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With the aim of taking advantage of the most advanced technologies, in our work we use CAT translation facilitating server ATRIL The essence of this programme is the creation of translation memory which stores all previous translations together with their equivalents. All of this is stored in the central data base (TM) and can be restored while making a new transaltion this way facilitating the translation process and enhancing the cohesion of the translation

Cost reduction (translation from PLN19 a page) Big amounts of translation in a short span of time ( up to 250 pages a day). The assurance of a stable style and technology ( lexicon and data base creation) Maintaining the source structure of files ( eg. XML, HTML, SGML). The possibility to automatically import translations to DTP programmes ((Adobe In Design, Quark) Maintaining the format of a source file Coversion of PDF files to editable text files Building deducable translation memories The possibility to use the Client's translation memory and terminologu

More information to be found under the number 0,801,540,440

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