Riding Certified

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A Sneaky Danger to Consider Before Hitting the Road

It's best practice not to leave your dog alone in

Or, you might very well have a rowdy one

the car. An unsupervised dog can find a whole

who will chew on everything in sight. If

lot to get into! But the reality of life is, it

you've got an anxious or reactive pup, you


can bet your trip into the store is gonna be quick.

Maybe you're just dropping by the grocery store for a loaf of bread. Or you're running inside the

If your dog is buckled up, great. Being

restaurant to pick up take out for dinner. Or

safely secured in one location of the car is

you're at a rest area and you've GOT to take a

important. However, even if your dog is in

potty break.

a certified harness, your dog can still move around. And Houdini dogs - are very good

Sometimes, your dog just has to wait in the car.

at unbuckling themselves if the opportunity arises.

Now you might have the most well behaved dog in the world, and no way would your dog

That's why it's extremely important to

ever get into stuff while you were gone.

place any bags, especially mylar bags, completely out of reach. Or better yet, take them out of the car.


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