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MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE There’s a story in every bottle.

Eden%Canyon% Our Story Despite never growing a tomato plant, in 1996, Danny Villamin, a woodworker, planted nine acres of cabernet sauvignon in his backyard. His family was baffledgrowing grapes is more than science and engineering. Before the family could see the literal fruits of the their labor, The “The Highway 58 Fire” destroyed thousands of acres of California, including the Villamin’s new backyard: Eden Canyon Vineyards. The fire came months after the first vine plantings, and claimed everything but the house and Danny’s woodworking shop. Many would take the insurance money and let go of the dream. However, Danny’s motto in life is “No means find another way.” He replanted the vines on soil that became richer from the embers. Since the fire, Eden Canyon Vineyards has picked up an accolade here and there, including “Best Value Wine 2006” by Master Sommelier Luis de Santos, earned spots on fine dining menus like Gary Danko, poured at events for Lisa Marie Presley and the Grammy’s, and every estate vintage has won a San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition medal. It must have something to do with the fire, snow, and occasional earthquake.

Our Vineyard

Planted vines: 1996 First “Estate” vintage: 2003 Location: Paso Robles Appellation, La Panza Range, 2,000 feet elevation, steep hills, summers avg. 90+ degrees, winter nights avg. 33 degrees plus snow Soils: sandstone, granite, and Franciscan rock Vines: 9 acres of natural rootstock Cabernet Sauvignon Clone UC Davis 08, Quadrilateral trellis with eight-wire canopies Yields: plants are pruned to produce 2.5 – 3 tons an acre, all hand-picked fruit Vineyard Manager and Owner: Danny Villamin Winemakers: Danny and Elaine Villamin

Eden Canyon Portfolio  
Eden Canyon Portfolio  

The Villamin family planted their vineyard in the heart of Paso Robles, CA in the spring of 1996. Later that summer, it was destroyed by "T...