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a floating halo deceived me from afar. ouch, please don’t poke me.

Following rounds of rigorous experimentation and elimination, thirteen separate entities simmered into one unanimous conclusion from which rebirth could take place again. Chosen for its austerity and grace, the model exuded all at once a terror and a beauty in its dynamism. The logical systemization hidden beneath the veneer of rough brutality in which the material was sliced and left exposed in what seemed to be an entirely organic manner. In deconstruction and reconstruction then, it was desired that such elements would be retained. Maximum enclosure was conceived not as the largest volume of space but rather was the heightened emotion of entrapment it was hoped the user would experience. The basic forked unit was replicated and manipulated in a similar but deeper logic, nestled upon a structural frame whilst offering a bristled and raw outlook. The ringed encircling served to surround and encompass, and was subsequently elevated to create an imposing presence held up by slender outlying columns which provided a sense of fragility and precariousness further encroaching upon the senses of the user. Upon entering then, the user would experience the weight of intimidation as it surrounds an looms above; selected forks even directly veered in his way. The imposition and gravity of brutality working around and against him thereby rendering him entrapped.

a forked bamboo is neat.

many forked bamboo is fierce.

conceptual source forked units spliced apart by perpendicular elements intersecting at the base.

exploring the z frame system using the forked unit in alternative progressions in a bid to raise structural height and allow for more dynamic successive tranformation.

s i t e m o d u o r d e r p l a n g e n e r a t e f c h a o s v o l u p








l e s y s t e m e l e v a t i o n o r m o r d e r m e w e i g h t p






plan & elevation primary frame 1:50

plan & elevation frame + intermediate support 1:50

plan & elevation layer 1 spikes 1:50

plan & elevation layer 2 spikes 1:50

plan & elevation of layer 3 spikes 1:50

j o i n t s c o n h e m p s t r i i n g f i t t

s s p l i n g

a l i t y r a w

n n e c t i o n s n g s l a s h i t t

i n g -

m a t e r i -

w v i o l e n t

Despite idealized intentions, realities tend to fall short. Upon directly contacting the material in processing and construction, our attempts of creating gravitas was ironically encumbered by gravity itself as it pulled and distorted the systemized flow, turning what was intended as a visually continuous roughness into a seemingly haphazard assemblage. Amidst the eagerness to control the brutality lay too the inclination to overdo, and to detrimental effect. A decision to lash with fibrous hemp compromised the structural rigidity although it was initially meant to further accentuate the roughness both in colour and materiality with both appearing to fray and come apart. Certain designed systems were deviated from, some in response to the site and others in over-eagerness; leading to a degree of loss in design integrity. Regardless, instances of fulfillment still existed with several users acting out in response to the drama. Deliberate expressions of fear and cautiousness were captured unprompted, demonstrating the success of the structure in the achievement of intents.


002_year 2 work Big Book of Bamboo, 2010 BA (Arch) National University of Singapore Course directors: Josh Comaroff

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