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Direct Wristbands

Direct Wristbands designs best customized wristbands for different purposes.

They develop custom wristbands for

School Church Organization


Sports Team

Wristbands styles that the company can produce

Debossed wristbands

Color coated wristbands

Debossed painted wristbands

Segmented wristbands

One inch wristbands

Silk screened wristbands

他 inch wristbands


of the wrist bands

Adult wristbands measure 202mm×12mm×2mm and youth wristbands measure 180mm×12mm×2mm.

Material of the bands 100% silicone

Silicone key chains are another big thing that produce. The key chains are perfect for organizations, clubs, teams, businesses, schools and much more.

Direct Wristbands guarantees Reliable customer service High quality Unbeatable prices Convenience Quick delivery

Call: 1 (800) 570-3260 Email:

Direct wrist bands  
Direct wrist bands  

Whether you want to buy custom silicone wristbands for a charity, school, church, sports team or other organization, you can't go wrong with...