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Freshness - „crisply presented“

Perfect product presentation for your herbs and salads

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TS24 Crispy freshness and exotic fruits are trendy and pose a real challenge towards design and variety of their presentation. The market table TS 24 offers multiple adjustability for the optimal presentation of your merchandise.


RAW VEGETABLES More and more customers expect excellent freshness and meatless alternatives. Freshly made fruit and vegetable juices as well as snacks are part of a relaxing shopping experience. Presented effectively by our juice bar.

„The optimal presentation for freshly pressed juices that should not be missing at any shopping area.“ Oliver Müller

Headquarters and production +49 (0)6621 200-216


HERBS Conveniences and herbs are amongst the winners of the fruit and vegetable assortment. The modular systems have been staged by wooden parts. Your expectations and our ideas will be the foundation of the best possible scope for design.

„Impressive product presentation as eye catcher.“ Jan Kuhse

Design and project center +49 (0)511 89 99 17-35


TS24 ISOLATED APPLICATION This application could be the central highlight of your fruit and vegetable presentation. Our variations of the well-known TS24 (VITALO or VARIANT) also provides a service station with an integrated waste bin and enough space for scales.

„Inovag Ladenbau‘s inspiration with regard to subjective impressions and sensations within the market.“ Oliver Müller

Headquarters and production +49 (0)6621 200-216


THE SALAD BAR Vegetarian and vegan products enjoy more and more popularity and form a growing market segment Inovag Ladenbau therefore offers a great variety of professionally designed salad or snack bars.



Spring flowers are the sentinels of the colourful springtime. By saying good bye to the grey days of winter, flowers create a tremendous turnover during this time of the year and for the rest of the time they will be a colourful highlight within your market. Even for this market segment Inovag Ladenbau offers you various possibilities for presentation.

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