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12:00 a.m. CICA Silk aac ENC Anger Management aac SHOW The Penthouse a 12:15 a.m. TMC Kaboom aac 12:25 a.m. HBO2 Date Night aaa 12:30 a.m. IFC American Psycho aaa 12:45 a.m. HBO Devil MAX The Book of Eli aaa 1:00 a.m. BET Kingdom Come aa CBET Hoodwinked aac HBO3 Edge of Darkness aac 1:01 a.m. LIFE The Bling Ring 1:10 a.m. STARZ Red Dragon aaa 1:30 a.m. SHOW Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood JumpOff SHOW2 Sweet Karma 1:35 a.m. USA The Condemned aac 1:50 a.m. ENC This Is It aaa 1:55 a.m. HBO2 Life As We Know It 2:00 a.m. AMC Intolerable Cruelty aac TCM Shanghai Express aaa 2:04 a.m. SYFY Kill Theory aa 2:15 a.m. TMC In Her Skin 2:45 a.m. MAX The Chaos Factor ac 3:00 a.m. HBO3 Kinsey aaa IFC Hard Candy aaa SHOW2 Spiderbabe ac TBS The Haunting aa 3:15 a.m. STARZ Resident Evil: Afterlife aaa 3:25 a.m. HBO 127 Hours aaaa 3:30 a.m. TCM China Doll aac 3:45 a.m. ENC F/X aaa 3:50 a.m. HBO2 Renegades aa 4:05 a.m. TMC Giallo aa 4:15 a.m. AMC Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster c 4:30 a.m. MAX Blame It on Rio aa SHOW2 That Evening Sun aaa 4:55 a.m. STARZ Tamara Drewe aac 5:00 a.m. HBO3 Outrage 5:05 a.m. SHOW Border Radio c 5:15 a.m. TCM West of Shanghai aa 5:35 a.m. ENC Von Ryan’s Express aaa 5:40 a.m. TMC Last Orders


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“Genesis” The Shannons travels back in time to preNews and (N) (CC) (N) (N) (CC) (N) historic Earth to save the human race TV14 (CC) (N) weather. (N) (:35) (CC) “Season Premiere, Part 2" Eight groups perform for “The Scarlett (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (N) (N) (N) (N) $200,000. (CC) (N) Bunny” (CC) (N) (:35) (CC) (N) (:01) “Heroes & Villians” (N) (CC) (N) (N) (N) (N) (CC) (N) Masked vigilante. TV14 (N) Winnipeg Jets (CC) “Doctor Who?” (N) (:05) at Ottawa Senators (CC) (N) Teen model Friends “The (CC) “Or Just (CC) “The “The “Hysteria” (CC) (N) beaten. in cop car. Surplus” Look Like One” (CC) Hot Tub” Secret” (CC) (N) “Raleigh, “Salt Lake (CC) (N) (CC) (N) “Seabiscuit” Horse brings hope. (CC) NC” Desk; guitar. (CC) City, Hour 1" (CC) “Coming “Exposure” “Hawks and “A Rite of Pas“Our Darkest “The Longest Home” Reunion crime. (CC) Missing paparazzi. (CC) Handsaws” (CC) sage” Immigrant killer. (CC) Hour” Blackout killer. (CC) Night” Closer to killer. (CC) “Platypus (N) “The Dogleg Murders” (CC) Cafe” (CC) “The HaTaxi An elite police The cases of a Unsolved mur(CC) “Daddy’s Girl” rassed” cab game. unit fights crime. (CC) private investigator. ders. (CC) (CC) (CC) Hal(CC) “Yes, Then Zero” “Pilot” Southern (CC) (CC) “Lisa “Dammit loween party. Serena’s mistake. (CC) (N) doctor. (CC) (N) the Greek” Janet” (CC) (N) Cinco de “Raleigh, “Salt Lake Mayo. NC” Desk; guitar. (CC) City, Hour 1" (CC) (CC) (N) A cowboy’s impact. “Seabiscuit” Horse brings hope. (CC) (:31) (:35) “Ua Lawe Wale (CC) (N) (N) (N) (N) (N) (CC) (N) (N) (CC) (N) (Taken)” New member. (N) Self-help writer. (CC) (N) (:10) aa (1997) Bette Midler. A divorced cou- aac (1991) Steve Mar- (:50) aa (1995, Drama) Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson. College ple renews their romance while preparing for a wedding. (CC) tin. A father pays for an elaborate wedding. (CC) freshmen face reality, loss of innocence and racism. not (CC) aaac (5:30) (2002) Mammals (2010) Ben Affleck. A thief struggles to go (:15) aaa (2010) An TVMA (CC) return a lost human infant. straight while falling in love and avoiding the FBI. not (CC) Internet connection turns awry. (:15) (2002) Charlize Theron. A husband and wife team aa (2009) Ghosts (:45) Nucky faces a (CC) possible rebellion. (CC) kidnaps an asthmatic child and holds her for ransom. visit a womanizer to reveal life. rsx (CC) (:15) aac (2010) Amy Adams. Innkeeper’s aid to “I’m Sorry, I’m (2010) Bow Wow. A young man (:45) aa (1999) Taye lady wanting to propose to boyfriend has unexpected results. Lost” Unwanted wedding. wins the national lottery. rsx (CC) Diggs. A novel is trouble. (CC) (:20) (2008) Rob Schneider. A clever weakling is forced (:15) aac (2010) A man becomes a bloodthirsty aa (2010) Swamp dwelling murto learn martial arts in order to survive in prison. (CC) beast that prowls the forest during the full moon. (CC) derer is hunted down. not (CC) (4:45) aac (2010) Amanda Seyfried. (:15) aaa (2009) Melissa George. A girl and her (CC) (CC) Nancy (CC) Young woman sparks a romantic quest. (CC) friends are forced to get on an abandoned ocean liner. not (N) (N) betrayed. (5:00) (2009) Romola (:10) aa (2010, Comedy) Tim (CC) Trip aac (2011) Natalie (:45) ReGarai. Secret recordings. Allen. A man’s ex-wives argue over his funeral. rsx to Italy. (CC) Portman. Man’s ex & son hate mourning, new wife. porter’s ills. (5:00) aac (2002) aac (2010) Stephen Fry. Alice returns aa (2010) Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee (:50) aaa (2006) Rudy Youngblood. Wesley Snipes. Vampire hunter. to Wonderland as a young woman to fight for its freedom. (CC) Curtis. A man is engaged to his sister’s rival. Man sets out to rescue wife and child. (CC) (4:55) aac (2001) (2009) Rachel Weisz. Two swindling broth- aac (2002) Johnny aac (2010) Edward Norton. Bruce Willis. Escapees rob banks. ers may have picked the wrong mark for their last hustle. Knoxville. Group performs outrageous stunts. (CC) Twin brothers hatch dangerous plot. (CC) “Marked for Death” “Jim; Susan” (CC) “Billy Bob; Jean” “Arline; Carolyn” “Gabe V.” (CC) “Casie” (CC) (5:30) (1996) John Travolta. Pilot steals nukes. aaa (2000) George Clooney. Commercial fishing crew caught in storm. aaa (2000) (CC) (N) aac (2000) Players follow their hoop dreams to USC. (CC) (2001) Family members gather for a funeral. Reconciliation. Self-help gurus. (CC) (N) (N) (CC) “Novak Family” aaa (1981) Bill Murray. Cab driver takes advantage of army life. aaa (1981) Cabbie in the army. (N) (N) The 2001 collapse. (5:00) (N) (CC) (N) (N) (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) TVMA TVMA TVMA TVMA (CC) (N) (:31) Issues and policies. (N) Public policy. (N) (N) (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) (2008) Separation fears. (CC) (CC) “Bethenny Frankel” (N) Rob upsets Kim. (N) Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys z{| C from Bristol, Conn. “Over Exposed” (N) aa (2008) Underground contest. TV G (CC) (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (N) (CC) (N) (N) (CC) “Lion King Cakes” (N) (N) Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers from Comerica Park z{| “Prove It” @ (CC) (CC) aa (2002) An extreme sports enthusiast is recruited to infiltrate a Russian crime ring. aa Outlaw secret agent. (CC) (CC) (N) (CC) (CC) “Larry Goes North” “Motor City” (CC) (N) “Tricked Out” (CC) (CC) (CC) aaa (2006) Teen girl traps a pedophile. (CC) (:15) aaa (2000) A materialistic banker murders by night. (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (2011) Jennifer Grey. Teen boy steals. (CC) “Memories We Fear” (N) (N) (N) (N) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (:32) (:47) “Catch and Release” Alpha cult leader. “Blind Spot” The team has a mole. “Original Sin” (N) (:02) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (N) aa (1955) Dog’s tale. pqw (1934) Bad marriage heals. aa (1945) Doctors in WWII. (CC) u aaa “Got Raps” “Downsizing” (CC) “Gears of War” (CC) (CC) (N) (N) Painting sought.


A&E AMC BET BRAV CMTV CNBC CNN COM CSPAN DISN E! ESPN ESPN2 FAM FNC FOOD FSD FX HGTV HIST IFC LIFE MSNBC NICK SPIKE SYFY TBS TCM TDC TLC “Armed Forces” “Acid” (CC) TNT (:45) TOON “Family Secret” (CC) “Ravenous” (CC) USA Invite to anniversary party questioned. VH1 TVPG (CC) TVPG (CC) WE TVPG (CC) WGN “Shadows” (N) YOOTOO (5:45)


“Family Friend” (N) “Tribes” (CC) (N) (CC) (N)


“Cut” (CC) (CC)


“Unknown Trouble” (CC) (CC)

“Redemptio” (CC) TV14 TV14 (:05) aaa

(N) (CC) (CC) “Shadows” (CC)


Chicago Cubs at San Diego Padres z{| “Batman Is Riled”

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Television listings Sept. 26, 2011