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Dolphin (PG) College of Science & Agriculture  April, 2019 Hons Agriculture - a 4-year Agriculture Course 

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will, in the end, contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” -  Thomas Jefferson   


Agriculture is a tremendously booming industry that is opening immense job opportunities to the farming graduates. For the current market scenario, the farming industry pops on the top of any other  business that is getting a huge profit. Most of the businesses turn toward this booming approach in  order to have great business revenue.    This revolutionary transformation in modern farming has come in very less time that becomes the  main reason for the increased demand for farming experts to join the industry.    The farming industry is one of the top most industry that renders a lot of future opportunities for  those graduates. The aspirants with proper farming knowledge offered by well-structured Agricultural  Courses has better career scope in this industry.    Thus, for the students who are willing to become a part of this tremendously booming industry,  Hons Agriculture – a 4-year degree course is the most prominent option available in India. There are  many farming colleges available in India that offers farming courses – covering all major aspect of  modern agriculture techniques.  Which College is Best for you?   


The huge  availability  of  colleges  leads  to  huge  confusion  for  students  to  choose  -  which  college  is  prominent  to  kick-start  their  career  in  the  farming  industry.  You  can  choose  a  college  that  provides  below-mentioned facilities -    ●

Better Learning Environment ​– For every course study, the learning environment is the major key that directly effects the net results of what you have achieved in your time. So a  college that focuses on better learning environment will surely have a better result for a long  time.   



Relevant Course Structure ​– Different universities leads to a different farming approach. But only some of them provide absolute criteria that render a better farming insight. So certainly  read the course criteria – must be starting from the basics and lead to advanced farming  techniques before getting admission to the college.   

Affiliation ​– The college you choose for your graduation, must be affiliated to a recognized body so that the degree you earn can be acceptable globally making you able to become a  valuable part of prime farming industries of India as well as across the globe.   

Well-equipped Labs – ​As farming is a field that majorly depends on your practical knowledge. A student with better practical has more demand than any other. Thus, you must take look at  the labs – equipped with the absolute instrument for your day to day practice – should be a  part of your college.   

Campus Placement –​ For better and easy career growth, you must go with a college that renders assured opportunity of campus placement. For certainty, one must check the  previous record of college that how much-reputed companies visit the college for placement.   

Dolphin(PG)  College  ​of  Science  and  Agriculture  –  one  of  the  finest  ​BSc  Agricultural  College  that  meets  your  specific  obligations.  Our  college  has  ambitious  plans  to  prepare  students  for  global  markets  demands,  nurture  them  and  hone  their  skills  for  the  world’s  highest  potential  big  business  entrepreneurs.   


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Bsc Agriculture Courses  

DOLPHIN(PG) College offers bsc agriculture courses to provide you the platform to shape your career in the agriculture industry that is not...

Bsc Agriculture Courses  

DOLPHIN(PG) College offers bsc agriculture courses to provide you the platform to shape your career in the agriculture industry that is not...