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DOMAINE BURNIER BY THE BLACK SEA EXCEPTIONAL WINES BY REMARKABLE PEOPLE FOR UNIQUE MOMENTS OF PLEASURE… Renaud and Marina Burnier celebrate the culture of wine both in Switzerland and by the Black Sea in Russia.The Burnier winemaking family has a centuries-spanning history of cultivating wines on the flanks of Mont Vully above Lake Morat in Switzerland. Renaud and Marina Burnier have realised a dream with their DOMAINE BURNIER winery, located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains close to Russia’s Black Sea coastline. The full-bodied wines bear the winemaker’s signature and captivate with their authenticity and excellence. The estate covers an area of some 65 hectares, of which 50 are vineyards. Annual production, depending on the vintage and the climate, is approximately 200,000 bottles. Around 30 employees contribute towards making these exclusive wines.

THE BURNIER FAMILY Renaud and Marina Burnier are continuing their ancestors’ centuries-old winemaking tradition with respect and passion. And it is with passion and perseverance that they are pursuing their goal of creating wines of the highest quality using traditional methods – wines that are worthy of representing Russia all over the world.


"We believe in the AUTHENTICITY and EXCELLENCE of our wines. AUTHENTICITY… takes years to develop. Our family’s knowledge and history are as much incorporated into our wines as the conditions we find in nature. Our wines are made according to traditional cultivation methods. Authentic wines are a reflection of the terroir in which the grapes grow. EXCELLENCE… is created by our passion for wine. Our path is one of quality without compromise. Commitment to excellence is our daily motivation. CONSISTENCY… means sustainable practices. We are responsible for the environment and have a profound respect for nature. We follow our ethical principles in our dealings with customers, employees and partners."


• The quality of a great wine is created in the vineyard. • Grapes are cultivated as naturally as possible. • Partial revegetation compensates for the lack of chemical fertilisers. • Vinification is accompanied by minimal interference in the natural process. • Historical and indigenous grape varieties are cultivated and reintroduced.

HISTORY The Caucasus is a cradle of viticulture with a winemaking tradition that goes back thousands of years. The presence of the Greeks more than 2500 years ago contributed to the development of winemaking in this region. While studying at the College of Oenology at Changins, Switzerland, Renaud heard from a lecturer about the vineyards on the Russian Black Sea coast and the excellent climate and conditions for winegrowing. After Renaud and Marina Burnier had decided they wished to establish a winery on the Black Sea coast, they spent three years travelling the length and breadth of the Krasnodar region searching for an ideal location. Climate and soil were analysed in depth before the ideal site was found.


September 1999

First exploratory trip to the region.


Seven trips spent searching for an exceptional terroir.


Company established at Natuchajevskaya, in the Novorossijsk region.


Planting of 17 hectares. The first vine to be planted is of the native

Krasnostop variety. 2005

First vintage.


Planting of a further 33 hectares. The total area of the vineyard now

covers 50 hectares with more than 10 different grape varieties.

End 2008

Construction starts on the wine cellar, which is built into the partially

stony, partially rocky subsoil of the vineyard slope.


First DOMAINE BURNIER wines are exported to Switzerland.


First bottling at the DOMAINE BURNIER winery at Natuchajevskaya.


The DOMAINES BURNIER is the official wine of House of Switzerland at

the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Black Sea

LOCATION The DOMAINE BURNIER winery is located in Natuchajevskaya, on the gentle, southwest-oriented and sun-exposed slopes of the Caucasus, between Anapa and Novorossijsk, at approximately the same degree of latitude as Bordeaux and the Piedmont.

SOIL The vineyard is almost entirely surrounded by forest and has two distinct soil types: the lower area has rich, loamy soil, which is ideal for red grape varieties. The upper area’s marl-rich and stony soil is perfect for the cultivation of white grapes.

GRAPES Over 10 different varieties of grape grow in the vineyard. The focus is on the cultivation of the Krasnostop – a very interesting and old autochthon (or native) Russian grape that is almost extinct. DOMAINE BURNIER is cultivating this variety again, which brings forth an exclusive and full-bodied wine. Plants of the highest quality imported from France and Italy are also cultivated.

White grape varieties: Pinot Blanc • Pinot Gris • Chardonnay • Viognier • Muscat Red grape varieties: Krasnostop • Saperavi • Merlot • Cabernet Franc • Cabernet Sauvignon • Syrah • Malbec

CULTIVATION METHOD The estate’s winemaking concept espouses: • Using modern and efficient working methods and machinery, combined with proven traditional processes. • Respecting nature and its biodiversity. • Applying some biodynamic principles. • Regulating yield and improving quality by means of stringent de-stemming.

Almost all work in the vineyard is done by hand. The crucial, delicate tasks in vineyard and cellar are always performed under the supervision of Renaud Burnier. There is at least one Swiss winemaking specialist on site at all times.

GRAPE HARVEST The grapes are harvested by hand. Thanks to the well-ventilated position of the vineyard, the grapes are healthy and of excellent quality at harvest time. An additional, consistent quality control of the harvest is performed in two stages: the strict sorting process in the vineyard and the subsequent triage on a sorting table in the wine cellar.

WINES DOMAINE BURNIER wines are ideal for connoisseurs who appreciate new discoveries and value authentic products. The production volume of the DOMAINE BURNIER estate is limited.


BURNIER LUBLU – I LOVE Assemblage of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Muscat. Radiant, golden yellow colour. Flowery, fruity, with hints of honey and elderberry. Big, full-bodied, mineral note. The perfect accompaniment to sea fish, caviar, goose liver, poultry and asparagus. Serving temperature: 10 – 12°C.


BURNIER MERLOT Pronounced varietal character.Dark, rich purple hue. Long finish, strong, with soft tannins. Notes of cherries and toasted cocoa beans. Excellent with white meats and strongly flavoured cheeses. Serving temperature: 14 – 16°C. Must be decanted.

BURNIER CABERNET SAUVIGNON Aged for 18 months in oak barrels. Dark, intense ruby colour. Complex aroma, spicy, peppery note. Strong, tannin-rich, dense on the palate. Superb with beef, grilled meats, strongly flavoured cheeses. Serving temperature: 14 – 16°C. Must be decanted.

BURNIER KRASNOSTOP An exclusive wine made from a native Russian grape. Aged for 18 months in oak barrels. Complex aroma of ripe fruits. Noble rot and prunes in the nose. Ideal with venison and lamb. Serving temperature: 15 – 17°C. Must be decanted.

DOMAINES BURNIER — Swtitzerland : ARTVINO Sàrl, Route Principale 60,1786 Nant/Sugiez, T. +41 79 659 95 54 Russia : Maison du vin Burnier, Uliza Gorkogo, Anapa, Krasnodarskiy kray, T.+7 988 336 09 61 e-mail:


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