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Southsea Folk

Southsea Folk ‘Southsea Folk’ is a photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals - artists, designers and business owners - were photographed in their environment and the result is an inspiring celebration of the special area.

AB OUT DO ILY DAY S Helen Ruff started Doily Days in 2009 as a vintage styling business for events. She created a fully-functioning pop-up bar based around a 1950s ‘boat’ cocktail bar, her 1970s living room set was displayed at The Festival of Vintage in 2012 and she created a retro diner scene for a live bridal shoot in Brighton. Nikky and Ladi, Bread Addiction

Doily Days’ first wedding magazine was published in 2013 and this year marks big celebrations for the tenth issue. P HO TO G R AP HY Carrie Lavers’ raw artistic style, and the fact she shares Helen’s passion for all things vintage and alternative, made her the perfect choice for photography. Whilst capturing the images Helen and Carrie bonded over purchases in Vintage at 97, amazing falafel wraps in Umami and beers at The Wave Maiden. To enquire about being involved in future publications please email Carrie Lavers

Edward Chase, The Southsea Abode


Southsea Folk

I’ve always been a bit terrified of London. I appreciate it’s iconic status as our cultural capital but the fast-paced way of life is not for me (learnt the hard way following a brief stint working on Carnaby Street). I lived and loved Brighton for many years. Being by the sea has a calming influence on my brain. There’s so much cool, creative stuff going on in Brighton but for me it became a bit too much. London by the sea and all that. Overwhelming I suppose. Life took me to Chichester in 2013 and I loved it at first. I liked the ‘smallness’ of the city and being by the amazing sandy beach at West Wittering. “It’s like being at the Hamptons!” I’d exclaim (even though I’ve never been to the Hamptons) but my passion for the area started to fade. Yes the beach is amazing but it’s seven miles from town and on a nice hot day it’ll take you 3 hours to get there. There are barely any independent shops in the centre of town because the rent is so high, even large high street chains can’t afford the prices and shops are closing left right and centre. Falling pregnant in 2015 I needed to move to a bigger property. I didn’t know where to go but found myself moving to Southsea to be near my sister. Well, clearly, I totally fell in love with the place! There’s enough going on to keep me busy, interested and inspired but not so much that I don’t know what to do first. I love that cafés and bars are putting on plays and hosting exhibitions and supper clubs. I love that junk shops are becoming cocktail bars. I love the street art scene that gives Southsea its own brand. Mainly I love what a hidden gem it is. I think you have to live here to fully ‘get it’. Thanks Southsea Folk for making the place so awesome!


Helen Ruff, Editor


Southsea Folk

“Southsea is the heritage centre of Portsmouth so, trade-wise, we get more footfall than the rest of the city. Castle Road itself is a historic location; Peter Sellers was born here and Arthur Conan Doyle had a practice here when he was a doctor in Portsmouth. Castle Road folk are all small, independant traders and the road’s been likened to the laines in Brighton.” - David Evans Brocante 75 Castle Road


Southsea Folk

“The great thing about Southsea is that there is a strong community spirit willing to help anyone. The diversity of it’s population, amazing weather and coastline views add even more character to what is already a damn cool place to work and live.” - Barry, Elliott and Lo 12 Highland Road


Southsea Folk

“My work is essentially about people. Painting people is a way of connecting to my environment and community. I’m interested in exploring assumptions in stereotyping, how quickly we arrive at value statements and judgements about personality and background by the way someone looks.” - Karl Rudziak Studio 4, Hotwalls Studios


THE CREAM TEAROOMS 229 Albert Road, Southsea (Opposite Sainsburys)

Lunches and afternoon teas, prepared using local produce. Christmas menu available.


Mad Hatters Function Room (seats up to 16).


Hen parties, baby showers, kids parties.

FUNERAL AND CORPORATE. “We care about every petal, every order, every colour, texture and, most importantly, how our clients feel”

- 50 OSBORNE ROAD, SOUTHSEA 023 9283 1333



Southsea Folk

“Being an indie author I find that living by the coast, in a tight-knit community of independent businesses and artists, aids in my creative process. Southsea has been a muse of mine in many of my poems and in one of my novels. To live in a place that prides itself on individualism within its community is an honour, and to be involved in the Kings Theatre, the creative nexus of Southsea, is a privilege I will always treasure. I hope Southsea continues to thrive as a hub of independent trading for many years to come.� - Dale M. Chatwin


Southsea Folk

“I can’t imagine basing my business anywhere but Southsea, not only is it my home, but it’s an inspirational place to be. There’s such diversity, beauty and talent here. Not to mention that Southsea folk are a friendly lot... There’s a glorious community feel from all the independent businesses and a support system intact which means people want to see small businesses succeed. That support is invaluable!” - Ami Hyde


Southsea Folk

“Hailing from this great city village, but also being lucky enough to have lived and travelled the world, I soon learned to appreciate what a marvellous historical city we have. When I started Pie & Vinyl, there was nothing similar around but I could see the potential. We really do have a fine tradition of independent businesses and creatives in Southsea and I felt confident we could create an atmosphere and community. I used my passion for the area as inspiration to get my shop noticed first of all in Portsmouth, and then nationally. Now when we visit festivals and events all over the country, I almost act as a tourism officer for Portsmouth and Southsea, and relish breaking down the barriers. I soon realised that it’s my passion for the area that drives a lot of my ambition and I’m fiercely proud to come from here, and urge everyone else who inhabits this great city to be proud of that too.” - Steve Courtnell 61 Castle Road


Southsea Folk

“Southsea is an exciting and inspiring place to be right now with the ever growing art community and street art that is happening in the city. The community and the people who live within it influences my passion to create a space that will emphasise how beautiful and explosive the art scene is becoming here in Southsea.� - Samo White 131 Highland Road




Southsea Folk

“Having moved from New York City and settling in Southsea I have found comfort in it’s independent and open-minded spirit. After being spoilt for almost 20 years by everything NYC had to offer it was great to discover a cultural little gem like Southsea where I could explore the things that I enjoy in life like art, music and roller derby! Running ‘The Wave Maiden’ means we now get to foster those community arts right in our own neighborhood through our many shows, gigs, and events.” - Ali Lees 36 Osborne Road




Southsea Folk

“I love living and working in Southsea, it’s such a friendly, homely place to be. Being by the sea is good for the soul and helps creatively as it recharges and puts you in such a good place. Southsea has wonderful vintage shops to browse through with friends (I’m always collecting bits n bobs for my work). I enjoy the lovely cafés in Southsea where I can meet other creatives, my favourite being The Teatray.” - Roo Abrook


Southsea Folk

“We’re proud to be part of ‘brand Southsea’! To me Southsea has bags of character; independent, unique places, businesses and people! We export our fine, handmade chocolates across the world especially our unique navy rum truffles made with Pusser’s Rum. The Chocolate lounge does more than just chocolate, we’re a cafe, bar, bistro, patisserie and music venue. Available for the perfect party!” - Michael Collins 17 Clarendon Road




Southsea Folk

“When I moved down from London in 2004 I found the area to be vibrant and not dissimilar to Brighton. I saw a fantastic opportunity to showcase unusual, independant businesses. We’re not just a shop, we’re a bar, hairdresser and live music venue. The space is constantly evolving; the bar area’s recently got bigger and we’re looking to showcase more local, unusual artists.” - Shane Smith South Coast Emporium 154, Elm Grove


Southsea Folk

“Southsea has its own unique creative culture, which I think all residents are proud of. The food scene here is rapidly evolving and I love being part of it.� - Daniel Nowland


Southsea Folk

“I love Southsea for its quirky streets filled with vintage treasure and I’m inspired by how people create their own uniqueness by piecing together vintage wares. It’s a vintage fashion-lovers dream, you will never find another place quite like this!” - Nikki Etherington Photo taken in Vintage at 97 (97 Elm Grove)


Southsea Folk




Southsea Folk

“Southsea is such a chilled, friendly place by the sea. It’s ever-changing and there’s a brilliant network of creatives here. We’re lucky to work with artists from all over the world and we’re proud to do our bit for the local street art scene. We’ve been baking and painting in the city since 2011.” - Nicky, Mark (aka Fark) and Poppy The Teatray 31 Osborne Road


Southsea Folk

“I live and work in Southsea and love the sense of community. Its a great place to be socially - lots of amazing shops and great restaurants and bars. Southsea is like a village with style and vibrancy!� - Linzi Kelly 51 Marmion Road




Barry Abrook, Hounds Barbers