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Dogwood Back Issue: Volume 1, Spring 2001

The Spring 2001 Issue of Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose was the inaugural issue of the magazine, establishing a tradition of fine poetic and literary pieces that continue today. The cover is a compilation of nine artistic works, all still life of fruit. The artists are Nora Moran, Ryan Misoek, Marissa Giannini, Laura-Marie Seeberg, Roland Streidt, JoAnne McConnach, Nicole Ballan, and Kimberly Siebel. This inaugural issue was dedicated to Dr. Beverly Kahn, “whose vision and commitment made this magazine a reality.�

Editors Michael C. White Kim Bridgford

Prize Winners Poetry First Prize Award Elton Glaser, “Mastering the Fall” Second Prize Award Maria Terrone, “With These Words” Third Prize Award Allison Joseph, “Advice for the Working Mother”

Fiction First Prize Award John Tait, “The Girl on the Mailbox” Second Prize Award Tom Hazuka, “Dues ex Machina” Third Prize Award Don McMillan, ”Breaking Surface”

Poetry Michael Hettich, “Still Like Toward Evening” Katharyn Machan, “Braiding” Katharyn Machan, “Witch” Sarah Kennedy, ”Second Child” Jack Ridl, “St. Francis in Disney World” Jack Ridl, “Learning from Houses” Gaylord Brewer, “Study in Agriculture”‘ Gaylord Brewer, “The Death of Don Emanuel” John Meredith Hill, “Gaze” William Snyder Jr.,”To Hold You In” Marcia Denius, ”Dead End” Marcia Denius, ”Hope Cemetery” Marcia Denius, “Exiled” Mary Loving Blanchard, “news item : Police seek African American man , last seen wearing cornrows and a brown bomber jacket” Molly Kugel, “St. Bernadette of Lourdes” Nick Hill, “Skip the World” Margaret Lloyd, “Guinevere: The Trap” Kristine Somerville, “The Slaughter” R. Flowers Rivera, “Scorned is Scorned” Jarret Keene, “Coyote Blues” Virgil Suarez, “What Makes a Poem, Or Caliban Sees Religion as a Dark, Dark Cave”

Fiction Gary Eller , “Old Believers” Kerin Flatley, “Dusk” Patti McNair, ”When Is a Door Not a Door?”

Dogwood Volume 1: Spring 2001  

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