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Dog Obedience Games You Can Play An obedient dog is more pleasant to be around for both you and the people who come over to house. If your dog is properly behaved, you tend to want to be around him more and enjoy play time with him. It is ironic that the more board a dog is from lack of play and companionship, the more behavior problems he will display. Therefore, the more that you play with your dog, the more opportunities you have for obedience training.

Dog Obedience Games: Teaching “Come” Hide and seek is a great way for you and your child to play with your dog. This is a very fun and teaches your dog the very important command that is “Come.” Hide somewhere, either inside your home or out in the yard, and call your dog’s name, followed with the command “Come.” Once your dog finds you, give him lots of praise. Do not run, and tell your child not to run from your dog. This is not a chase, just hide and seek. You can play this game for as long both of you are interested. Just remember that you should not use of the command

“Come” if you intend to come to you for a punishment. Your dog will be more reluctant to come if you do that. View site here.

Dog Obedience Games: Teaching “Stay” This game is best for dogs who already have a basic understanding of the “Stay” command. It takes “Stay” to the next level, by having your dog stay even when you leave the room. Put a toy or treat on the ground near your dog and tell your dog to stay. This means that your dog is not allowed to take the toy or treat yet. Accompany the command with a hand-up gesture that indicates “Stop” works well with this command. When your dog successfully stays without touching the treat, release the dog and let him have the treat. Next, let your dog see you hiding the treat while he is in the stay position. Release your dog and let him find the treat. Do this a few times until your dog understands the game. By this time, you should not be ready to leave the room while you hide the treat. Only let your dog look for the treat when he stays in the other room in stay position. Keep increasing the distance and difficulty, as your dog gets better at the game.

Dog Obedience Games You Can Play