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Words & Photos: Jacques Marais |


the look The Shot: Water crossings are part of the deal at any SPUR event, but the good news is that you will always have either ropes or tubes to help you across the dams and streams. The Specifications: 1/800th sec @ f5.6; Nikon D800 + 80-400mm lens; ISO 250; WB Setting (Auto); AE Setting (0 EV). More Information: • 1

The annual SPUR Adventure Sprint Series rate as one of the biggest fun days you can have with your family. Presented by the Quantum Adventures team, the series of events combine mountain biking, trail running and a water obstacle course in some of the most beautiful destinations in the Western Cape. Verdant vineyards, rugged Cape Fold Mountains, fynbos plains and an unlimited supply of fresh air ... this is the outdoor arena within which SPUR’s series of adventure sprint events unfold. The focus is on fun and family, with plenty of mud and water and single track added to the mix, so you have no excuse to miss out on a bit of a dirty weekend.

BARREL BRIDGE The Shot: This spectacular bridge at Paul Cluver is any mountain biker’s dream … constructed from barrel planks, it shapes a perfect berm to rail-ride across this deep gorge. Radio flash highlights athletes as they cross during the run leg. The Specifications: 1/160th sec @ f5.6; Nikon D600 + 20 mm lens; ISO 100; WB Setting (Cloudy); SB-910 off-camera flash triggered by Pocket Wizards; AE Setting (-1 EV). More Information: 

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4 • DO IT NOW DIGITAL | February 2013_#5

SPLISH SPLASH The Shot: My Hero 3 Black Edition LOVES water ... and my Nikons enjoy being safe inside my backpack every now and then! Mounting it on an extendable mono-pod adds manoeuvrability, while keeping you out of the athletes’ way. The Specifications: Auto-Repeat Setting @ 1 sec; Go-Pro Hero 3 Black Edition; mounted on a Manfrotto mono-pod, with Digital Back. More Information: • 5

6 • DO IT NOW DIGITAL | February 2013_#5

INTO THE RABBIT HOLE The Shot: I had to get my Merrell's dirty on this one. An irrigation furrow offered an excellent low-angle view through the grass of competitors crossing a narrow foot bridge. The Specifications: 1/80th sec @ f8; Nikon D600 + 16 mm fisheye lens; ISO 100; WB Setting (Auto); AE Setting (-1 EV); on-camera flash from SB-910; Lightroom post-process. More Information: • 7

SINGLE-TRACK MINDED The Shot: Out of the trees and into the final stretch – a high-angle view shows some of the stunning landscape the athletes traversed during this exhilarating multi-sport sprint series. The Specifications: 1/300th sec @ f4; Nikon D600 + 20 mm prime lens; ISO 100; WB Setting (Auto); On-camera SB-910 flash set to Zoom; AE Setting (-1 EV). More Information:    

8 • DO IT NOW DIGITAL | February 2013_#5 • 9

10 • DO IT NOW DIGITAL | February 2013_#5

RIDE, FOREST! RIDE! The Shot: A long-lens view, diffused by a fynbos foreground, captures the family focus of Quantum Adventures’ SPUR Series. For most competitors, these races are not about winning but rather about having fun with friends and family. The Specifications: 1/1200th sec @ f4; Nikon D800 + 80-400 mm lens; ISO 250; WB Setting (Auto); No flash; AE Setting (0 EV). More Information: • 11

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STEPPING OUT The Shot: An unstable perch on a tree branch alongside the bridge offered an opportunity to grab this low-angle shot of runners bombing onto the homeward stretch. Marshals and signage ensures your safety along the route. The Specifications: 1/160th sec @ f4; Nikon D600 + 16 mm fisheye; ISO 100; WB Setting (Auto); Wireless flash with 2 x SB-910s on Pocket Wizard Transceivers; AE Setting (-1 EV). More Information: 

12 • DO IT NOW DIGITAL | February 2013_#5 • 13