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Eavesdropping 1: Girls Having Dinner in Grehsman Food Court Girl 1: Are you going to jakes? Girl 2: I don’t think so, are you going? 1: I don’t know, I can’t decide, because I wanna go…but I don’t want to go out 2: That makes no sense. 1: Like, if I’m gunna go out, I’m gunna go to Jake’s…but if I don’t…If I go out I’m gunna go to Jake’s…. 2: But if you don’t wanna go out, yeah. 1: It’s either Jake’s or nothing 2: Yeah, who’s going, do you know? (Other girl enters) 1: Are you going to Jake’s? Girl 3: I’m not sure yet. I don’t know, are you? 2: You haven’t had A-100 yet right? 3: No it’s tonight 1: Oh shit! You have to take that test first 3: I know, I’m freaking out! Afterwards, I might, but I have a paper and a test tomorrow 1: Tomorrow, I want to go out 2: Test for what? 3: But I’m going to miss out! 1: It can’t be that exciting 3: You’re not? 1: It’s Thursday night 3: Want to go to the Briscoe lounge?

2: I might go out, but it’s not going to be to Jake’s 1: I might just hang out in the Briscoe lounge. There’s nothing like…like what’s it going to be? A band? Like cool. 3: I know! That’s why, like I’m really, I don’t know. 2: You have like a lot of stuff going on 1: Yeah, I would not waste your night on that. 3: Did you go to the gym? 1: I didn’t, my laundry didn’t dry 2: I got such a good work out! 3: I’m so jealous 1: I’m working out at Briscoe, do you want to work out after? 3: Tonight? 1: Like, after dinner 3: Should I go before the test? 1: That would probably be a bad idea 2: Are you studying tonight? 3: I’ve been studying forever, I’m just going to stop now 1: Do you know it? 3: I don’t even know, I’ll probably fail…whatever 2: No you won’t, do say that!

Dolly Meckler Eavesdropping 1  

Girls Having Dinner in Grehsman Food Court

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