lechon accompanied by other delicacies the place is known for were offered. It was a night that came into a package- the good food, the excellent music the warm -natured hosts gave way to a night worth relaxing. A myriad THANKS to the host district... GRACIAS for giving us a break. (Matdarenda Marasigan)


SPORTS PANITIK Mula sa Puso’t Isip


atangas Athletes are not only inclined to sports activities. Some are also campus journalists. Determined to aim high and capture more gold in this year’s STCAA Meet, here are some of their4 pledges/messages which focus on the goals of yhis event:


– apat laging isapuso ang ginagawa


– saalang- alang na para sa ‘Batangas Province’ ang adhikain


– a lahat ng pagkakataon

– sipin lagi na sa isang pagkakamali, masasayang


– inaghirapan ng

– ahat

– kaw, ako, tayo

– a tunay, tapat at disiplinadong

- tletang Batangueno ! Rodell Sol Driz Badminton Single-A

Batangas Athletes are:

S – elf - confident P – unctual O – bservant R – espectful T – rustworthy S – incere in the games M – ind-set to the goal A – ctive and alert N – ever give-up S – mart and enthusiastic H – onest and humble I – ndomitable spirit P – atient and persevering

Maria Fatima Ilagan & Kristine Villanueva Taekwondo

Batangas Trio dethrones Defending Champion Trio grab silver


atangas Trio dethroned Quezon Dolphins, the defending champion in Sepak Takraw in the 2011 STCAA Meet held at Tayabas East Central School Gymnasium, March 16. The Trio’s victory over the Dolphins paved their way to face the Kickers of Batangas City in the Championship. The teamwork of Escalona, Desipeda and Badal and the support of their coach Mr. Jubert Mortel made the Trio aim high for the throne of the Dolphins. However, when they faced the Batangas City kickers, they fielded a lot of errors , so after the second regu, the City kickers nipped gold leaving the second place to Batangas trio. Aiming high for the championship title, the three boys did their best in the first and second regu but survived only in the second set of the first regu. They were substituted by Aleda, Bancor and Dimasacat in the third regu. Even the sure services of Dimasacat did not lead them to get the Champion’s title since Bancor and Aleda committed some errors during the first and second set. The aggressive Batangas City kickers who were the second placer in Sepak Takraw last year copped the Championship Title. Our very own Trio grabbed silver.

(Z.Delos Santos & B.Janet Dimailig)







STCAA 2011: Savoring Magic In The House of Sports



lakazaam! Alekavoom! Voila--Calabarzooom! The open sesame combinations may have already been said, gold dusts sprinkled, glitters and pop-up confettis showered, and lucky charms shared to select STCAA athletes, that right on Day One many of them have already hauled the highly-coveted medals and records. Blessedly or luckily, the 'many' winnables seemed to belong to the house of sharp-bladed 29ers. But camp loyalty aside, this year's pomp and splendour undoubtedly sprited participants and spectators alike, what with their special effects and well-prepared presentations. Let's reminisce some of such inspirational tidbits: Power slogans, fiery logos. Serbisyong Makatao, Lungsod na Makabago. The young city of Santa Rosa surely knows how to make a clique magnetic phrase; have it presented by terpsichoreanskilled, all-smiling dance divas in bright colors, and you'll have the audience screaming in admiration.

Add up a Singaporean lion logo for team icon and the impact of modernized delegation imprints into the mind how athletically serious a Division could be. Leaping icons, surfing symbols. Four horses galloping in pursuit sends competitors hiding away from their kicks, as Lipa Stallions scare others away. Blue Dolphins not only shot itself into the hoop, it also perfectly blended with the sea colors with gymnastic presentation, along with doll-like mache replicas large for a keychain but definitely a great souvenir item. Local celebrities, memorable faces. Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, Superintendents, marching altogether now, everybody under the sun! What more can viewers ask for? Dancing mascots, promoting values. Das-Sipag, MarDunong, Inas-Sinop, City-Saya: very well said, sharp and clear, for a visionary city of urban athletes. For all the children and child-at-heart, the fun brought by such creations trigger something more to aspire for.

Historic pride, eco-cultural highlights. Informative and entertaining, reliving a people's role in history and championing its tourism sights is both practical and enriching to the mind and spirit. Be part of the revolution! said the Cavitenos; take adventure to Banahaw, invited the hosts; make way for the flag-weavers and blademakers, yelled the Batanguenos! Props and tarps galore. From the massive wall of Capitol for backdrop, bamboo framed local sights along the alleys, LGU and DepED division logos, giant fan of Antipolo, dancing Pahiyas and sunflowers, butterflies, bilao, and suman, it's an eye-candy extravaganza to enjoy and adore. With all such elemental ingredients to spice up the affair, one could always gaze around and find nice things to thank the people of Region 4A and Quezon for. So, Calabarzonians, watch it all unfold, let the STCAA magic live on, in our hearts and minds, now and until the Finals!





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