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3 Easy DIY Ways to Unclog a Toilet like a Plumber Plumbing needs can arise at any hour and at the most inappropriate time. It’s not fun to have a plumbing problem occur in the middle of the night or right when you have guests coming over, especially if it’s a blocked toilet! Unclogging a toilet is never an enjoyable job; but when you have no help, and you don’t want to pay for plumbing services, you can use the following 3 ways to unclog your toilet. PDF Designed by:

1. Plunger Use a heavy duty plunger that is ball shaped, and not any low quality rubber plunger. Using a poor quality plunger will not do the job effectively or may not even work at all. Ensure that the plunger you use is shaped to make your job easy; when you push the plunger inside the toilet, the water shouldn’t come out of the bowl instead of going down the drain.

Insert the plunger into the bowl slowly yet with force to cover the entire hole. Push and pull the plunger into the hole while the plunger is submerged into water for an effective job. Pull the plunger with force to create suction in the drain. Repeat the process if the toilet doesn’t unclog in one time.

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2. Plumbing Snake A plumbing snake is sort of a flexible tool that can go down the toilet curve drains easily. It is more flexible and is designed to unclog toilets effectively. It can go into the toilet drain without damaging the toilet bowl. Take a plumbing snake and push it down the toilet hole until you feel some obstruction that prevents it from going further. Give the plumbing snake a twist to get rid of the obstruction to make way for the water to flow through it. Sometimes, the obstructions become extremely stubborn, in such a case you need to contact a professional plumber who can unclog the toilet for you.

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3. Detergent and Vinegar This is one of the most effective home remedies for unclogging sinks and toilets. The detergent vinegar mixture creates a chemical reaction that helps to unclog blocked drains and toilets. You will need a box of detergent, a medium sized bottle of vinegar and a few gallons of water. Add a box of detergent into the toilet bowl and top it with a gallon of water. Let the solution work slowly and show its effects. If this doesn’t work, then gradually add a small bottle of vinegar topped with a gallon of hot water. This trick works really well and the toilet easily gets unclogged unless there is a hard object stuck in it.

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If your toilet acts stubborn and fails to unclog, hire a plumber to do the job. Many professional plumbers in Melbourne provide toilet repair services for homes and offices. These plumbers are available round the clock so you don’t have to worry if you need an immediate plumbing job at an odd hour.

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3 Easy DIY Ways to Unclog a Toilet like a Plumber  

In this PDF you will learn about the DIY solutions for unclogging a toilet. For professional plumbing solutions in Melbourne, Vic visit http...