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Doha College Admissions Assessment Charter Doha College is a selective entry school with a focus on academic excellence. As part of the admissions process, applicants are shortlisted from the application pool to sit entrance assessments for entry to the college. Subject to availability, applicants successful at the assessment will either be offered places or rank ordered onto a waiting list for future intake. Assessments are designed to ensure that students coming into the academic environment at the college are equipped to cope with the curriculum that is delivered within our classrooms. Entry levels for each year in Primary school will depend on average National Curriculum levels achieved by the current cohort of students. This will vary by academic term as progress is made throughout the year. Entry levels for secondary will be based on the average Cognitive Ability Test Scores for that year group in addition to other criteria. 

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Pre-School entrance assessments will consist of Pre-School teachers working with small groups of children encouraging them to complete simple social activities and practical tasks. Through this process we are able to establish if the child is able and ready to work within our Early Years environment. Reception entrance assessments will consist of simple social activities, basic writing / pencil control, phonics and number work. KS1 and KS2 entrance assessments consists of reading, writing and maths SAT style papers. All secondary entrance assessments consist of the Cognitive Ability Test and an additional English writing paper if deemed necessary. The language of instruction is English therefore all students must be fluent in written and spoken English. Assessments for Year 2 – Year 10 are held at a non-refundable charge of QR 500. Assessments for Early Years and Year 1 are held at a non –refundable charge of QR 200. Parents are notified of the assessment outcome in writing from the Admissions office, usually within 10 working days of the assessment.

Assessment Outcome: If successful at the assessment, the applicant is rank ordered onto the waiting list for intake, subject to availability in the required year group. The assessment results will be valid for a term up to six months depending on the Year group. Re-assessments will be required after this period. If unsuccessful at the assessment, feedback on the areas of weakness as indicated on the tests, can be requested from the Admissions office via email.

Vision: To be recognised as one of the leading international schools in the world

The assessment papers will not be shared with the parents as this is often the question booklet and would cause the assessment process to be compromised. Re-assessments are by invitation only and decisions on re-assessment requests are based on the levels presented at the initial assessment. If selected for a reassessment, the applicant may appear for the test after a term from the initial test. This will be offered free of cost. If not selected for a re-assessment, the applicant may apply for the next academic year. Re-assessments are not offered for Early Years (Pre-School and Reception). If unsuccessful at the assessment, the applicant may reapply for the following academic year. Due to the volume of applicants for each year group, meetings with the assessors will not be set up to discuss assessment outcome, however written feedback on areas of weakness as indicated on the test will be provided on request. All decisions on places are carefully considered by members of the Leadership Team. Doha College is proud of the integrity of its admission process and would respectfully inform parents that our decisions regarding entry are final. Admissions Department

Vision: To be recognised as one of the leading international schools in the world

Doha College Admissions Assessment Charter  
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