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FEBRUARY 2, 2018

School Heads in Nasugbu West with the District Supervisor Mrs. Avelina O. Gaa evaluate the school site of Bucana Elementary School as part of the District School Site Beautification Monitoring and Evaluation. The team assess 13 Elementary Schools 2 Junior High School and 1 Senior High School in the district to check the implementation of the project initiated by the Schools Division Office, February 2, 2018. DOMCAR C. LAGTO

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he Nasugbu West District School Site B logo portrays the spirit of the unity of th customers to improve and maintain the environment in the school for the attainment o quality basic education for all.




Goals and Objectives


Highlights of the Report


Monitoring Tool and Results


Goals and Objectives

The school as a center of learning, covered by 16 laurel leaves repres

Elementary Schools, 2 Junior High Schools and 1 Senior High Scho

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reach the mission and vision of the project. The color of the lo signifies the safety or a go-ahead signal.

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School which owns a piece of land realizes the feeling of security and contentment that comes when you own a “home” and the piece of land you cultivate and landscape. A school could make several houses in a community

look different because it reflects the needs and personality of its owners/occupants. To make it particularly inviting, the community must have a simple knowledge of planning and management to make the most out of its lot. The school can be made the source of contemplative as well as practical delights. A suitable school site is one that best serves educational activities, enables the optimum utilization of resources, hence shall meet the requirements on location, accessibility, topography, soil condition, size and disaster/ risk reduction measures. The management of educational facilities is an essential aspect of school administration. It shall assume both leadership and service functions. Proper management develops leadership, stimulates and appreciates creative or innovative efforts and facilitates service for its clientele. To be effective, educational facilities management shall be democratic in terms of relationship with the teachers, the pupils/students and the communities since these educational facilities are also venues for neighborhoodscaled community activities, meaningful civic participation and engagement at the local level. Educational facilities which include school grounds/ site, classrooms/school buildings, furniture, instructional tools and equipment are under the management of school authorities per Republic Act 9155, otherwise known as the “Governance of Basic Education Act”. Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) are important managerial tools for planning, decision-making, reviewing past actions, problem solving and improving future actions. Specifically, M & E facilitates organizational performance, measurement in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, economy and impact. M & E charts the progress of the organizations as they try to realize those performance measures. A good M & E must always respond to the stated goals and objectives of the institution. It must monitor how the

"Monitoring and Evaluation are essential aspects of the administration of educational facilities. They provide proper directions and guidance for the intelligent and efficient administration of the educational facilities."

February 2, 2018

Evaluators headed by PSDS Mrs. Avelina O. Gaa (white dress) interviews the Senior High School personnel at Brgy. Pantalan, Nasugbu, Batangas on their implementation of School Site Beautification Project of SDO Batangas, February 2, 2018. DOMCAR C. LAGTO

organization moves towards those objectives and evaluate to

administration of the educational facilities. They serve as

what extent it has achieved those objectives.

potent managerial tools for promoting and achieving quality

The evaluation of the educational facilities involves the

and effectiveness in educational outcomes. Monitoring

appraisal, assessment, or measurement of its condition,

consists basically of the development of data collection and

development, improvement, and maintenance. It shall be

reporting system that provides the necessary information

based on prescribed criteria, requirements, or standards

to assess the progress in the delivery and attainment of

which constitute the rules or tests upon which judgment or

program or project goals. Monitoring is a continuous task.

decision can be made.

On the other hand, evaluation deals with the analysis of

Monitoring and Evaluation are essential aspects of the

the quantitative and qualitative information collected in the

administration of educational facilities. They provide proper

monitoring activity and in the making of judgments and

directions and guidance for the intelligent and efficient

decisions based on the analysis.




elative to the SDO BATANGAS SCHOOL SITE BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT, Nasugbu West District conducted monitoring and evaluation in 13 Elementary Schools and 3 Secondary Schools in the district on February 2, 2018.

Goals and Objectives T

his evaluation will have conceded that the aesthetic effect of improved grounds adds much to the socializing value of school premises, exerts influence upon the community, and is the first feature noted by visitors are the following:

Sample perspective view outside the fence of one storey two classroom based from the Departmen

1.School Gate. A school shall have a main entrance gate and a service gate. Both shall swing inside the direction of the school property. The service gate shall be for entrance and exit for pupils/students, and school personnel use. The gate shall be functional. A functional gate is sturdy, in good condition, and can be locked effectively. It shall be designed not only for visual effect but also to insure safety. The service gate shall swing outside the direction of the school property for fire and emergency safety as recommended by the PhilGBC. Pointed, sharp, or spiked tops, which could be dangerous to pupils/students, shall be avoided. The driveways which have its own gate with a marked route direct to the parking area is recommended. The vehicular path surface may be of a different texture from the footpath for pupils/students and school personnel. Clear/Graphic signs (pictures with words) will be advantageous to all users.

Mrs. Gregoria Dela Cruz pose at the school gate of Papaya Elementary School during the evaluation, former School Head of Papaya ES for more than ten years. DOMCAR C. LAGTO

February 2, 2018

nt of Education (DepEd) Physical Facilities School’s Engineering Division

, Feb. 2. Mrs. Dela Cruz is a

Evaluators of school gate Mrs. Elvina Limeta (left) and Mrs. Gregoria Dela Cruz (right) with Mr. Justino Samontanez monitor the school gate of Wawa Elementary School during the evaluation, Feb. 2. DOMCAR C. LAGTO


2.School Fence. A good strong fence shall be built around a school site to secure the school against stray animals and against squatters. If a permanent or semi-permanent fence cannot be constructed around the whole site, madre de cacao (Kakawati), ipil-ipil trees and the like, may be planted on all sides, except the front, to serve as a temporary fence. The madre de cacao cuttings shall be allowed to spread out their branches to the fullest extent, but they shall be trimmed after the flowering season.

February 2, 2018

Evaluators of school fence headed by Mr. Justino Samontanez (black), Mr. Michael T. Villaluna (blue) and Mr. Cleto Caubalejo (red) monitor the school gate of Pantalan Elementary School during the evaluation, Feb. 2. DOMCAR C. LAGTO


3.Flagpole. The display of the Philippine National Flag is a requirement for all schools. It shall occupy a prominent place in front of the main building in the assembly area. As a general rule, the top of the pole shall be higher than the building to give the national flag due prominence. A flagpole shall be designed and constructed in such a way that it is straight and slightly tapering at the top, easy to use, maintain, and repair as well as contribute to the effectiveness of the school’s visual zone.

February 2, 2018

Evaluators of flag pole headed by (from right to left) Mrs. Rufina Samonte, Mrs. Marissa Dela Vega and Mrs. Myra Bruno check the flag pole of Maugat Elementary School during the evaluation, Feb. 2. DOMCAR C. LAGTO


4.Signboard. In Filipino/English to identify the name and location of the school shall be displayed prominently on the façade or in front of the main building. Example: Paaralang Elementarya ng Sta. Ines Sta. Ines, Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac Sorsogon National High School Sorsogon City in size, the signboard shall be of appropriate length and width to accommodate the name and location of the school. The lettering, in simple, block or Roman style, shall be big enough to be easily readable from the street. It may be done in black or dark-blue against off-white background visible at a distance from ten to twenty meters (10m – 20m). Signboards for each of the building in the school site as home economics, shops, etc., shall be relatively smaller in scale.

February 2, 2018

Evaluators of signboard headed by Mrs. Buenafe Alpapara (left), Mrs. Aurea Detreza and Mrs. Adelia Hernandez (right) rate the signboard of Pantalan Elementary School during the evaluation, Feb. 2. DOMCAR C. LAGTO


5.Planting Plant. Beautifying the school site with ornamental plants requires the prior preparation of a planting plan. The plan shall provide a master guide or pattern for the planting to be done. It shall make it possible to carry out the planting work progressively over a period of time, as all the planting cannot possibly be done at one time. The following guidelines shall be observed: a. As a general principle, school sites in rural areas may be beautified in an informal manner with plants indigenous to the locality, while school sites in urban areas may have a more formal scheme of planting, using a wider assortment of refined varieties of ornamental plants. b. A proper setting for the main building at the front part of the school sites may be created by landscaping the front lawn and planting a variety of flowering plant and shrubs, as well as clumps of trees at appropriate locations, to frame the building and for shade. c. Plants shall be grouped with respect to height, color, and plant-culture requirements. d. As many of the existing natural trees, if any, shall be retained except when a tree is an obstruction, then it must be removed, subject to the approval of the DENR. 72 e. Trees may be planted along the border of the school site and where shade is desired, as well as along the approach road to the school site. f. Trees shall not be planted too close to the school buildings so as not to obstruct classroom lighting and destroy gutters and downspouts. g. Shade trees are desirable around the borders of play areas. h. Shrubs, especially of the flowering varieties, shall be selected carefully according to climate, soil, and shade conditions. i. Tall-growing shrubs are not appropriate for planting under the windows of buildings because they may obstruct classroom lighting, if their pruning is neglected. j. Perennial vines may be planted to beautify pergolas, fence rows, blank walls, and unattractive objects or spots. k. Low-creeping grass suitable for the soil and climate shall be grown on all areas of the school site which are not to be used for agricultural plots or parts of playgrounds or athletic field where it would be undesirable. l. Shrubs may be planted so as to make playground areas attractive but not to interfere with the children’s activities. m. Low-grading plants may be planted along the sides of walks, paths, and driveways as ornamental borders or edging, but never tall shrubbery and hedges. n. Use only indigenous or native plants that are drought tolerant in both rural and urban sites.

Mrs. Dolorosa Granados a former school head of Balaytigue Elem. School takes advanta a souvenir photo outside the school. She is the serves as team leader of Planting Plants with Mrs. Cecilia Sevilla, Feb. 2. DOMCAR C. LAGTO

age to have s Evaluator

February 2, 2018

Name of school post as landmark in most of the schools in Nasugbu West District and became a prominent features in the campus, Feb. 2. DOMCAR C. LAGTO

Mrs. Cecilia Sevilla (left) evaluate the planting plants together with the school head and 2 key teachers at Maugat Elem. Schoo Feb. 2. DOMCAR C. LAGTO

Bougainvilla plants at Pantalan Elementary School


Highlights of the Report


onitoring and evaluation started at 7:00 AM at Nasugbu West Central School and finished at almost 6:00 PM after monitoring 13 Elementary Schools, two Junior High Schools and one Senior High School with in the Nasugbu West District headed by the District Supervisor Mrs. Avelina O. Gaa with all of the 13 Elementary School Heads and one from Junior High School. Mr. Domcar C. Lagto, Head Teacher I of Natipuan

As a result, 3 schools gathered a description of “With High Impact” while the remaining 13 were “With Average Impact.” Team D assigned to judge the planting plants with the Team Leader Mrs. Dolorosa Granados, Head Teacher III of

Elementary School as District School Site Beautification

Pantalan ES and member Mrs. Cecilia Sevilla, Principal I of

Monitoring and Evaluation Chairman, divided the team in

Dayap ES.

five groups and oriented to evaluate the task assigned to them using the monitoring tool from the SDO. Team A was headed by Mrs. Gregoria Dela Cruz, Principal II of NWCS as Team Leader, Mrs. Elvina Limeta, Head Teacher I of Papaya ES and Mr. Sofio Panaligan,

This was followed by consolidation of the results and awarding of certificates of recognitions to the top 3 Best SCHOOL SITE BEAUTIFICATION winners in the district. As a result, 3 schools gathered a description of “With High Impact” while the remaining 13 were “With Average Impact.”

Head Teacher I of Sen. Gil Puyat MNHS as members were evaluated the School Gate. Team B focused their evaluation on School Fence with the team leader Mr. Justino Samontanez, Principal I of Bucana ES with the members Mr. Domcar C. Lagto, Head Techer I of Natipuan ES, Mr. Michael T. Villaluna of Calayo ES and Mr. Cleto Caubalejo of Maugat ES. Team C appraised the flag pole with their team leader Mrs. Rufina Samonte of Wawa ES and team members Mrs. Marissa Dela Vega of Utod ES and Mrs. Myra Bruno of Balokbalok ES. Team D assessed the signboard with Mrs. Buenafe Alpapara of Balaytigue ES as Team Leader and her members Mrs. Adelia Hernandez, Teacher-In-Charge of Bunducan National High School and Mrs. Aurea Destreza, Head Teacher III of Bunducan ES.



February 2, 2018

School Site Beautification Evaluation and Monitoring Team (from left to right) Mr, Michael Villaluna, Mr. Cleto Caubalejom, Mrs. Gregoria Dela Cruz, Mrs. Aure Dertreza, Mrs. Rufina Samonte, Mrs. Elvina Limeta, Mrs. Dolorosa Granados, Mrs. Avelina Gaa, Mrs. Adelia Hernandez, Mrs. Buenafe Alpapara, Mrs. Cecilia Sevilla, Mrs. Marissa Dela Vega, Mrs. Myra Bruno, Mr. Domcar Lagto, Mr. Justino Samontanez pose for a group picture before leaving the Pantalan Elementary School to continue the evaluation, Feb. 2.

A by stander photograps the Monitoring Team outside the school of Bucana, Feb. 2. DOMCAR C. LAGTO


Monitoring tool and Results

February 2, 2018

Lessons Learned "It's a great help to me as a school head as I see the best practices of my colleagues in terms of school beatification that I can apply to our school." -Domcar C. Lagto Head Teacher I Natipuan ES School Site Beatification Chairman

"The school site beautification is a big challenge but it's a good idea to see that in a moment it has been a huge improvement to the school." -Dolorosa Granados Head Teacher III Pantalan ES

"I am very happy because all schools in the district implemented the School Site Beautification Program and they made their schools beautiful and safe for the welfare of our school children, teachers and stakeholders." -Avelina O. Gaa Public Schools District Supervisor

Suggestions and Recommendations

Prepared by:


DOMCAR C. LAGTO Head Teacher I District School Site Beatification Chairman

chool Heads and teachers need to improve and maintain the beautification of their schools.