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Pamper Party [Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.]Age 7+

2 hours

£12.50per child

The girls will be pampered and made to look and feel They will have their hair washed and styled and while watching a movie they can have their nails painted and if they wish subtle make can be applied. Styles of their choice:

Hair curled / Waved / Pleats / Put up

Party Food A selection of sandwiches of your choice – Tuna & sweetcorn / cheese& ham / egg mayonnaise / chicken & mayo Pizza and Chicken nuggets Cheeseand pineapple Crisps Carrot sticks – Cucumber sticks Fresh Fruit or yogurt Orange / Blackcurrant Squash / Water (food options can be changed but may occur a change of price)

Pamper Party  

The girls will me made to feel amazing with their hair put up / curled / Waved / Pleats and subtle make up can be applied. For girls 7+

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