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Friday, April 19, 2013

First charter flight from Copenhagen arrives

Turkey supports renewable energy in TRNC

North Cyprus takes on Russia

189 passengers, who arrived at Ercan airport from Copenhagen, were handed roses as they disembarked. They were received by TRNC Minister of Tourism Unal Ustel and various other officials during a cocktail with local drinks and food. Ustel said that they are aiming for a 12month tourism period and Scandinavian

Denktaş proposes partnership

sion of the 57th anniversary from the transfer of the administration of Evkaf religious foundation to the Turkish Cypriot community, Eroğlu referred to the Cyprus problem and said that they are trying to find a solution to this problem in full harmony with Turkey.

He added: “We hope that our Greek Cypriot neighbours will overcome their economic problems and will come to the negotiating table with good will, a constructive mentality and ideas, which will ensure the solution of the Cyprus problem and turning the island into a

centre of peace, prosperity and tranquility”. “However, if they do not want a solution, they should stop being a fetter for us and everyone should go his own way”, he said claiming that the Turkish Cypriots are determined to defend their own state, sovereignty and rights. Eroğlu is to meet with Anastasiades on May 22 at a social gathering.

MARGARET Thatcher made her final journey on Wednesday, April 17 to St Paul’s Cathedral for her funeral, where Queen Elizabeth II led mourners from 170 countries to bid farewell to one of Britain’s most influential and divisive prime ministers. Parliament’s famous Big Ben bell was silenced as Thatcher’s coffin draped in the Union Jack was carried to a hearse and driven through the streets of London lined by 700 soldiers, sailors and airmen in full ceremonial uniform. Some 4,000 police officers have been deployed for the event, amid heightened security following the bombings at the Boston Marathon and fears of disruption by opponents of a politician who still arouses strong passions even in death. Tens of thousands of well-wishers applauded as the cortege passed by in tribute to the “Iron Lady” who transformed Britain and helped end the Cold War during her 11 years in power. The coffin, dressed with a bouquet of white flowers and a handwritten card reading “Beloved Mother Always in Our Hearts”, was taken to a chapel on the Strand before being transferred on to a gun carriage drawn by six

Amanda Thatcher, 19, read from the book of the Ephesians to mourners at her grandmother's funeral

black horses for the second leg of the procession to St Paul’s. A Royal Marines band led the way playing funeral marches by

Chopin, Beethoven and Mendelssohn, while guns were fired every minute from the Tower of London.

TRNC property once again makes its mark at the largest show in the world North Cyprus visited Moscow this week with the opening of the 20th Moscow International Property Show. With this being the biggest property event in the Russian calendar, the show attracted attention from both domestic and overseas market. What better way to introduce Medview Homes new ‘50/50 Plan’ than at the biggest event in the world’s largest country! Medview Homes was represented by The DOM Group, which showcased a range of properties in the UK, Turkey and North Cyprus. Mr Vadim Yukhnevich commented: “The Russian appetite for property abroad is growing stronger and the massive interest generated from this property exhibition is proof of that. We are proud to represent the Medview Homes brand on the international stage”. Such is the interest in Russia for overseas property that Vadim took with him a three strong sales team of Oleg Marchishin, Tatiana Gagagrina and Antonina Koroleva. Over 7,800 people visited the exhibition over the two days. Vadim told The Cyprus Star: “From this exhibition it would appear

that Russia has lost confidence in Europe due to recent events with the Euro, and the interest for property in Turkey and North Cyprus has risen dramatically as a result. What we saw at the exhibition was a direct switch with Russians no longer interested in South Cyprus and concentrating on property opportunities in North Cyprus and Turkey as these offer protection away from the Eurozone. Such is the interest that after the success in Russia, we are heading to the Ukraine in a couple of days!” Oleg who is part of the DOM Group sales team explained that the general feeling was North Cyprus and Turkish property would increase as a direct result of the potential issues with investing in Eurozone countries. He added that with North Cyprus being an autonomous state it was not governed by EU rules and thus offered a safe haven for Russians looking to move their money into both an economy that was stable and a property market that was growing. Oleg concluded “We at The DOM Group are the only property consultants to have offices in London, Turkey, North Cyprus, Russia and the Ukraine, giving us the best possible exposure, something Medview Homes will continue to benefit from”.


LEADER of the Democrat Party (DP) Serdar Denktaş declared that he would be pleased to find investors to save Cyprus Airways, making it a common property of the two communities, only if the Greek Cypriot authorities accepted a 50% partnership. In his written statement, Denktaş said that the most important aspect to recovery from the economic crisis in South Cyprus was a solution to the long-standing Cyprus problem. He said that measures for better relations were inevitable. Evaluating the current condition of Cyprus Airways, Denktaş stated that a possible consequence was bankruptcy as with Cyprus Turkish Airways. “We consider it as an opportunity for improving relations between the two communities,” he said.

Eroğlu to meet Anastasiades on May 22 TRNC President Derviş Eroğlu has said that if the Greek Cypriots do not want a solution to the Cyprus problem, they should stop being a fetter for the Turkish Cypriots and everyone should go his own way. Addressing a ceremony on the occa-

countries are one of their main targets for this. “We have started with tourists from Denmark and we aim to bring them from Sweden and Finland, too,” he said. “The tourists will enjoy our historic places and natural beauty and will hopefully come to the TRNC several times,” he added.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh look on as the bearer party, dressed in their regimental or service uniform, bring the coffin into the cathedral


TRNC Minister for Economy and Energy, Sunat Atun, has taken up the issue of petrol and natural gas exploration efforts of South Cyprus with the Turkish Minister for Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yıldız in Turkey. During the meeting Yıldız claimed that any natural gas reserves found in Cyprus should be used by both peoples on the island. He also sent a clear message to the Greek Cypriot side saying that Turkey’s determined stance and policy on this issue is very clear, and the Greek Cypriots need to cooperate with the Turkish side if they want peace and stability in the region. Yıldız also received information regarding the work being carried out regarding renewable energy in the TRNC from Atun and said that Turkey fully supports the work that is being carried out.

THE first charter flight from Copenhagen arrived at Ercan Airport on Monday, April 15. Akmina Travel, which organised charter flights from Poland, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Italy last year in the TRNC, arranged the charter flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, in cooperation with a local tourist agency named “Tourisrejser”. The Corendon Airways plane landed at 10.30pm and the first


Margaret Thatcher makes final journey

Tourism officials greet the plane at Ercan Delighted tourists are presented with roses

Friday, April 19, 2013

North Cyprus takes on Russia  
North Cyprus takes on Russia  

TRNC property once again makes its mark in the largest show in the world. North Cyprus visited Moscow this week with the opening of the 20th...