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Issued: September 2017

Dear Parents

PARENT PORTAL As we begin the 2017-18 academic year and embark on our second year of using our Parent Portal, here are a few reminders about how to access the portal as well as what it will be used for. Through this portal, parents are able to access:         

Grade reports Attendance registers Student timetables Awards and achievements The contact information we hold on your family All of Doha College’s school policies in one area Detailed curriculum information for each subject Our latest extra-curricular activities (ECAs) The latest school events, notices and letters

Confidentiality The data we hold on your child is highly confidential. Access to our parent portal is controlled through unique usernames and passwords and data can only be accessed by parents and teachers. No parent or student will be able to access the data of another child. HELP AND SUPPORT Please follow the instructions overleaf to login and access our parent portal. Should you have any problems please contact: I should like to emphasise that as always we would welcome feedback on how easy it has been to use the portal as well as comments about the information available. Please complete the feedback form found under ‘Feedback’ in the Parental Portal. Thank you.

Mrs Nicola Meikle Assistant Principal - Transition

HOW TO ACCESS OUR PARENT PORTAL Please log onto our website at and click on the parents tab at the top of the website. This tab is available on every page of our website. From the parents page please select the Login button

For All new parents, please follow the steps below to activate your account. If you already have your account set up then you can go straight to the NAVIGATING THE PARENT PORTAL section. Select logging in for the first time and ‘Activate your account’ (green box).

Enter your email address – this must be the contact email address that you have provided to the school. Open your email. You will have received a welcome email (it may go to your junk mail). Open the email message and click the authorisation link. Create a memorable password of your choice. You will now be able to use this password to log in. Please note Doha College will not see this email, so please make a note of the password chosen. Please ensure that you are logging in as a ‘Cloud User’ – this option can be changed on the right side of the log in window.


This is where you will find the latest announcements and messages. From here you can also navigate to specific areas using the RESOURCES tab On the dashboard you can also access the school calendar in See more events



You can also link to the school Blog, Facebook page and YouTube account. The resources tab has a number of links to the different sections within the school. This where you will find the parent notices for Primary, Secondary and Whole School communication. We will send an announcement via the Parent Portal (as well as via email) if something new has been uploaded. The enrichment tab holds information on our after school activities and trips and visits as well as other enriching projects and committees available to your child.

Student Services

The student services tab highlights the various facilities students can tap into to support their learning from our library to our nurses and student counsellor.

Secondary tab

This secondary tab is only available to secondary parents of course but it has all the information on each department and detailed curriculum information. Your child will also be able to access detailed lessons and homework information via this tab. This primary tab is only available to primary parents of course but it has all the information on each year group and detailed curriculum information.

Primary tab


The policies tab includes all the school policies.


Your Children Click on the tab ‘Your Children’ to view your child’s profile. This screen (scroll down) provides links to information on your child’s attendance, reports and timetable. Attendance The Attendance section gives you a brief overview of the current week. Click the link ‘see more attendance information’ for a more detailed view. Reports The Report section will show your child’s latest report. Click on the ‘see more reports’ for previous reports. All reports can be viewed and downloaded. Timetable The Timetable section details for child’s timetable showing Subject, Teacher and Lesson Times. This is only available for Secondary students.

NAVIGATING THE PRIMARY TAB Primary tab In the Resources tab you will be able to access the Primary tab. From here you will be able to access the Year group to which your child belongs as well as specialist information. Select the Year group tab you which to view and you will be taken to the main page.

Here you will find welcome information, staff overviews etc. This can only be viewed by parent of children in this Year group.

Year Group Hub tab Selecting the Hub tab will take you to the pages that contain the weekly Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) as well as the Star of the Week. Over the course of the year we will also be populating the additional tabs with relevant information to support learning both in and out of school. Again this can only be viewed by parents of children in this Year group.

Class tab Selecting the Classes tab will allow you to access information directly related to the class that your child is in. Only parents with children in this class can access this information. Accessing this tab will enable parents to see the class timetable as well as other various pieces of information throughout the year.

NAVIGATING THE SECONDARY TAB In the Resources tab you will be able to access the Secondary tab. From here you will be able to access information about each subject taught in the college.

NAVIGATING THE STUDENT SERVICES TAB In the Resources tab you will be able to access the Student Services tab. From here Secondary parents will be able to access information that relates to the year group your child is in. This can only be seen by the students and parents of that particular Key Stage or year group.

In this tab you can also access information about the Counsellor, Learning Support, Library and the School Nurses.

Main Reception:

+974 4407 6777 General:


Our campuses Al Waab Campus

PO Box 7506, Al Bustan Street, Doha, Qatar.

West Bay Primary Campus PO Box 7506, Al Farouq Street, Doha, Qatar.

Introduction to our Parent Portal  

How to use our parent portal to access information on your child and our school's news and events.

Introduction to our Parent Portal  

How to use our parent portal to access information on your child and our school's news and events.