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Functionality combined with emotion and atmosphere

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LOFT program a high-quality product presentation Our LOFT-program offers the right platform for a successful and harmonious product presentation with its varied middle back panel system and many adaptive accessories. The middle back panels are available in the variations powdered steel, grid, wooden décor or acrylic glass. The assortment is completed by lighted or semi-transparent synthetics and individualized back panels with printed motives. LOFT also stands for more space for your products. Due to the middle back panel there will be 50 mm more space for your product presentation – on a gondola you achieve even 100 mm. Be inspired by both quality and load capacity of the program.

„The focus lies on product presentation. Our shelves remain in the background and let your beverages appear almost floating.“ Middle back panel variations

50 mm of additional product presentation space

Oliver Müller

Headquarter and production +49 (0)6621 200-216



Airy Light LOFT Wine emotionally presented – Wine stands for pleasure and enjoyment. Hence, the customer’s emotions play a decisive roll in buying. The LOFT program takes this into consideration and stages your wines appealingly and effectively.

„Trust in a leading and economic shop-fitting system / already used in more than 35.000 markets.“ Jurij Braun

Headquarter and production +49 (0)6621 200-246


VEGO program for higher load capacities VEGO stand out by its 30 x 30 mm front column. Due to this construction method, high weigh loads can be contained. This front column can also be used from the creative point of view - to divide assortments or structure product groups.

„Our systems and programs carry up to their promise. Excellent design and workmanship Made in Germany.“ Oliver Müller

Headquarter and production +49 (0)6621 200-216


VEGO program Transformation artist for atmosphere The VEGO program offers various creative design possibilities. The front column can be covered by wooden décor and the beverages can be highlighted using LED rails. Alternatively you may reduce the presentation to its essence and accentuate by use of colour, only. „Due to our long-time experience of beverages presentation, we are able to deliver optimal solutions for your needs.“ Jan Kuhse

Design and project center +49 (0)511 89 99 17-35


Combination impulse buying and beverage presentation Tobacco, newspapers and sweets are excellent impulse products in combination with your beverages. We offer high turnover and impulse concepts for an increased sale of goods.

„Shopping is the new dating. We’re looking for holistic concepts with soul.“ Juan Carlos Román

Design and project center +49 (0)511 89 99 17-31

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