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Doll Delish Traits Of A Doll What Is A Doll?

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Vee Delphine @_Chocolate_Doll- via instagram

Someone asked me what is a doll, And I gave them an answer. A doll is a woman who is at her best. She knows how to manage her mind, body, and spirit. She is beautiful, she is smart, and she is strong. She ignores her haters and love her motivators. She is a woman of culture, spirituality, and livelihood. She protects what's hers and go after what will be. She is us and we are dolls, beautiful, smart, and strong. This magazine is for females who want to be that doll. No woman is perfect, but we should never stop trying to better ourselves. Doll Delish is a magazine to that teach young girls how to be that doll, and guide women to be the doll they have potential to be.

Traits Of A Doll

Ambition An ambitious doll has the mind set to do

whatever she wants if she puts her mind to it, because she has the mind of her own. She also has the brains and looks to persuade things in her favor. She never stop bettering herself. She doesn't hate on others because she doesn't have the time. She lives in the now while she prepare for the future. She is a woman of power, because she focus solely on her goals. With all her success, she never forget to give back.

Smarts A doll must be educated. She has a strong mind and common sense.

Spiritaul Mature Assertive Respectful Trustworthy

Beauty A doll must be beautiful, inside and out. She keeps herself together at all times. She is beautiful because her personality shines through. She is kind, humble, and sexy. She is a lady, and she has class. The essence of poise in both mind and body is what makes her beautiful. Her spirit cannot be caged. She has a body born of Venus and a smile from the moon. Strive to be beautiful, inside and out. Be proud of who you are, but remember someone is responsible for who you are. As you succeed in life, give back to the ones who influenced you. Be a mentor to a young girl who wants to be a doll.

Uniqueness A doll is a precious jewel and should be treated as so. She is one of a kind. She is never a follower, but always a leader. She is proud of her uniqueness, and she strives to be different. This unique doll stands out in a crowd. She is quirky, cute, and edgy. Some people are afraid to be who they are, because they're different. Be comfortable in skin that you have. Who cares what anyone else thinks? At the end of the day, the only people who should matter are the ones who are help you progress in life. So don't hide who you are because of haters. If they are not hating that is when you worry, because you don't matter.

Sophistication A doll is very sophisticated. She knows how to remain a lady in any situation. She is graceful as a swan, and woman of class. By the beauty of her race and culture she embraces the difficulties and the challenges of her lifestyle. A woman sophistication level should always be higher than the haters. The personality traits of a doll when being classy daily includes: 1. Always smiling and laughing even if you are having a bad day. 2. Make sure you always always always dress to impress for any occasion even if it means going to the store etc‌(No scarves, pajama pants or house shoes). 3. Ladies Ladies Ladies please articulate your words, and choose your vocabulary very carefully. Never settle for what you know you can achieve more later. Remember Classy is better than Trashy!!

Doll Of The Month

Oktober Oktober Oktober Rose@instagram

Leaving America By Amerrah Garrison

standing here looking at the latest collection of local artist Demetrius Green I truly feel as if I've left!! His amazing use of color, witty metaphors, and technique for detail allow him to do with a paintbrush what astronauts do with rockets. This deeply spiritual collection takes us on a journey to the world beyond. Leaving behind the negativity of our past... realizing all we've over come and contemplating our future and its endless possibilities. Paintings that could've only been dreamed up; which is precisely how Green comes up with the concepts of his paintings. His work truly inspires and moves you as it teases your imagination and takes you on an abstract window seat beyond America.

By Amerrah Garrison

Hello..Taurus dolls! It's your month to be adored and who deserves it more than the sensual earthy Taurus woman. Known for her uncanny fashion sense, magnetic eccentric personality, and her amazing ability to bay those bright eyes and bend even the toughest guys to her will. She is persistent, strong, and determined. Taurus woman's motto is seeing is believing ; and she goes after her goals in true bull nature head first feet dug in for the long haul. Though she has a generally sweet nature, careful not to test her kindness; for she has a fiery temper that can be a force to be reckoned with. She loves food, art and all things of high quality and taste. Only the best for our Taurus princess! In love she is tender, honest and nurturing. She knows how to please and KEEP her man satisfied and working hard to earn her admiration. She is most compatible with Cancer,Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn.

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