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Two Effective Ways on How to Train Your Dog

By using effective ways on how to train your dog, he can be an invaluable companion. A dog that behaves properly can live with his owners and the community properly. And all it takes is executing ways on how to train your dog. But as with any relationship, your relationship with your dog will require a little work. Using any of ways below should help you achieve your goal, but it will involve lots of understanding, patience and thinking like a dog.

How to Train Your Dog: Capturing and Luring Your dog will respond best to positive re-enforcement. Use bite-sized treats, his favorite toy, and a high pitched soft-toned voice while training your dog. If you can capture him in a behavior that you are trying to teach, label that behavior with a command and immediately reward him. You can also lure him into the behavior by using a toy or treat to get his attention. Have him follow the lure into the behavior that you are seeking. To lure a “down,� take a treat straight down in front of your sitting

dog. When he does, label the behavior by saying “down” and reward him. Using your leash or hands to force your dog into position will not be as effective and might cause your dog to fear you or the leash. Click here for more info.

How to Train Your Dog: Using a Hand Signal You can attach a hand signal when teaching vocal commands. Hand signals are a way to give your dog a command when you not able to speak to him. Also, hand signals are the best way to repeat a command. Instead of saying “Sit…sit…sit!” you can say “Sit” once, and repeat it with a hand signal only if your dog does not obey. Otherwise, your dog may learn to not only sit once you have repeated the command a number of times. On another note, dogs are physical and visual creatures. In the pack, they communicate with body language, so hand signals may be more effective as the dog may be more receptive to them than spoken word. Being the leader of the pack is the best way for you to keep your dog listening to you. Always be consistent and firm with your dog. Have him work for attention and feedings; have him do a command before he gets

something he values. This will remind him that you are the leader of the pack.

Two Effective Ways on How to Train Your Dog