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At Eyesite Eyesite, we think there’s never been a more exciting time to be an optician! There are so many innovative breakthroughs being made in the development of spectacles lenses and contact lenses that we are able to offer you a quality of vision and comfort you wouldn’t have believed possible.

Look into my eyes As one of the first UK practices to have the brand new Daytona Optomap Instrument, Eyesite can now photograph and examine the widest possible area of your retina – in fact, up to five times wider than the old-style fundus cameras used in some other high street opticians. With the Daytona Optomap, we can check that your whole retina is healthy. If we do find any problems, as with many health issues, early detection can help ensure the best outcome.

Ultimate spectacle lens technology Eyesite is one of the first opticians in the country to offer the fabulous new Varilux S Series lenses that will transform the vision of varifocal wearers. See inside for more.

You CAN wear contact lenses

For ultimate personalised lenses, Eyecode technology will give you vision that is five times more precise than your current spectacles. Amazing!

If you thought you couldn’t get along with contact lenses, think again.

See inside for details of our special offer.

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Breakthrough for varifocal wearers If you wear varifocals you’ll know that the field of vision can sometimes be limited, depending on the type of lens you wear. The new Varilux S Series spectacle lenses are the latest lenses to widen the field of vision for varifocal wearers and Eyesite is pleased to be one of just 70 opticians in the UK to offer this revolutionary new lens. Varilux S-Series is the first and only varifocal lens design that eliminates that annoying swimming sensation at the sides of your lenses and gives you wide-angle vision and stability when moving around.

Eyesite MD David Samuel, said: “As an Eyesite patient, you could be one of the first varifocal wearers in the UK to enjoy this amazing new sensation of distortion-free vision.”

Your eyes are the window to your body as well as your soul in 8

Ultra-wide 82% view with Daytona by Optos®


Standard 15% view with a fundus camera

All Eyesite practices are now equipped with Daytona by Optos®, the very latest Optomap retinal imaging technology, that provides the most thorough eye examination currently available anywhere in the world. Eye examinations are not just for checking our vision, they are also a means of detecting the early signs of potentially life-threatening diseases. In fact, the eye is the only place in the body where it’s possible to look inside and see blood vessels, arteries and cranial nerves without surgery. Eyesite’s Advanced and Advanced GOLD Eye Examinations now provide an even more comprehensive health check with the addition of the highly sophisticated Daytona Optomap technique. Standard high street eye exams can only map up to 15% of the retina but the Daytona machine provides an ultra-wide view of up to 82% in one capture. The Optomap retinal exam is recommended for everyone by our practitioners and is included in our Advanced and Advanced GOLD exams.

Eyecode cracks it Eyecode lens technology is a breakthrough in the personalisation of spectacle lenses that gives wearers vision that is an astonishing five times more precise than with traditional lenses. Standard lenses are manufactured using the same Eye Rotation Centre measurement for everyone, which gives optimum vision when looking straight ahead, but not sideways or down. However, we all have our own individual ERC measurement, so one size doesn’t actually fit all. Eyecode is based on pinpointing the exact Eye Rotation Centre that is unique to every person, delivering ultimate vision throughout the lens.

Try contact lenses for free! Spectacle wearers are not the only ones to benefit from new and innovative technology. A new generation of silicone hydrogel has allowed manufacturers to offer contact lenses which are less likely to dry out, allow more oxygen to the eye, are easier to handle and provide maximum comfort. If you’ve been thinking about trying contact lenses there’s never been a better time.

Your first month’s supply of disposable contact lenses free* when you have a contact lens fitting at Eyesite. * Fitting fees apply Valid when you book your fitting appointment before 31.01.13

My vision seems more natural and effortless when scanning across the lens, compared to my old spectacles. Dan Pederson

We’re backing Brad! Our Oakley spectacles with Optifog lenses give MotoGP rookie the edge

We have given Brad a pair of Oakley Paperclip prescription spectacles, which give him an extra 40% peripheral vision over his standard glasses. They also have Optifog lenses which have proved invaluable for keeping his vision clear after this summer’s unpredictable wet weather. Optifog is the very latest technology that prevents lenses from fogging up in damp conditions – clearly an important safety issue for motorcyclist Brad.

Optifog is the very latest technology that prevents lenses from fogging up in damp conditions – clearly an important safety issue for motorcyclist Brad. Brad is currently storming ahead in two tournaments – the British Super Bikes class GP 125/Moto 3, in which he’s standing a very impressive 3rd, and the 2012 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup where he’s placed 7th amongst the world’s 24 fastest teenagers.* Everyone at Eyesite is cheering him on every step of the way and if our support in the form of a pair of Oakley Paperclip glasses gives him the edge over his competitors we’ll be proud as punch! @eyesite is following @bradrayracing, we’d love you to join us on Twitter. * at the time of print



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Anyone who’s watched this summer’s storming sporting season can’t fail to have noticed how many athletes were wearing specialist eyewear to give their performance an extra boost. This is an area we specialise in at Eyesite and we’re proud to be supporting our own sporting star of the future, 15-year-old MotoGP racer Brad Ray from Kent.

Eyesite News Issue 8  
Eyesite News Issue 8  

Eyesite News Issue 8