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Slimlicious Hibiscus All Natural refreshing cocktail mix Great tasting, naturally- sweetened, low calorie option with every sip. Healthy and all natural blend of fruit juices, this non-alcoholic hibiscus drink mixer is unlike any other on the market with perfect blend of refreshing Natural Fruit and Citrus Juices blended with the sweet flavors of Organic Blue Agave Nectar and Natural Hibiscus. This mixer has a great balance of sour-sweet so that one is NOT overpowered with sweetness with no bitter after taste, non-syrupy texture and gluten-free. On its own its low calorie and can be used for Margaritas, Martinis, with Vodka, Whiskey for whiskey sours and many other fresh and healthy creative drinks. An all around naturally sweetened mixer, the flavor profile of fruit, citrus juice and floral hibiscus creates a crisp clean taste that is very different for low calorie margaritas or martinis. All natural real juice with a hint of tartness and sweet flavor of hibiscus this mix may be served icy cold and blended with your favorite vodka, rum or tequila. Try vodka for a lowest calorie drink. For a non-alcoholic drink mix with pineapple juice. Flavors Slimlicious Hibiscus mix Slimlicious Blueberry Pomegranate mix (Available 12/12)


SALES ORDER DESCRIPTION SIZE Slimlicious Hibiscus 32 oz. Blueberry Pomegranate (pre-order) 32 oz.

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Slimlicious Coctail mixer  

slimlicious_hibiscus_all_natural_refreshing_low- calorie all natural coctail mixer

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