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World Agility Open Championship



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cover photo: WAO 2011 (Agility Games 300) by Ian Watts Photography


2012 TEAMS in alphabetical order

2012 Wildcards

World A Champ




Countrieswillbesplitintothreegroupsbyrandomdraw Rotationforcoursewalkingandrunning:1Ͳ2ͲMainͲ1  07.00–TeamPentathlonAgility1courseavailabletoTeamManagers. TeamrostermustbesubmittedtoWAOofficialsby07.30.(Countriesmaysubmittheirteamthedaybefore.) 07.30–Morningcoursewalkingstarts:GroupAstartsinRing1,GroupBinRing2,andGroupCinMainRing Eachgroupgets12minutestowalkbeforerotatingtothenextring.Therewillbe3minutesbetweeneachcoursewalk. 08.30to13.00–Competitiontime Eachgroupwilltake1hr30minandthenrotatetonextclass.

Ring1–GroupRotation:A,C,B TeamPentathlonAgility1 ThomasAmmitzbøll 400 525 650 300

Class Judge Heights

Ring2–GroupRotation:B,A,C IndividualPentathlonAgility1 LeeGibson 650 300 400 525

MainRing–GroupRotation:C,B,A Snooker ScottChamberlain 400 525 650 300

12.00–TeamPentathlonJumping1courseavailabletoTeamManagers. TeamrostermustbesubmittedtoWAOofficialsby13.30. 13.00to13.30–Prizeceremonyformorningclasses 13.45–Afternooncoursewalkingstarts:GroupAstartsinMainRing,GroupBinRing1,andGroupCinRing2 Eachgroupgets12minutestowalkbeforerotatingtothenextring.Therewillbe3minutesbetweeneachcoursewalk. 14.45to18.45–Competitiontime Eachgroupwilltake1hr20minandthenrotatetonextclass.

Class Judge Heights

Ring1–GroupRotation:B,A,C IndividualPentathlonJumping1 ThomasAmmitzbøll 300 400 525 650

Ring2–GroupRotation:C,B,A TeamPentathlonJumping1 LeeGibson 525 650 300 400

MainRing–GroupRotation:A,C,B BiathlonJumping ScottChamberlain 525 650 300 400

18.45to19.15–Prizeceremonyforafternoonclasses  Ifclassesareaheadofschedule,starttimeswillbemovedup.Sopleasepaycloseattentiontoallofficialeventannouncements. SATURDAYSCHEDULE  CountriesaresplitintothesamethreegroupsasonFriday. Rotationforcoursewalkingandrunning:1Ͳ2ͲMainͲ1  06.30–TeamPentathlonAgility2courseavailabletoTeamManagers. RingScheduleasof09/05/2012.Alltimesaresubjecttochange.


07.00–Morningcoursewalkingstarts:GroupAstartsinRing2,GroupBinRing1,andGroupCinMainRing Eachgroupgets12minutestowalkbeforerotatingtothenextring.Therewillbe3minutesbetweeneachcoursewalk. 08.00to12.00–Competitiontime Eachgroupwilltake1hr20minandthenrotatetonextclass.

Class Judge Heights

Ring1–GroupRotation:B,A,C TeamPentathlonAgility2 LeeGibson 650 300 400 525

Ring2–GroupRotation:C,B,A IndividualPentathlonJumping2 ScottChamberlain 400 525 650 300

MainRing–GroupRotation:A,C,B IndividualPentathlonAgility2 ThomasAmmitzbøll 525 650 300 400

11.00–TeamPentathlonJumping2courseavailabletoTeamManagers. TeamrostermustbesubmittedtoWAOofficialsby12.00. 12.00to12.30–Prizeceremonyformorningclasses Endofgrouprotations 12.30to12.45–TeamPentathlonJumping2coursewalking 13.00to14.00–Gamblerscoursewalking 13.00to14.00–TeamPentathlonJumping2competition 14.15to19.15–Gamblerscompetition

Class Judge Heights

Ring1 TeamPentathlonJumping2 ThomasAmmitzbøll 300 400 525 650



MainRing Gamblers LeeGibson 525 300



Agility Open pionship 2012



08.00–TeamPentathlonSpeedstakesRelaycourseavailabletoTeamManagers. TeamrostermustbesubmittedtoWAOofficialsby09.00.(Countriesmaysubmittheirteamthedaybefore.) 08.00to08.10–IndividualPentathlonSpeedstakescoursewalking:300&400jumpheights 08.10to08.20–IndividualPentathlonSpeedstakescoursewalking:525&650jumpheights 08.30to10.30–IndividualPentathlonSpeedstakescompetition

Class Judge Heights


MainRing IndividualPentathlonSpeedstakes LeeGibson 400 525


10.30to10:45–PrizeceremonyforIndividualSpeedstakesclass 11.00to11.10–BiathlonAgilitycoursewalking:300&400jumpheights 11.10to11.20–BiathlonAgilitycoursewalking:525&650jumpheights 11.30to16.00–BiathlonAgilitycompetition


Class TBD Heights

BiathlonAgility ThomasAmmitzbøll 400 525



16.00to16:15–PrizeceremonyforBiathlonAgilityclass 16.30to16.45–TeamPentathlonSpeedstakesRelaycoursewalking 16.55to17.45–TeamPentathlonSpeedstakesRelaycompetition

Class TBD Heights

MainRing TeamPentathlonSpeedstakesRelay ScottChamberlain

18.00to19.00–PrizeceremonyforTeamPentathlonSpeedstakesRelayclassandOverallIndividualPentathlon,BiathlonandTeam Pentathlonwinners  Ifclassesareaheadofschedule,starttimeswillbemovedup.Sopleasepaycloseattentiontoallofficialeventannouncements.


The Venue

The Venue

EQUESTRIAN CENTRE DE WARRE (Bel Equestrian Centre De Warre has become one of the top locations in Belgium for hosting international equestrian events. It is located in the midst of an extensive forest and nature reserve, the Hoge Kempen National Park. There is plenty of room for exercising dogs and camping within the immediate grounds of the equestrian centre.


AGILITY COMPETITION RINGS There will be three rings running at this event from Friday until midday on Saturday. Two of the rings will be outdoors; however, if weather is a problem, a second ring will be set up indoors so that there will be only one outdoor ring. From Saturday afternoon through Sunday, only the main indoor ring will be used. The running surface in the rings is identical to the surface used at The Hand for the 2011 World Agility Open. The high-quality surface is a combination of mixed fibres and a high-grade industrial washed silica sand that are blended with a wax coating. The surface is rolled and well packed to provide secure and consistent footing for both handler and dog. The surface is dust free.

You will find more informations on :

interview with Monica Percival




Per What were your dreams as a kid? You were interested in something different from dogs / dog sports or not? As a kid, I enjoyed training the family dog to do tricks. I used to make jumps out of broom sticks and chairs before agility existed. When this sport (agility) has crossed your way? There was some other sport that has attracted you before agility? I learned about the sport in 1988. I had wanted to sign up for obedience classes to try that, but the classes were all full. Someone told me that a trainer was starting up agility classes in the area and I should try that. I started teaching myself in 1990, and in 1995 I started Clean Run with another person. When you started this “career“, you had already imagined to organize a world championship event? Actually, I did. I was interested in running a champion’s cup event here in the U.S. and also organizing a world-class event. So when Greg Derrett from UKI invited me to work with him, I was ready!



interview with Monica Percival

“As a kid, I enjoyed training the family dog to do tricks. I used to make jumps out of broom sticks and chairs before agility existed...” How did the collaboration between you Greg and Mark started? Mark Laker is no longer involved with the event because of work commitments. But the collaboration started with an email from Greg and our email brainstorming sessions spanned hundreds of emails. The first edition has resulted very successful. Do you think that living the agility at 360 degrees as you do , it is one of the “secrets“ / main reason for a great organization ? Greg and I both have experience running agility events, which helps a lot. Also, both of our businesses are customer driven. We care about input from the customers and we care about the customer’s experience dealing with our company. We brought the same philosophy to WAO. We want the event to be about the handlers and their dogs, and NOT about politics.

“We have more countries participating than last year, so we’re very excited”

interview with



How much time does it take to put it all together ? We started planning the 2012 event before the 2011 event was even run. It takes all year to make preparations. It’s especially difficult when you change the host country each year. You have to start planning all over again and find the necessary resources. This year the event will be held in Belgium, how do you choose the location for following years? Countries interested in holding the event can make a proposal to us. We have a list of requirements for the venue and they need to find a location in their country that has all the necessary facilities. The WAO is the first international agility event created and managed by agility competitors and It is not run under the auspices of any agility organization. As you are seen by the FCI , there is an atmosphere that someone wants to puts a spanner in the works? The FCI seems to feel threatened by our event for some reason, and this has caused several countries not to send a team to compete. We think there is more than enough room in agility for more than one world championship event. The WAO tests different skills than the FCI Worlds do, and allows mixed breeds to compete. There is room for both events and agility competitors in each country should be free to compete in whatever events they want to. About the 2012 edition. Did you have prepared something new for the 2012 edition,  a surprise ? We have more countries participating than last year, so we’re very excited. We hope to make this event as good as the one we ran in 2011. We had a lot of compliments from competitors and we want to live up to expectations in 2012.

“The WAO tests different skills than the FCI Worlds do, and allows mixed breeds to compete”

the judges

the 2012 judges The goal of the WAO organizing committee has been to select judges that reflect the different styles of agility courses currently seen on the international scene.


Bob Griffin HEAD JUDGE Bob Griffin made his entrance into the canine world in 1968, going on to become a Qualified Obedience Trainer and Obedience and Working Trials competitor for many years. Along with his wife, Cyd, he was also successful in breed showing and breeding “Heikym” German Shepherds, although they now breed Kromfohrlanders and Border Collies. For the past 20 years they have run their own Heikym Agility Training Club as well as holding training days for other clubs. In 1983 Bob started in agility with a GSD and soon became a Trainer at a local club. Bob’s agility judging career started in 1985, judging at club matches and rallies and in 1989, having passed The Agility Club Judges Exam, began judging at Open KC agility shows. He was included on the original KC Overseas Judging list and then the list of Championship Show Judges. COMPETITIVE AGILITY EXPERIENCE Bob competes at UKA Champion level with two Kromfohrlanders imported from Finland, which were the first of their breed in the UK, and a Border Collie. He has also competed to Senior level with a GSD, Border Collie, and a Mini Schnauzer, and to Advanced with a WSD reaching several national finals. An official KC Judges’ Trainer and a Championship Judge Assessor, Bob has been a travelling Supporter of the UKA Team at the IFCS World Championships as well as supporting Team GB at the FCI World Championships.

more informations about the judges on

the judges

Scott Chamberlain (United States) I have been training and showing in agility in the USA for 19 years and have judged over250 agility trials in 17 years of judging. I currently judge agility for USDAA, AKC, andFCI, and flyball for NAFA. My first agility dog was a black tri-colored Australian Shepherd named Focus. I lost her in October 2002 to cancer. She ended her career with 71 titles in agility, flyball andobedience (including 6 agility Championships). I currently have a 12-year-old retired Border Collie, Maverick. I have been a USDAA judge for 17 years. I am a Masters level Supervising Judge, a Certified Measuring Judge, and a Course Reviewer. I have had the privilege of judging the USDAA World Championship finals 3 times (2001, 2007, and 2009). I have been judging AKC agility for 14 years and had the privilege of judging the finals at the 1999 and 2003 AKC National Agility Championships. I have judged the World Team tryouts (selection trial for FCI World Championships) 4 times, I am a Volunteer Measuring Official for permanent height cards, and served on the 2001 and 2005 AKC Agility Advisory committee that recommends rule changes. I have judged several FCI agility trials for the Mexican Kennel Club. This past year I judged the finals for the NAFA (North American Flyball Association) CanAm Championships. I will also be judging the finals this coming year. I enjoy judging because it gives me the opportunity to see a lot of dogs from all over the world on how they are training and progressing and to stay involved in the sport. When I am not doing agility, I manage the computer network for my company.

more informations about the judges on

Lee Gibson (Great Britain) Lee is an extremely successful international agility competitor with many accomplishments. Most recently he and his Border Collie, Taddymoor Scott, ran in individual and team at the 2011 FCI World Agility Championships in France. Scott placed 7th in the Team Jumping round. Lee has taken five dogs to the Championship level in the U.K. and has competed numerous times at Olympia and Crufts. Lee and Taddymoor Jack were part of the bronze medal winning Great Britain team at the 2008 European Open and also part of the 2011 team that went to Bad Hall, Austria. Lee has been an agility judge for over 10 years with assignments both in the U.K. (including Crufts qualifiers) and abroad (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, and Japan [2012]). Championship KC/FCI/UKA Judge Finals Judge at Dogs-In-Need, 2007 YKC Agility Judge Crufts, 2008 Finals Judge at Supadogs, 2008

Thomas AmmitzbĂ˜ll (Denmark) My name is Thomas Ammitzbøll and I have been competing in agility since 2001 with my Cocker Spaniels. I started judging in 2003. I judge about 20 competitions a year. In 2011 I have judged at the Danish championship for both DcH and The Danish Kennel Club. I have qualified for the Danish Championship many times. At the moment I compete with a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie/Gordon Setter mix. My main interest in agility is judging. I like designing courses with a lot different solutions and obstacles discriminations.

team Australia


Last year the Autralian competitors have le because they were also able to have fun as w George finished 4th overall in the Agility B in the Agility Biathlon 400 and Simone wi to avoid elimination in all five rounds, Nea Pentathlon. This year the Australian team h the action, Maybe in the 2012 they will ret


Australian WAO Committee


eft England without any medals but with a big smile , well as bring home some good results. Megan Bell-Jones with Biathlon 550, Gina O’Keefe with Tippy finished 5th overall ith Noonoo finished 12th  in the Pentathlon 550, managing arly all of the Aussie player made the final round of the has changed much and there are many new handlers ready for turn to Australia with some medals.


team Australia

300 DIVISION Karen Phillips & Cody (Jack Russell Cross) She has had immense experience and success with her dogs and is currently involved as a trainer with the Agility Club of WA.

400 DIVISION Julie Pearson & Magners (Border Terrier) Julie is from Scotland and now lives in Australia.She started with the Obedience training in the 1999 then tried flyball and now she’s an agiltiy addict.This will be her first WAO.

Frank Fitzpatrick & (Border Terrier)


Fran is an instructor and a vital member of the ACWA CLUB The Agility Club of Western Australia .Frank is a veteran , this will be his first World Cup.

alia 525 DIVISION Diana Rose & Dottie (Spitollie) Diana is the president of the Cloverdale Canine Companions . She’s a veteran dog trainer at her first World Cup.

Megan Bell-Jones & George (Patterdale Terrier Cross) Megan is a very good handler from Perth, Western Australia. She was present the last year at the WAO 2011bringing home a nice fourth place in the Agility Biathlon (550 heights). In other disciplines has made some mistakes, who knows, maybe after a year of experience more, will be able to bring home a medal too .

Simone Tolhurst & Pip (Border Collie) At the WAO 2011 his best result was a 8th Pentathlon Speedstakes . The other placements were nothing special, but to qualify for the World Cup is already a great result.

team Australia


650 DIVI

Tom We (Border

Last year with H results , this is n not good. He h Tom is a good h judge. We’ll see “chance” if he w

Tracey Wansbrough & Spud (Border Collie) Tracey is at her 2nd WAO.


eir & Hydro Collie)

Hydro collects only bad not meaning that he’s had only a bad weekend. handler and also a good e during his second will be better.

Simone Holt & Buster (Border Collie) Simone is at her first WAO , she’s young and talented , we will see if she’s ready to run in front of the WAO crowds.

team Belgium


Guy Blancke

Guy has more than 20 years of agility experience .He reached the Championships with his Belgian Shepherd, Unia, Belgiums Nati Winner of the Agility Weltcup, to name a few, and maintaining a seminars around the world, Guy coached and competed with the the 2003 FCI World Championships .He has been able to modif each individual situation – definitely not a “one size fits all” appro


e top at the World ional Champion , a full calendar of e Canadian team at fy his coaching for oach.

team Belgium

300 DIVISION Bart De Blanck & Mylow (Shetland Sheepdog)   Bart is a good agility competitor . Last year finished 5th in Biathlon , 4th in Games and 10th in Penthatlon.

Sylvie Van Autryve & Garbhan (Shetland Sheepdog)

400 DIVISION Jo Bundervoet & Skwizie (Shetland Sheepdog)


Nico Descamp & Roos (Border Terrier)    Bart Van Hecke & Diva (Shetland Sheepdog) Ann

Herreman & Ghentai (Shetland Sheepdog)  

Anneleen Holluyn & Hjatho (Mini Aussie)    A very good handler .She train at the Waak en Zie dog school. I think that she can be in the top 10.

525 DIVISION Silvie De Four & (Border Collie)

Melissa Heyse &

Tania Verhulst &



Xena (Border Collie)

Zita (Belgica Mix)

team Belgium

650 DIV Franky De Witte & Uboro (Border Collie) He’s active in agility more than 20 years .Last year has crowned one of his dreams : The World Cup title. He’s the winner of the Biathlon (650 height) competition of the WAO 2011

Kimberly Ruyssinck & Zion (Border Collie)

David Vannieuwkerke & Trish (Border Collie) Dominique Van Vynckt & Enzo (Border Collie)



Guy Blancke & Jazz (Groenendael) see the team coach informations

Erwin Schoffelen & Devil (Border Collie)

Saskia Vansteelant & Zohran (Border Collie)

team Canada


Last year the Canadian Team left England with 4 medals 1 gold ,1 silver and 2 bronze . Anneli Hilton & Slice were the Canadian best team . Anneli collected the gold in Individual Agility Pentathlon (height 300), a second place in Agility Biathlon (height 300) . Another good results was made by Deb Rhodes & Britt , a bronze medal in Agility Biathlon (height 550) . Another bronze was for Kim Cullen & Recess in the Games class (height 550). Also the other members did a good job , like the 5th place of Lucie Robertson & Dune in the Agility Pentathlon (height 400) , 4th for Lynda Orton-Hill & Favor in Games (height 400) , 4th for Tiffany Salmon & Rio also in Games (height 650) . Susan Garrett & Feature did a 6th place overall in Agility Biathlon (height 650) after a 1st place in Agility. This year they have some new members ,they are even more motivated and I think that they will bring home more than 4 medals.


Nina Durante

team Canada

Nina D This will be your second WAO as a Coach . Tell us in what consist your role? Who will be behind you? Yes, this is my second year leading the Canadian team at the WAO. I oversee the Canadian program. This includes everything putting the team together to the post event details. The Canadian team is incredibly fortunate to have a great support team. Mark Eckley is a very strong Assistant Manager. We also have an amazing group of people who have helped us with team selection, designing training drills, handler fitness and nutrition as well as making sure that our dogs are fit to compete. Most importantly, we couldn’t do this trip without the support of our sponsors and all of the Canadians who have helped with our fundraising efforts. What do you expect from this event ? I’m expecting a lot of exciting things from this team at the WAO. We have great mix of new and experienced handlers and dogs - all with a tremendous work ethic. They have worked very hard to prepare for this World Championship and will be great representitives of Canada both on and off the course.


Durante In what consist the team training in the period before the event , from March to May? Our team members work very hard to get ready for the WAO. Since Canada is such a large country, it isn’t financially feasible to have the team come together on a regular basis to train so they must train on their own. We send them drills which they video tape so we can review so see how they are progressing. They spend time studying the judges past courses to help them prepare for the challenges they might face in Belgium. We also have to consider the effects of air travel so those dogs that do not have a lot of flight experience, we get them flying to different competitions. In addition, they work on their mental prep as well as their nutrition and physical fitness. This team is ready to show the world at WAO. Which is the first memory that comes to your mind remembering the 2011 edition? There are so many great memories from the 2011 WAO. The most memorable was being in the crating area with Anneli Hilton-Arskey getting her ready for the awards presentation. She knew that she had placed but had no idea that she had come in first. I will never forget the moment when I told her that she had won! It was an incredible moment with an incredible competitor. This will be your first time in Belgium, or you had already visited it? I have been to Brugge for a day 11 years ago. This will be my first chance to spend a week in Belgium and I am really excited. What are your goals and aspirations for the next years? It is a very exciting time for agility in Canada. More and more we are discovering great talent from all across the country. When we combine the new talent with our experienced competitors, Canada’s future is very bright on the World scene. Personally, I am excited about focusing on my own dogs and supporting the Canadian team from home.


team Canada

Canada Barb Flowers &

300 DIV Vegas (Coton de Tulear)

Fisrt time on a World Cup. This will be the first time for Vegas to be introduced to the pressure, excitement and noise of international agility competition.Barb is young and ready to impress

Jamie Moreau & Batman (Papillon) She’s in agility for only 5 years and this will be her first time that she will represent Canada. Jamie is an instructor at McCann Professional Dog TrainersÂ

VISION Anneli Hilton & Slice (Papillon) & Pint (Papillon) Anneli started training and competing in agility and flyball in the 1999. Now she’s the owner of See Spot Run Doggy Daycare and Training Inc. Anneli is involved in teaching Agility, Flyball and Obedience classes on a regular basis. She prides herself on being a problem solver and tries to make every dog successful. Last year Anneli & Slice left the England with the Individual Agility Pentathlon World Champion title, a second place in Agility Biathlon and 8th place in Games. Slice, a wee little Papillon, joined the family in 2007. Working with such a small dog has taught Anneli new handling techniques and another breed with attitude to train. Slice is smart as a whip and proving that size does not matter. In her very short agility career she has been crowned a Regional Champion and placed 2nd in the country at the AAC National Championships.  Pint, wee Papillon , joined the family in the August 2009. An excellent handler with two excellent dogs, well we hope for some good results.

team Canada

400 DIV Kayl McCann & Funkee Monkee (Mixed Breed)

Kayl McCann has been around dogs her entire life. Her parents are long established and successful dog trainers, and at 3, Kayl got her first dog, a cute Border Collie named Piper. By the age of 7, Kayl was already competing, and soon took on the challenge of training her second dog Kozmic (a Lurcher) entirely by herself. Like most puppies, it was a challenge, but by then, she was already hooked. Competing internationally since 2004, Kayl has been quick to make her mark. In total she has won over 25 medals, including 5 golds for Canada. Her proudest moment came in 2006 when her dog, Jitter Bug (an 8 year old Border Collie), won an unexpected gold at the World Agility Championships. Kayl is very motivated and ready to win!



Lucie Robertson & Dune (Shetland Sheepdog) Lucie and Dune are involved in agility for a long time.Last year achivied good results at the WAO:  5th in Pentathlon , 8th in Biathlon & 9th in Games .

Nicki Gurr & Ninja (Shetland Sheepdog) She train agility with 4 Border Collies and 2 shelties. Nicki is a member of CKC’s (Club Canin Canadien) AgilityTeam Canada .She demonstrate that Is ready to be on the TOP with a 13th place in Lievin last year at the Agility Wolrd Championship (Medium).

team Canada

525 DIV

Deb Rhodes & Britt (Border Collie) The 2012 will be her second WAO . Last year Deborah Rhodes achieved a superb result :3rd place in Biathlon. Deborah is an amazing handler and also a very good judge.

Kayl McCann & Slyce (Border Collie) see the previous page in the 400 division . Slyce is her second dog for the WAO 2012.

VISION Nancy Laser & Breeze (Border Collie) Nancy & Breeze are a very good team . Using the positive reinforcement they were able to win and be selected for the 2012 Canada WAO team.

Meaghan O’Neill & Wynd (Border Collie) From Vancouver, British Columbia . First time on a World Cup.


team Canada


650 DIV

Fred Waters & Tânafon (Border Collie) Fred is from Quebec . Over the years , Fred & Tanafon , have worked hard to earn a place in Canada’s team, we hope that will lead also to the excellent results .

Stephan Henry & Bullitt (Border Collie)

VISION Bev Mattson & Zsimba (Belgian Shepherd) Bev Mattson lives in Maple Ridge, British Columbia alongside the beautiful “Golden Ears� mountains. Bev has been involved in many dog sports, but we know her passion to be draft work and agility (tracking, herding, obedience...!!!)

Lynda Coughlin & Coolhand Luc (Australian Kelpie)

Mark Herfert & Fynn (Belgian Malinois)

team Canada

Nicki Gurr

You have learned agility from the greatest agility handlers like Linda Mecklenburg, Daisy Peel, Jennifer Crank, Karen Holik, Greg Derrett, Terry Smorch ... and many more. How do you feel nowadays by competing at the world championships and compare yourself with them? FUN!! Getting to play alongside people that have inspired me, coached me and educated me doesn’t really get better than that :) I don’t compare myself to anyone. Anyone can win on any given day at this level. I do expect to bring my very best to the line for my dog. It always amazes me when I look down at him on a start line when we are thousands of miles from home and he is just as keen to go, just as attentive to do his best as he is in my back yard. Nothing at these big competitions phases him so he deserves the same from me. I owe him everything for giving me the opportunity of representing Canada internationally. The only comparison I draw is to previous runs I’ve had with him.

“Last year’s courses were awesome!” This will be your first WAO. What do you expect from this event ? I know this will be a fantastic event. I watched last year’s WAO live on my computer. Unfortunately, life got in the way last year and I had to pull from the team. So this year we are out for a great adventure! The 2011 WAO was VERY well organized and I heard nothing but great things about it from the team. I am excited to be running in the 400 division. Ninja is just 14 1/2 inches tall. He has competed very successfully at the FCI World Championships in 2010 Germany and 2011 France (13th in midi) in a class of dogs that on average were quite a bit bigger than him. He will be competing against dogs closer to his height in Belgium so I am really looking forward to seeing how we measure up to these dogs. Of course, we are expecting great courses and great runs. Last year’s courses were awesome! How do you train in the period before the event , from March to May? There are several areas I will focus on. First and foremost is conditioning for both Ninja and myself. We want to be able to put the ‘pedal to the metal’ on those courses and run hard. Another key area is course analysis. I have a binder of sample courses from the panel of judges at this year’s WAO. Bedtime reading is usually studying those courses and running them in my mind. It isn’t possible to set them all up but it is possible to study them all and look for trends in the judges’ course design. I’m looking forward to running a variety of courses at this event, so an area we are concentrating on quite heavily for Feb/March training is gambling skills. We will trial twice a month and pace our training. I am also busy teaching students these days and have 3 other competition dogs to train, all of which keeps me in the zone without over-training Ninja.


team Canada

When you get to certain levels is difficult to improve(to finding where to remove thousandths). The improvement is even more difficult .What is your opinion? Very true. Everyone competing at a World level has put in many, many hours (years!) of perfecting their craft. Winning an event comes down to skill level AND handling choices. That’s what makes a class exciting; when decisions have to be made and there are pros and cons possibly to either choice a handler may make. This is where knowing you and your dog’s strengths are critical. Trying to take a path that may be shorter may not be faster for your dog. Often watching course overlays of 1st and 2nd place it comes down to one turn on course that made the difference. Last year Anneli Hilton & Slice have brought home some good results from the WAO 2011 , including the World Champion title. Anneli is one of your students. How do you feel when your student achieve a very important result using your advices? I was thrilled with Anneli and Slice’s results at WAO last year. We met when I was judging a trial she was at and she wanted to learn more about the handling system I use. She and Slice worked very hard, and then just a year and a half later the two of them were standing on a podium in England after winning gold for Canada. As a teacher, I can’t begin to tell you what a thrill that was for me. I’ve taught many things in my life - music, English as a second language in Japan, elementary school, and now, agility. Performing well on an agility course is exhilarating and very satisfying, but I get an even greater thrill out of seeing my students do well. Teaching is a symbiotic relationship. I get to help others learn and improve their connection with their dogs, and I also learn by watching how the dogs respond to their handlers. This year Anneli and I will be at WAO together. I also assist in training a few other members on the Canadian team, so my adrenaline will be pumping non-stop at the event. This will be your first time in Belgium, or you had already visited it? Yes! This is my first trip to Belgium! I have nearly two whole days to play tourist before the team gets down to business. I am looking forward to the beer and the chocolate...but not at the same time!


“Winning handling

What are your goals and aspirations for the next years? I am bringing along my 2 younger dogs, Black Ice - also a sheltie (Ninja’s nephew) and my BC FedX. No pressure on timelines with these two boys, enjoying the process and we’ll see where it takes us. I feel so very fortunate to have achieved goals in 2011 that I’d set out for myself a few years back. It was a memorable year. My current goals and aspirations don’t revolved around events. The past two years were a huge whirl-wind of activity and new experiences. I’d like the next two years to be about balance. Balance between work/training/teaching and traveling. I also hope to expand my on-line Agility Sportswear line

g an event comes down to skill level AND choices. That’s what makes a class exciting”

team Denmark



Sanne AmmitzbØll She started training dogs in the 1999. Sanne have 5 dogs and participates in many agility competitions during the year with them. She’s also involved in Rally-O competition and obedience competitions once in a while. She train with positive methods. Sanne use snaps, treats and praise. She’s the owner and dog trainer of the Sanne’s Hunde Center. This will be the first World Agility Open for Sanne and for the Danish team. We’ll see how it will evolve their weekend at the WAO.

mark 400 DIVISION Jannie Rasmussen & Nanna (Swedish Farm Dog) Anna Görlitz & (Mixed Breed)

Susanne Rødtness & Jari (Kromfohrlander)


team Denmark

650 DIV Rikke Rode & Snowy (Mixed Breed)

Anja Gamst & Freddy (Labrador Retriever)


VISION Sanne Ammitzbøll &


(Border Collie) She started training dogs in the 1999. Sanne have 5 dogs and participates in many agility competitions during the year with them. She’s also involved in Rally-O competition and obedience competitions once in a while. She train with positive methods. Sanne use snaps, treats and praise.

team England

England England is the country from where born a lot of agility champions. This year the British team is greatly strengthened. In Belgium there will be many more members that last year ,plus you have to point out that the coach is Anthony Clarke and the Manager Jo Rhodes. The last year they had already left the mark, but this year seem that they want to win big . Last year they have collected 8 medals (3 gold , 3 silver and 2 bronze).


Jo Rhodes

Jo started competing in agility in 1990 with her Flat Coated Retriever; Thorne. Thorne became only the 2nd Flattie to compete at senior level at KC shows. Since Thorne, Jo has competed with four border collies – Kelbie, Ci, Kaesie & Ty. Jo has taken all four of her border collies to the highest level in British agility - advanced/Grade 7 level; competed for Great Britain and England on numerous occasions & has qualified for (& won most) all the major finals England has to offer. Jo’s most notable successes have been winning the FCI team event in 2003 with Kelbie and gaining Agility Champion status with Ci. 2011 was a huge success for Team England, winning 8 medals - 3 Golds,3 Silver & 2 Bronze - including Gold in the Team Pentathlon. Jo is looking forward to the 2012 championship ‘we have a very strong team – a great mix of experience and first timers, with some very exciting dogs and handlers’.


Anthony Clarke Anthony has been competing in agility for 12 years, competing at the top level of British agility for many years.Anthony has represented his country on many occasions. As a youngster Anthony won the Junior World championships and has competed for team GB at the FCI World championships and European Championships. Anthony gained a silver medal in the Team jumping event at the 2011 FCI World championship and Bronze medal in the European open Team event. Along with competing, Anthony presents agility seminars all over the world including America, Japan, and all over Europe.

team England

300 DIV

Marilyn Adams & Tia (Shetland Sheepdog) Marilyn was already present the last year at the WAO and left the mark with an excellent second place in Penthatlon (300 height) Tia (8yrs) was present in 3 World Championships in the last 3 years at home and abroad and has Gained 2 Silver Medals for England in 2010 & 2011 and has just recently Gained her place on the England 2012 team in Belgium.

Lee Harfield & Bonnie (Cross Breed) & Pip (Toy Poodle) At the 2011 edition Lee gained a very good fourth place in Biathlon (300 height). This year comes with a little more experience and with 2 dogs. I think that will give a hard time at all



Dave Russell & Caeyn (Papillon) Dave will be attending his first international competition at the WAO in Belgium this year. A geography teacher by profession, Dave was introduced to the sport of agility by his wife Ceri who has competed in most dog disciplines since a young age. After years of persuasion and eventual agreement, Dave was told his first dog was to be a Papillon to which his reply was, “what is a Papillon?” followed soon after by, “you’ve got to be kidding!” However, a visit to the breeder to meet Caeyn sealed the decision and now Dave is a wholehearted fan of the breed. “Papillons are amazing as they give you the best of everything all the time. In the house Caeyn will play; give me his all in training and the competition ring; while later he can be curled up on my lap sound asleep.” Dave started competing in Grade 1 when Caeyn was just over 18 months old. The partnership rose through the grades to compete in their first championship class and win a Reserve CC before Caeyn was three and a half years old. “Caeyn has proven to be a phenomenal agility dog,” Dave says. “The original goal was to learn how to handle and what agility is like from a competitor’s perspective. Caeyn is now set to represent his country! We never thought we’d be at this level in a million years.” Needless to say the pairing is very excited about the championships and the opportunity to compare themselves to some of the best handlers and small dogs in the world. “To represent your country in any sport is an opportunity granted to so few, and may never come round again. I will be making the most of every second!”

team England

300 DIVISION Lian Knight & Sizzle (Shetland Sheepdog) Lian grew up in Malaysia where her father kept 6 German Shepherds and 2 Dobermans. She started competing in Agility with her first sheltie in late 2005 and in recent years Lian has been a regular at Crufts. She currently owns 7 shelties, competing with 2 of them, her 2 older boys are now retired. Sizzle is Lian’s 3rd agility sheltie, nicknamed “the Weasel” he particularly enjoys chasing crows. He has had a successful agility career. In his first year of Agility, he won up to Championship Level and has since gained a Reserved Championship Ticket. Lian is very proud to be competing for Team England at this years WAO’s and is looking forward to meeting fellow competitors from around the world

Tamsin Harris-Bryant & Albie (Cross Breed) Tamsin is a member of the Penbode Vets Farm. Tamsin’s main interests are mastitis and the eradication of infectious diseases. She holds a post graduation Certificate in Cattle Health and Production. if she’s present at the WAO means that she’s also an excellent competitor!


400 DIVISION Gary Cummings & Ellie (Cross Breed) Gary has been competing in agility for 9 years now, and has had great success with his Patterdale Terriers. Having two Agility Champions, Sooty everso Naughty Noworries who is now retired and competed in the small height category. Sweep is another Patterdale Gary has worked hard with and has won 2 CC’s. Last but no least Ellie, Ag. Ch. Monkey Madness Noworries who has so far had a fantastic career with Gary, achieving many awards over the years including 8 Championship titles, and reserve Medium Champion at Crufts in 2010. Gary were also members of the Gold medal winning team from last years WAO’s.

Bernadette Bay & Zaz (Shetland Sheepdog) Bernadette has been a member of Team Great Britain and Team England every year for the past 8 years. Bernadette has competed internationally with 3 home-bred shelties Zen, Hex and Zaz; each earned at least one podium placing in FCI World or European Agility Championships. Zen also earned multiple medals in the  IFCS World Championships and World Agility Open.  As a breeder, she has been proud to see so many of her OBay Sheltie pups succeed both nationally and internationally.   Her current team member Zaz, in her first full year of competition,  earned an Individual Bronze Medal at the 2011 FCI World Championships and won 3 major events at Crufts 2012.

team England

Nancy Hudson &

400 DIV Zeki (Shetland Sheepdog)

Zeki has just turned four years of age and two days after her birthday she came third in the medium championship agility final at Crufts. She has two cc’s and so our goal for 2012 is to hunt down that third ticket and make her up to Agility Champion. Zeki qualified to represent Great Britain at the EO’s in 2011 in Austria and although we didn’t win any medals, she put in some good runs. This is our first time on Team England to compete at the WAO’s and we are really looking forward to our trip to Belgium in May. Zeki is my first sheltie and a great little dog; I am so lucky to have her. She makes me smile. She is one of the smaller medium dogs competing at her level in the UK but that doesn’t stop her doing well. She is ‘small and mighty’! I also own border collies and right now have one competing at Grade 7 in the UK and a youngster who I am training, she is almost a year old. I have been competing in agility for 20+ years and last year judged some of the agility finals at Crufts. Good luck to all fellow competitors at this wonderful event, especially my team mates in Team England!


VISION Wendy Botto & Bambi (Pyrenean Sheepdog)

Gwen Johnson & Mud (Cross Breed) Mud is a seven year old Patterdale terrier cross Border Terrier. He competes at KC grade 7 and UKA Championship level. At his first KC Champ show Mud achieved a Reserve Championship Certificate. In 2009 Mud was diagnosed with Meningitis and was taken out of agility competition for a whole year. It was touch and go as to whether he would compete again but with the hard work of his fantastic vets and physios he regained full fitness and was able to start competiting again in 2010. Whilst taking his break from agility Mud took up Obedience and qualified to compete at Crufts. I work as a glass artist and part time dog trainer. I have been training dogs in obedience for 14 years and took up agility about six years ago.


team England


525 DIV

Martin Reid & Flash (Working Sheepdog) Flash is my second dog, he is always very willing to work especially if involves playing tuggy as a reward! He loves walking in the morning and playing fetch (that’s Flash, not Martin). Flash lives at home with 5 other dogs, he loves agility so much and always puts in 100% effort. He is a Great dog to have as a companion, very loyal and caring. Competing at the WAO’s will be both of ours first international agility event, i am very pleased to be part of it, it offers a lot more diversity than other international events.

Jo Tristram & Bitz (Cross Breed) Jo has been competing in agility for eight years and now instructs others ( She has competed in all major British finals including Crufts and Olympia on numerous occasions, gaining her first dog, Ellie, the ‘Agility Champion’ title. She has also competed for Great Britain several times gaining a team Bronze medal at the European Open and last year finished in the top ten of the large individual final with Bitz. At WAO 2011 the pairing won Gold as part of the Team Pentathlon for Team England as well as winning many of the pentathlon rounds.

VISION Leslie Osborne & Fizz (Border Collie) This is a veteran , one of those tough .Leslie has taken possession of very important trophies in the UK , one of the latest is the 2nd place at the WAO 2011 (550 JUMP HEIGHT). Leslie is a champion and I think that a medal will be for him at WAO 2012.

Shaun Young & Gracie (Working Sheepdog) Shaun has had over 20 years experience in agility competition, judging and training. He compete in all the major finals including Olympia and Crufts on multiple occasions . A great contender for the podium !

team England

525 DIVISION Jessica Cothay & Cara (Border Collie)

Karen Marriott & Puzzle (Cross Breed) Karen has been competing in agility for nearly 20 years. She has had many successes at National level with multiple dogs and currently competes with 4 dogs at Championship level in the UK.  Karen became interested in International competition after breeding her latest dog Puzzle who has natural high drive and speed, with a great desire to learn.  Despite being a young dog she has already many achievements and reached the highest grade of agility in the UK within her first year competing.  In 2011 Karen and Puzzle were reserves for the England team at the WAO’s and this year they are really looking forward to competing for the team in Belgium, and meeting other international handlers.


650 DIVISION Leah Gardner &

Herbie (Working Sheepdog)

Herbie was rescued at 12 weeks old from travellers, he was un-handled and terrified. Leah decided to do agility with him when he got older to try and build his confidence. He has grown from a terrified wreck to be an Individual silver medallist at the 2008 European Opens in Germany, Team gold medallist World Agility Open 2011, 5 x agility rescue dog of the year,4x World team member,  4 x reserve champion, 5 yrs running Olympia finalist, Crufts finalist,  as well as much more. He is a once in a life time dog! Leah works for Many Tears Animal Rescue, so has had many years working with abused and abandoned dogs, she also teaches agility at her own club, Anju Agility. Herbie is her second agility dog.

Nikki Collins & Yam (Working Sheepdog)

team England

650 DIV Katie Long & Copper (Working Sheepdog) I have been training and competing in Agility for 12 years. Myself and Copper have been competing for 2. In that time we have competed at Olympia, twice at Crufts and gained the title of Agility Champion in less than a year. Copper is 5 years old this year, ball obsessed and a dream to work with! I am proud and excited to have this opportunity to compete for team England.

Ian Jackson & Bobbie (Border Collies) Ian is an agility handler since the 1993 . In his agility carrer was present to many big competitions like the Crufts ,Olympia and was also present at the WAO 2011 bringing home the silver medal in Biathlon (650 JUMP HEIGHT)


VISION Sharon Brooke &

Jazz (Border Collie)

Shaun Hunt & Phix (Border Collie) Shaun has competed in agility for over 20 years and is currently competing at the highest level in the UK with 5yr old Phix.  2011 was Shaun & Phix’s best year so far in agility, representing England at the WAO, winning 2 Championship tickets, qualifying for Crufts 2012, competing at the Olympia Stakes final and running in 6 events at the UKA Grand Finals, winning three (gaining the win on spot for Team England 2012) and coming 2nd in two others. ‘Phix is the best dog I’ve ever owned and still so young, its a joy to run him and we are looking forward to the 2012 season starting off in Belgium running for Team England.’

Sian Illingworth & (Border Collie)


Sian has represented England twice at the European Open Championships in 2010 and also the FCI World Championships in 2010 . Her last magnificent results was the 3rd place at the CRUFTS 2012 in the Large Finals. She’s the new promise of agility, talent, determination, motivation, she knows what she’s doing. We will hear a lot about sian in the future.

team Finland


Niina-Liina Linn

She’s involved in agil­ity for more then 10 years. During her carrer European Open , World Championship and also to several well-k good results. Last year she has represented very well her country b Penthatlon competition .



she had the chance to be present at the known competitions , always gaining by finishing in second place in the Agility

team Finland

400 DIVISION Toni Koutu & Pulu (Parson Russell Terrier) Tony competed at the 2011 Edition with Penny and finished in 9th place in the Biathlon Competiton

525 DIVISION Juha Orenius & Gaia (Border Collie) Juha is known in the Agility World as a legend . He has participated in all the most popular competitions and earned a lot of medals in European and World Championships , many times National Champion. He’s the man! A podium is waiting for him...


650 DIVISION Teemu Linna & Piru (Border Collie) Teemu is a handler with great potential we hope will be able to get a good result

Niina-Liina Linna & Rei (Border Collie) & Spiiku (Border Collie) & Rhett (Border Collie) She’s involved in agil­ity for more then 10 years. During her carrer she had the chance to be present at the European Open , World Championship and also to several wellknown competitions , always gaining good results.

team France


Christine Charpentier

France 650 DIVISION Christine Charpentier & Caleb (Border Collie) Christine is one of the most popular agility handler ,a legend, in France and in the World. With Loch Mac Leodhe she became two times the Agility World Champion , the first time in the 1999 and the second in the 2000. It’s always a pleasure to see her compete.

team Italy

Italy Italy is known as a country of so many agility talents and champions. Last year , at the WAO , the Italian team haven’t brought home medals, but only a few positive achievements. This year the team Is totally new, revolutionized with many more members in each division. A radical change that we think will bring only good things.Who knows if it will bring home at least a podium from Belgium ...


Massimo Perla

Massimo is one of the most famous and powerful dog trainers in Italy. He’s from Rome and he’s the owner of the Indiana Kayowa dog centre . He’s active in every sport ,but his main activity is training dogs for TV and Movie sets. With his experience can lead the team to better results than the last year.

team Italy

300 DIVISION Roberta Lenticchia (Zwergpinscher)




Maria Grazia Cini & Ambra Cleo (Mixed Breed)    

Davide Santilli & Minnie (Mini Poodle)     Ivana Sipalova &


(Jack Russell Terrier)     Ivana was born in the Czech Republic arrived in Italy at age of 19. She starts her Agility carrer in the 2005 with her Jack Russell Nyo. In 2007 she was a part of the National Team participating at the European Open. In 2009, with Nyo she was selected for the World Championship in Dornbirn where the Small Team Wins Bronze Medal. In 2010 comes back to join the National Team as a reserve. She is currently Vice President of Club Villa Gaia Cinofilo Pinerolo where, in addition to Nyo, Agility practice with the Jack Russell Nanu and her Kelpie Rei all in the highest class.


400 DIVISION Mariella Tarzia

& Pepe (Mixed Breed)        

Lorella Saccani & Jack (Mini Poodle)     Fulvio Frassoni & Nelson (Beagle)     

Serena Ines Malgaroli (Mixed Breed)           Serena is one of the top handlers in Italy at the moment. She’s the 2011 European Open Small Winner with Sherry her Crossbreed dog.





team Italy

400 DIVISION Alessandro Giuliani & Orsa Maggiore (Schipperke) This will be his second WAO ,with more experience he can do better than the last year when he was 6th in Penthatlon and 11th in Biathlon

Nicola Giraudi & Twister (Parson Russell Terrier) Nicola is a professional dog trainer running education, agility and obedience classes and was 3 times in a row on the Euro/World Championships podium in Obedience Team Competition.He has helped many people to get to the highest levels of competitions, bringing 2 teams to the Italian Obedience Team in the past years, and more recently one of his students gained the 3rd place at the Swiss Agility Championship in 2008 with an Aussie, and another one just qualified for the Italian Agility Team in Medium Class with his Sheltie. He’s also the winner of the Agility World Championship 2011 . Nicola is involved in dog training and agility for more than 10 years. He moves to Switzerland in the 2005 and achieve only good results in agility and obedience. In the 2010 he returns in Italy and and found the “Oh my dog!!!” club. He’s very motivated and ready to give the maximum

Francesca Pucciatti & Ettore (Mixed Breed)    



525 DIVISION Corrado Carretti & Fly (Border Collie)    Corrado is an expert dog trainer involved in agility since the 1999. He was present at the European Open with a 3rd place in the Team competition.He was also the National Champion in the 2007. Now with Fly his Border Collie he can achieve a very good result.



Laura Governatori

Nuvola (Schapendoes)   

& &

Sabrina Vivaldo & Trilly (Mixed Breed)

Effy (Border Collie)


team Italy

650 DIV

Giovanni Bruzzichelli & Ob (Border Collie)     Giovanni is a powerful dog trainer and Italian Agility Champion. He’s involved in a lot of disciplines from the Agility to the Obedience ,rally Obedience, dog dance .He also train dogs for TV and movies sets.

Gianluca Bonifazi & Baffy (Mixed Breed)  

Sandro Cerri & Pedro (Mixed Breed)     


VISION Gianluca De Lorenzis & Dare Devil (Border Collie)    Gianluca is a good agility competitor with an amazing dog. With Dare Devil was selected for the European Open and achieve the 11th place at the Dog Olympic Games finals.

Bruno Bonifazi &

Baffy (Mixed Breed)     

Cesare Carretti &

Lady-D (Border Collie)     

Camilla Nari & Perla (Border Collie) She’s very young and very talented. She earned the silver medal at the Junior European Open Agility 2011 with the Team Italy.

team Japan

Japan Last year the Japan collects 3 medals , one gold ,one silver and one bronze. Minako Tokuda & Win took home the gold medal in Games (height 300). Nobuko Akiike & Kool achieved the second place and a silver medal in Biathlon(height 400) . Mimi Shimono & Marie the bronze in Pentathlon (height 400). The others members collects also some good results a lot of them finished in the top 10. For the 2012 team we should have to deal with an almost entirely new team , many new members . It will be very interesting to watch.


Hisato Tanabe

team Japan

H i sat o T a n

This will be your second WAO as a Coach . Tell us in what consist your role? Who will be behind you?

My role is to make an environment in which competitors feel relaxed and can concentrate on games. To advise competitors how to keep dogs’ conditions good after our long trip from Japan is also my important job. Many people such as Shinya Tominaga and Asako Morimi, who are the staff of team selection trial support me. In what consist the team training in the period before the event , from March to May? There are many agility trials in Japan from March to May. So, we don’t plan to have special joint training. Most of our team members have a lot of experience at international agility events. My role is to give the detailed information on WAO to team members. Which is the first memory that comes to your mind remembering the 2011 edition? At the opening ceremony of WAO 2011, people expressed their sympathy over the earthquake happened on March 11th, 2011. All people welcomed us with applause and it remains in my memory. What is the secret to being able to stay focused during a high level competition? I have participated in international events of dog sports (as a competitor, judge, and coach) 27th times. From my experience, it is important to imagine the tension at a high level competitions when we train dogs since long time before the competition because dogs are very sensitive to handlers’ tention at competitions. At WAO, competitors have to run many courses one after another and it is important to concentrated on each course immediately. Off course, it is important to care about dogs’ mental and physical conditions.

na b e


Do you remember your first competition? I participated in agility trial 1998 for the first time. After the front cross, I couldn’t find the next obstacle. Fortunately, I could won the first place at the competition. What is the worst part of agility? It is difficult to set standard for the degree of difficulty of courses. Excessively difficult courses resembles technical courses at first glance but actually are quite different from. Agiilty is a sport for dogs but I am worried that this point was taken no account of, recently. What is the best thing about agility? Fairness. Also in agility, enjoyable training for dogs lead to speeding up of dogs and it also brings good results at competitions. I think it is an ideal for dog training. What do you expect from this event ? I think it is hard work for the organizing committee to manage a large-scale competition like WAO without having a organization. They ran a wonderful competition last year and I expect they will manage a wonderful one this year too. I hope they continue to hold this wonderful competition in which all dogs and all handlers can participate independent of any agility organization.


team Japan

300 DIVISION Kaori Kanemasa & Naru (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) She has participated at the IFCS (2008 and 2010) and also at the WAO 2011 with another Cavalier. She will participate at the WAO 2012 with her younger Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Â

Yumiko Imamura &


(Shetland Sheepdog) She enjoys agility with her 3 dogs :2 Shelties and 1 Border Collie. She participate at the WAO 2012 with 1 Sheltie and 1 Border Collie.

pan 400 DIVISION Nobuko Akiike & Kool (Miniature Poodle) Nobuku and Kool have participated at the IFCS (2008 and 2010), WAO 2011, and USDAA World Cynosport Games (finalist of the Grand Prix of dog agility) several times. Last year this team have collected a very beatiful silver medal at the WAO in biathron.

Yasunobu Soeda & Kleine (Border Terrier) He participated in USDAA several times with other dogs. Yasunobu is leading a dog school.

Miyako Endo & Saya (Boston Terrier) Miyako participated at the USDAA 2011

team Japan


525 DIVISION Hideko Murai & Zebra (Border Collie)

This team collects many more points then the other teams at the selection trials. They participated at the EO 2011.

Yuko Matsuoka & Daisy (Border Collie) She participated in USDAA several times and IFCS 2006 with other dogs. Yuko has a dog school.

Toshiyuki Oba & Jungle Beat (Border Collie) He participated in FCI several times with other dogs. participated WAO 2011 with other BC. He’s one of the most popular agility competitors in Japan and he also has a dog school.

650 DIVISION Yumiko Imamura & Freed (Border Collie)

Yasuko Kamimura & Jazz (Border Collie) They participated in USDAA several times (finalist of the Grand Prix of dog agility)

Riyu Takahashi & Peita (Border Collie) He participated in FCI 2007 with another BC.

team Japan

Toshiyuki O This will be your second WAO.What do you expect from this event? Offcourse I expect a success of this event. If an Agility lover deepens friendship mutually,I think that is wondeful. Do you train any other activities in addition to Agility? My job is dog trainer. But Agility is a Sport for me. I never do obedience training for Agility. How often do you train? You separate the physical training of technicians? 5 or 6 times par week , but each time is about 10 or 15 minutes. Yes How do you prepare yourself and your dog before entering the ring? for me : Stretch and I am trying not to be excited. for dog : My dog ( Jungle Beat) is little bit nervous, so I will play with her befor entering the ring.

Oba How was your first international competition? My first international competition was Europian championship 1995 (Torino). I feel so exciting and happy!!! What are the most memorable competitions that you have entered? 2008 WC in Helsinki when I was running ,my shoe had come off. But I could have clean run. Which is the first memory that comes to your mind remembering the 2011 edition? I never forget 3.11. Terrible Eathquake and Tunami . We got to know the frightfulness of the power of Nature. We got to Know human is so small and we got to know that the small human is very strong and patient. 2011 I took part in WAO, Europian Open. Anytime, anywhere people worried about Japan and we got heart-warming words from them. I felt there are no border in country. We are just Dog Lover. I would like to sey Special Thanks again. This will be your first time in Belgium,or you had already visited it? No , I have visited to Belgium before. My dog’s ( Jungle Beat) mother came from Belgium.


team Jersey



Louise Eden

team Jersey

Louise E This will be your first WAO and the first for the Jersey. What do you expect from this event ? Personally I hope that my dog and I perform to our maximum capability, and that we come away from the event feeling we have done our absolute best. For the team, I hope that everyone enjoys the experience, and learns something from it. Hopefully this will be the first time of many that Jersey attends the WAO, and the team>s experiences this time will help us in the future. For some of the team this will be their first time competing abroad, and their first large event, so I hope that they enjoy it! How has been chosen the team for the 2012? Entrants for the 2012 team submitted a list of their top placings throughout 2011, and were then given points for these placings. The top three scoring dogs in each height were invited to take a space on the team. How often do you train? You separate the physical training of technicians? I train on equipment once or twice a week, but I do some form of agility training every day, whether that is just playing with my dogs, trick training, self control excercises, etc. My time on equipment is minimal, but I am always training my dogs! So much of our daily life is linked in some way to agility. In what consist the team training in the period before the event , from March to May? The team are all training regularly on an individual basis, and generally take responsibility for their own training. We are having a number of team training sessions in April, where we will set up sample courses or challenging sections and run them together. We will place quite a lot of emphasis on training for the games classes, as most of our handlers have no experience of running in snooker. Do you train any other activities in addition to Agility? I am only involved competitively in agility, although I do train all my dogs in obedience. I also do lots of trick training, as I believe it is one of the best ways to bond with your dog and a great foundation for your agility career, as well as keeping your dog fit and strong for agility.

Eden The favorite toys of your dogs? Owning shelties, I have to admit that my dogs primary motivator has to be food, so the stuffable tug toys are their favourites, although furry and squeaky tug toys will do just as nicely. This will be your first time in Belgium, or you had already visited it? I have driven through Belgium before on route to other countries, but have never had the chance to stop and visit. I am looking forward to visiting Belgium very much. What is the most beautiful thing of agility ? Just spending time with my dogs, who are my best friends, and developing an amazing bond with them. There is no greater feeling than those moments where everything comes together in perfect unison, and you and your dog are completely in tune. They are just the best! It makes me smile every single time when I stand on the start line and my dog barks at me in excitement, whatever the outcome of the run may be! I am so privileged to have such amazing dogs.


team Jersey

300 DIVISION Jane Stafford & Pixie (Portuguese Podengo) One of the only Portugese Podengo’s competing in agility! A very rare breed!

Valery Johnson & Gina (Shetland Sheepdog) Anita Barette & Bertie (Jack Russell Terrier)


ersey 400 DIVISION Louise Eden & Smudge (Shetland Sheepdog) The only handler and dog in Jersey who have ever reached UK Grade 7. Winners of the Nations Cup Final at the KC International Fesitval 2011 running in the “Rest of the World” Team.

team Jersey

525 DIVISION Denny Buckley & Penzi (Springer Spaniel) Oliver Eden &

Mayzee (Springer Spaniel)

Di Poingdestre & Blue (Shetland Sheepdog)


650 DIVISION Chris Poingdestre & Zed (Border Collie) & Tod (Border Collie) Represented Jersey in the large dogs International Agility event at Crufts 2012

Val Poingdestre & Che (Working Sheepdog) Kim Love & George (Cross Breed) Winners of the Large CI Dog of the Year 2012

team Netherlands

Netherla MANAGER

Jan Sprij Jan is an amazing dog trainer in Netherlands .He was the Team coach also for the 2011 edition where the Netherlands team did a a discreet appearance. He’s in agility since the 1996.

ands 300 DIVISION Marissa Figee & Trixie (Poodle)

Kelly Hogeslag & Micka (Mixed Breed) This will be the second WAO for Kelly.

team Netherlands


Aneska Damen & (Papillon)


They were Dutch champion small in 2008. Also ran with Gipsy at the FCI World Championships in Finland that same year.

Frank Maene & Jaykay (Shetland Sheepdog) Born in Belgium, Frank moved to the Netherlands 10 years ago. He’s active in agility since 1986. Last year, at the FCI World Championships in Lievin, Frank and Jaykay won the gold medal with the small team.

Ietje Postma & Willow (Papillon) & Sonne (Poodle)


400 DIVISION Mariën Balt &

Zyzo (Mixed Breed)

Zyzo is a mixed breed rescued from the shelter. At the WAO, this will be the first time Mariën and Zyzo will compete internationally.

Arie Geenen & Guy (Fox Terrier) This will be the second time for Arie & Guy at the World Agility Open , last year they did a good job by grabbing the 10th place in Agility Penthatlon and 11th in Games.

Frank Maene & Enzo (Shetland Sheepdog) Enzo is Frank’s Sheltie that won the Dutch Master title in 2011. Frank’s looking out to the future with a great agility career for him and Enzo.

Henk Postma & AC/DC (Papillon) & Dolly (Poodle) Angela Koopman & Little Miss Abby (Shetland Sheepdog)

team Netherlands


525 DIV

DaniĂŤlle Boshouwers & Eager (Border Collie) Last year at the WAO collects a 9th place in the Agility Games.

Margreet de Hoogh & Katie (Kelpie)

Peggy Vos & I-My (Border Collie)

Henk Timmer & Senna (Border Collie) This will be Henk’s first WAO, but not his first time competing internationally. He has run at the WAC/ IFCS three times now, the last time in 2010 with Senna.

VISION Cathy McDonald & Jazz (Border Collie) Cathy has run many dogs at international level and represented the Netherlands at the FCI worlds, EO, IMCA, Crufts, Olympia and the WAO but for Jazz (Shanowl Extra Red Alert) this is the first time.

Janny de Ruijter & Emma (Border Collie) Janny de Ruijter is the owner of three tricolor Border Collies: Melyanna’s Yentle Amazing Misty (Misty), Luna Tale Gentleem (Emma) and since recently: Luna Tale Lollipop (Poppy). She’s active in agility since 1997.

team Netherlands

650 DIV

Frank van Nimwegen & Pirez (Belgian Tervueren) I will compete with Pirèz, an 8 years old Terv male. We won twice the national and international Championships price (CACAg / CACIAg) in Holland, and was also twice the runner up in the Dutch Cynophilia Masters.This year we came in third in the National Championships and recentley won the 2nd price in the country team competition with the Dutch team on the World Championships of the FMBB (Federation Mondiale des Berger Belge) I am competing over 20 years now and teach agility as well. Pirèz is my 5 th competition dog, and the most sucessfull one so far. His biggest talent is his coolness under any circumstance, he will be stable and not inflenscent by stress around the ring. He is a magnificant guy. For us this will be the first WAO

Willy Kinkel & Dani (Australian Sheperd) Dani was the first Dutch champion of the Australian shepherds when he was just 2 years of age. Now, being 4 years old, Dani qualified for the IFCS WAC this year. Because they decided not tot run there, the WAO will be Willy en Dani’s international debut.


Netherlands Margot Hoekstra & Mystique (Groenendal) She’s a very good handler. Margot will partecipate also at the FMBB 2012. She finished in 14th place in the Agility finals of the FMBB 2011 with Aschra.

Sanne Hugen & Daan (Belgian Tervueren) Represented the Netherlands at the FMBB 2011 and will be there also for the 2012 edition.

Patrick Tunders & Mekx (Border Collie)

Annemarie Ploegmakers & Fudge (Border Collie) Annemarie Ploegmakers and Fudge ran last year at the FCI World Championships in Lievin.

team Northern Ireland


Ronnie McAleese Ronnie is the owner of the Path Agility Center. He’s the first person from Northern Ireland to win a place on the British Dog Agility Team. The team in question contested the World Championships in Valladolid, Spain, in September 2005. Ronnie’s success as a trainer has also been shown, as all who train with him have had success at local level, with some gaining rosettes in competitions in England and Scotland. He was also the trainer of the N. Ireland on the last year event with some discrete performances and results.

n Ireland

team Northern Ireland

300 DIVISION Curtis Mullan &


(Jack Russell Cross) Curtis and Peggy were also a part of the N.Ireland team at the WAO 2011. They did a very good runs . In the games competition he finished 11th and in Biathlon 8th.

Patience Bradley & Tony Mary Og (Chihuahua)

Miriam McDowell & Teddy (Schnauzer/Poodle Cross)

Northern I

400 DIVISION Ronnie McAleese & Jay (Miniature Poodle) see the coach informations

Isabel Trotter & Chip (Cross Breed)

Louise McClurg & (Min Schnauzer)

Curtis Mullan & Callie (Shetland Sheepdog) See the 300 division



team Northern Ireland

525 DIVISION Peter Crozier & Brodie (Terrier Cross) In the 2011 he finished in 10th place the Biathlon competition.

Karen Bleakley & Tess (Cross Breed) Karen & Tess are a very good team . Last year they earned a 12th position in Biathlon.

Joanne Hughes & Ziggy (Border Collie) Last year with Ziggy finished 18th in Biathlon.

Northern Ireland

650 DIVISION Kirsty Jess & Buddy (Border Collie) Kristy was present at the 2011 edition with Buddy and finished in the backline. This year will be really better with more experience on her shoulders.

Carron McCready & (Working Sheepdog)


This will be her 2nd World Agility Open. Last year she did a discret run.

Cathrine Porter & (Border Collie)


In Belgium Catherine will compete at her second WAO. Last year she did a good competition by placing 13th in Penthatlon (650 height)

team Portugal


Jorge Pires



Jorge Pires & Lash (Border Collie)

Luis Sousa & Toffy (Border Collie) Luis is one of the most powerful dog trainers and competitors in Portugal .he was presen for many years at the European Open , World Championships.He has the experience ,we will see...

team Portugal

Jorge This will be your first WAO . Tell us in what consist your role? Who will be behind you? I´m the Portuguese country manager. After being offered to help as volunteer, Greg challenged me to organize a Portuguese team to 2012 and so here we are. Nobody’s behind us. It’s just me and Luis. What do you expect from this event? To learn something more about handling an agility dog and as an agility judge and bring this knowledge to Portugal and share it with those that may be interested. Additionally try to make the Portuguese participation permanent. In the Portuguese team are present only you and Luis Sousa in the 650 , why only 2 members? We are not so many in Portugal. We have about 60 dogs competing in the kennel club championship, most of our dogs are standard, we have only 8 to 10 dogs Midi/Mini Class. Nevertheless we could have more participants but the Portuguese/European crises and the lack of sponsors is not helping. All the costs are covered by us. In what consist the team training in the period before the event , from March to May? To Luis Sousa has being routine training once we are carrying out the national championship finals. For me it’s a little more complicated I will run with a dog that is not mine. Lash is bitch owned by Luis, she is young and very fast and I’m being apart from the competition for almost 6 years for professional reasons. So I‘ve being trying to adapt myself to the dog and the new way of handling in the short period of time I had. How often do you train? You separate the physical training of technicians? Luis Sousa trains almost every day. I made about 15 Training sessions with Lash. She loves to run with me and I feel the same way, I think I’m handling definitely the best agility dog in Portugal, I think that in a near future Luis will be the National Champion with this bitch. Usually we focus our training sessions in the technique, the majority of Portuguese dogs is in very good shape, our difficulties is the technique and the complicity between dog and handler.

e Pires What are the most memorable competitions that you have entered? WAC 2001 as co organizer. How was your first international competition? It was in Spain and the environment was so great that it was as if I was at home. What is the worst part of agility? The money we have to spend to do it and the way some people face the Agility sport. What is the best thing about agility? The dog, the course the velocity the time you don’t have to think, the competition environment. The jump the dog does after the course finish showing his gratitude to let him make you happy. This will be your first time in Belgium, or you had already visited it? It will be my first time. What are your goals and aspirations for the next years? Finish my border puppy training and other two adults to restart my participation in the National Championship and attend the Portuguese finals, if possible participate in the WAOC 2013 with my own dogs. Plus Judge 3 or 3 competitions out of Portugal.

team Ireland








ana Collie


ne Collen

team Ireland

Diana C This will be your second WAO as the Team Manager. Who will be behind you this year? Anne Collen – coach Patricia Dunn – games coach Plus an enthusiastic Irish agility community who have been fundraising for 9 months to get an Irish team to Belgium.

Last year the Rep. Of Ireland team did some good results. What are your most beautiful memories of the past edition? Being the first time to get an Irish team to an agility world championships How has been chosen the team for the 2012? Tryouts in the autumn 2011. In what consist the team training in the period before the event , from March to May? We have had great fun training all the different types of international courses which we never see in Ireland.


Collie What is the worst part of agility? Training outside in the rain in the middle of winter! What is the best thing about agility? The new challenges being provided by agility, which is the fastest growing dog sport in the world. Before the end , do you have any advice for a beginner at his first competition? Make sure BOTH you and your dog are having FUN!! What do you expect from this event ? As a newly formed team, we hope to be proud of our efforts, and we hope it will bring the sport of agility forward in Ireland.

team Ireland

300 DIVISION June Archbold & Lily (Jack Russell Terrier)

Ireland Donal Ayton & Oscar (Shitzu Cross)

400 DIVISION Karen Kelly & Shep (Mixed Breed) Karen is also a member of the Search and Rescue Dogs Association of Ireland .

Sinead O’Donovan & Tiggie (Pyrenean Sheepdog) Sinead is a dog trainer , a pet psychology and a certified Canine First Responder. She train also Flyball. Last year she was present at the WAO with Murph her little yorkie and first agility dog.

team Ireland

525 DIVISION Mary Dolan & Bonnie (Working Sheepdog) Mary was present at the WAO 2011 with Daena her Pyrenean Shepherd . This year she will compete with Bonni her Working Sheepdog

Sarah Glass & (Mixed Breed)


Sheila Maher & Holly (Mixed Breed)

Louise Roche & Roxy (Working Sheepdog)

Liam O’Brien & Peggy (Working Sheepdog) Last year compete with Mojo in 650 height and finished 5th in Penthatlon

650 DIVISION Mick Byrne & Molly (Mixed Breed) This will be the second WAO for Michael Byrne. Last year, with Molly, he finished in 7th place (height 650) in the Pethatlon competition.

John Ward & Stan (Lab Cross)

Derek Keegan & Red (Border Collie)

Liam O’Brien & Mojo (Border Collie) see the 525 division


team Scotland

Scotland This year the Scotthish team is capitained by Tricia Elms. Scoland is a very good team . Last year they took home 1 silver and 3 bronze medals. The Silver medal in the Individual Pentathlon (height 400), Bronze medals in the Individual Pentathlon(heinght 300) and the Individual Biathlon (height 400) , and Bronze in the Team Pentathlon. This year the team will be present with some new members that are very motivated and ready to do their best.


Tricia Elms Tricia is competing in agility since 1998. She was Scotland’s top Midi dog in 2002 and competed at Olympia in 2005 and Crufts in 2006.  Tricia currently competes with three dogs, a Standard Poodle (Silvora Stars in Her Eyes) Large Grade 3, Miniature Poodle (Sirensong Little Diva) Small Grade 7 and Miniature Poodle (Kaljazzi Reet Petite) Medium Grade 7. Jazz has 2 CCs (2008 & 2009) and one Reserve CC (2010) and has competed at Crufts every year since 2005 in various events such as the British Open, Teams and of course Championship class.  In 2008 they were part of the GB Team at the European Open in Germany. And this year were members of the Scotland team who gained Bronze in the Team Pentathlon at the WAO. Jazz & Tricia also won Bronze in the 400 Individual Biathlon and Silver in the 400 Individual Pentathlon.

team Scotland


Kerstin McDonagh Kerstin is native from Sweden , she has owned and trained dogs since she was 11 years old. She became involved in agility when she relocated from Sweden to Alnwick in Northumberland in 1989, with her Scottish husband and Border Terrier called Barry . In 2011, Kerstin and her cross Breed Frosty qualified to be members of Team Scotland at the World Agility Open and was part of the team to gain the Bronze medal in the Team Pentahlon event.

Team Treasurer

Monica Kerr Monica started agility 10 years ago Monica and Kira , her Jack Russel Terrier , were also team members of Agility Team Scotland at the WAO 2011  taking home a tenth place in the Games.

Scotland 300 DIVISION Mark Bruce & Holly (Jack Russell Terrier) He was present also last year with not so good results. He passed quietly and achieved a 5th place in Gambler and a 10th place in Snooker .

Natasha Davis & Indie (Parsons Jack Russell) Natasha is active at the T.T Dog Training School as a top class international trainer, ACAI (Kennel club approved agility instructor with 15 years experience). Natasha has herself competed at Crufts in different disciplines numerous times has the knowledge & ability to train others to the same standard and above. She also runs fun classes where you can enjoy working with your dog and improving your control without any pressure to compete.

Emma Fairweather & Pebbles (Shetland Sheepdog)  

team Scotland



Michelle Henderson & Reilly (Miniature Poodle)     Last year was present at the first WAO. She’s best results were the 4th place in the Games cat. , 4th place in the Agility run of the Biathlon.On the other hand not everyone can win .

Allan Brydon & Harvey (Miniature Poodle)       He’s a vry good handler and judge. He’s well known in England and Scotland . He has all the credentials to impress .

Dane Redford & Cassie (Mixed Breed)   Dane has been a member of DAATC club( Dundee Alsatian and Training Club)since 1990, and has quailified with numerous dogs to  compete at Crufts

Mark Bruce & Sindy (Jack Russell Terrier)  


525 DIVISION Donna Kerse & Ace (Border Collie) The last year she took home the 1st place in the Individual Pentathlon Speedstakes with Ace in the height 550 division and earned the 5th placement in the Individual Agility Pentathlon also with Ace her Border Collie. This year she will be present with 2 dogs and she will impress us more.

Lisa Duggan & (Border Collie)


Lisa was selected also last year as a Non-travelling Reserve . She and Kipcroft Tig are involved in agility for several years with so good results.

Kelly Stirling & Ceilidh (Border Collie)     Laura Innes & Kadyn (Working Sheepdog)    Lasr year was present ar teh WAO with the Scottish team and in the Biathlon (550 heaight ) finished 10th.

team Scotland

650 DIV

Alan Short & Bobby (Bearded Collie)


Alan and Help Ma Bob (Beardie) are a very good team . They know how to deal with many spectators, since they were already present at the Olympia finals .

Donna Kerse &

Jack (Border Collie)  

Donna will compete with 2 dogs one in 525 and one in 650. Read the informations about Donna on the 525 division page.



Diane Bisset & Echo (Working Sheepdog)           Another new entry in the team.     

Emma Jones & Kerri (Working Sheepdog)   

team Spain

Spain This year the Spaniards have prepared a highly respected team .As opposed from the past edition where only one representative competitor was present , this year they are well prepared with a mixture of veterans and youth. I think that they will bring home some good results.




esÚs Fernandez Crespo

Jesus is from Madrid and he’s very busy in the dog world. He’s a canine trainer and competitor major events nationally and internationally with many successes. He’s also the owner of the MiPerro10 Club and Border Collie de Sidi bu Said kennel Words by JESÚS FERNÁNDEZ CRESPO I am together with my wife the director of the dog sport center my dog 10 in madrid. ( My wife and I have 5 dogs a malinois, a mountain of the Pyrenees,and three border collies, Lisa of my wife which is also beginning to compete, Coba with which I compete and this year will representSpain in WAO and the daughter of Coba, Hera which that ending their preparation for competition. Our dogs can be seen also in Me and coba have achieved the following successes. In 2010 I won the Championship of Spain of the Collie Club. In 2011 Subchampion agility of Andalusia A BIG wins in regional trials. Qualified for the European Open 2011 in Czech Republic. Qualified for the European Open 2011 in Austria. Participnte the Border Collie Classic in 2011 Denmark.

team Spain


This year the Spanish team is definitely bigger than the last year. Last year LAURE METAIRE & PANCHO were alone...They went to see what it’s all about and seems to have brought home only positive comments. This will be your first WAO. What do you expect from this event ? I hope WAO will become gradually one of the best agility competitons in the world . It´s an event focus on agility and not taking into account the breed of the dog. A clear example of Spain’s commitment to the event is the number of participants with those who fight for the top positions in WAO. How has been chosen the team for the 2012? The qualified system in Spain is based on the highest number of clear courses in different competitions. In Spain we have the kennel and federations competitions and Wao Spain has given all of them the same chance to participate in WAO In what consist the team training in the period before the event , from March to May? Each competitor will train and compete in the previous months focus on WAO and we have recommended to focus on contacts and work motivation in the courses.


NDEZ CRESPO What are your major strengths and weaknesses? My greatest strength is competing in agility regularly and complicity with Coba (my dog​​), my weakness .... maybe nerves. This will be your first time in Belgium, or you had already visited it? I´ve been two years ago with COBA and I think that it´s one of the most beautifull city in Europe. Thanks to agility we have travelled all over Europe for competitions . Belgians are wonderfull people. What is the most beautiful thing of agility ? Empathy and complicity that is created between you and your dog,for me that chemistry is establishing the fundamentals of agility. Of course always with a motivation from the game. For me the most important thing is to play with my dog ​​and from that game introduce you to the agility. It is also crucial for me the great family that we are the agility, wherefrom year to year we are competing in different places and shareexperiences and knowledge.


team Spain

300 DIVISION Laure Metaire & Pepito (Pug)


Laure Metairie’s love affair with pugs started in 2004 in the UK and now has 5 including Pancho and Pepito Laure and the pugs started agility in 2009 in their “club agility Mitjanit Majorca” after reading that it was a way to burn young dog’s energy. Pancho and Pepito were 7 months old and too little monsters!! The first tim they jumped it was clear that they really enjoyed agility but Pancho was the little genius of the bunch. Since day Pancho has won many podiums in the Balearic and national league in the category mini/medium, finish 3rd at the Spanish cup team event in 2010, won the Balearic cup in 2010 and 2011, won the national and Balearic league in 2011 and represented Spain at WAO 2011. Pancho is a very athletic pug and he is often c the “Black machine”. Pepito has a few podiums under his belt and finished second at the Balearic cup in 201 he is a small pug and may not be the fastest but he is always reliable and doesn’t make mistakes. Their motto “PUGS RULE”!! However, she did a good impression last year in the top 20. This year she has much more experience and I think she’ll do much better. In addition she comes with two dogs one in 300 division and the other in 400 division.

Carlos Souto Tobío & Hachi (Shetland Sheepdog)       Carlos is a dog trainer at the TEOCAN´S CLUB. Hachiko is a shetland sheepdog 3 years of age. He has had more luck than his “brother” Indi. Hachico not compete until 18 months but the practice agility from puppyhood. Hachico not have international experience and will debut in the competition in the WAO. His career has been very successful, at the national level he has participated in many events in which he has achieved great results. Small but sure is a dog of degree two. We are convinced that in the WAO, will record their knowledge and do better.  

Maria José Gutierrez Vazquez & Uxia (Bichon-Maltese Cross)     


400 DIVISION Laure Metaire & Pancho (Pug)         

o. good me e that hed

See the informations about Laure on the 300 division page

called 11, o is

Julio Freire Nogueira

& Peka (Border Collie)   


Julio is the Founder and Manager of the Patas Agility Club. Peka is a 3 years old female Border Collie. Julio is the Finalist idividual and Midi teams in Austria EO 2011. Finalist in the IAF England. All in the League Champion Iberian 2011. Finalist in the Championship of Spain 2011, team and individual. Winner of multiple tests in Grade I and II seasons 2009 and 2010.


team Spain

525 DIV Felix Fernandez Traseira & Uka (Border Collie)       Felix is from Lugo .In agility since the 2007 , dog trainer at the Agility Club Agimei. A great representative of the  positive education and clicker.   

Carlos Souto Tobío & Indi (Border Collie)    Indi is a border collie that we adopted with only one year, her story is a bit cruelly because it was an abused puppy, it’s former owner,Indi was always bound, underfed, poorly maintained and beat. At first when someone approached it got its tail between its legsand and hid. From that came to our house and being very small and pointedmanners. For about three years is practicing agility with very good results. At 18 months debuted in the agility world, and gradually up to the top. Today is 4 years old and it is a dog of grade three. The WAO is his first international, and we are confident that we will not disappoint.


VISION Julio Freire Nogueira & Chika (Border Collie)    

Jorge Ramos Salinas & Jack (Border Collie) Jack (Brian Shepherds of Viana) is a Border Collie 4 years old. Jack started in agility with one year as an amateur. It was two years ago when he began training for competition,  with ascending and progressive results regularly up to the podium of our Iberian Agility League. Jorge is a member of the AGILITY CLUB MONTEGATTO from A Coruña

Bruno Otero Romero & (Border Collie)



Female Border Collie 3 years old. Despite his disability (deafness), practice agiliy. Get in 2011 to qualify for the WAO 2012.

team Spain

650 DIV


Jesús Fernández Crespo & Coba (Border Collie)   

Jesus is from Madrid and he’s very busy in the dog world. He’s a canine trainer and competitor major events nationally and internationally with many successes. He’s also the owner of the MiPerro10 Club and Border Collie de Sidi bu Said kennel

Francisco Sobral Crespo & Dux (Border Collie)     Dux is a 4 years old male Border Collie. Francisco is the Finalist in the EO standard single Austria 2011. IberScan Racing Team in Austria EO 2011. Finalist in the Championship of Spain 2011 team and individual. UCA Cup finalist in 2010. Winner of several tests in Grade I and II seasons 2008, 2009 and 2010. 

Bruno Otero Romero & Meiga (Golden Retriever)     (Golden rettriewer female 5 years old) Start at the agility in mid-2009 at the age of two and a half years. at its first year of competition got up to grade II and become 4th in the league UCA. by Champion teams in the final of the Taca G.A.P. (Portugal) and 2 individual competition in other breeds. UCA Cup finalist in 2010. 9th place in the Iberian League 2011.



g r

Marie JosÉ Triquet & Anya (Belgian Tervuren) Marie josé Triquet started agility and obedience classes in Belgium with her Bichon Maltese “Plume”. When she moved to Majorca, a friend of hers gave her a female Belgium shepherd Tervueren called Anya. In 2007 Marie Jo started agility in her new agility club Mitjanit with Plume and Anya who was 2 years old. Among many podiums in the Balearic league and Spanish national league in the category Large, the pair finished 3rd in the Spanish cup team event in 2010 and second at the national league in 2011. They may not be the fastest but you can always count on them for clear rounds.

Isabel Comesaña Fernandez & Osa (Belgian Tervuren)


Osa is an Belgian shepherd female , begins to practice Agility in late 2007 (approx) debuting in 2009. In a weekend get points for grade. Not compete again until 2010. Champion in the Team Final at the Taca GAP (Portugal) l. UCA Cup finalist in 2010.

team Sweden



Eva Marie Wergård In 2002 Eva Marie got interested in agility and have during these ten years participated in five Swedish championships together with her papillon Piraya, 9 years old, who comes from her own kennel Whispering Valley ( Together they have won an individual bronze medal as well as a team silver medal with the team PapilLONE’s STARS, the same team as Lena &Lycka. Piraya has champion titles in the Nordic countries and has also a silver medal from the Norwegian Open 2011. Eva Marie will also bring her younger border collie Ozelot, 4 years old, to the W.A.O. Eva Marie and her dog’s strengths are their positive attitude and fierce will.


Margareta EkstrÖm

team Sweden

Eva Marie This will be your first WAO . Tell us in what consist your role? Who will be behind you? I will both competitor as well as manager on the paper. However, we are a small familiar team so all members have contribute with something that they are good at doing. I would say that the whole Swedish team is the manager and are beside each other. What do you expect from this event ? I expect an agility feast with enjoyable runs and a lot of inpiration for future agility. How has been chosen the team for the 2012? We used the Swedish’s »best dog of the year-list«. In what consist the team training in the period before the event , from March to May? We have had one team training where we trained indoors. Except for that we have trained individually, we all live in different areas in Sweden. We have also had a close contact and discussed a lot at competitions we have attended.

“I love to run with my dogs!”


e Wergård How often do you train? You separate the physical training of technicians? I train a couple of days a week. Except for pure agility training three-four days a week , where I have seperated course and technical training, I also do some cani cross training with my dogs – both running and biking – as well as other physical training off track in the Swedish woods and herding. What are the most memorable competitions that you have entered? I would say the Norwegian Open last year. It was a great agility competition I would recomed everyone to visit if possible. Great ground material (synthetic grass), big hall with great space and very happy norwegian people. And, Piraya and I ended second, which of course made the weekend even more worthwhile.

team Sweden

Eva Marie Wergürd How was your first international competition? It was fun, huge and inspiring. What is the worst part of agility? Are there any worst parts? What is the best thing about agility? The joy and speed – I love to run with my dogs!

“We train to become faster, technical better and more solid in our runs for every year, our aspiration is to always be on the edge – the closer we are the edge, the faster we run” This will be your first time in Belgium, or you had already visited it? No, it will be my fist visit and it will be great fun to go there. The best thing is that my dog, Piraya, has a grand son (Twister) in Belgium, and he and his owner will course come and cheer us during the competition. That will be great fun. What are your goals and aspirations for the next years? Our goals are to do our very best and really enjoy every second on the course, and hope that those seconds will be very few and that the runs will be very clear. We train to become faster, technical better and more solid in our runs for every year, our aspiration is to always be on the edge – the closer we are the edge, the faster we run.


team Sweden

300 DIVISION Eva Marie Wergård & Piraya (Papillon) see the coach /manager page

Lena Riedel & Lycka (Papillon) Lena started with agility already 1987, that means 25 years of agility, and is the one in the Swedish team that has been doing agility the longest. She started her agility career with a longhaired collie and has through the years competed with a lot of different breeds. She has made four of her own dogs to champions in the different Nordic countries and has participated in the Swedish championships for more than 20 times and has won a couple of individual medals as well as a couple of team medals. With her papillonLycka, 8 years old and from her mothers kennel Cutlass (, which she will compete with at W.A.O., she won silver 2009 together with the team PapilLONE’s STARs. Lena and Lycka’s strength is to deliver their very best agility under pressure.


400 DIVISION Anna Käll & Vira (Parson Russell Terrier) To find informations about Anna see the 525 division

Jonas Erlandsson &


(German Hunting Terrier) Five years ago (2007) Jonas began training agility with his german shorthaired pointers Wasabi, now 9 years old, and Goblin, now 6 years old. Together they have participated in three Swedish championships and will now participate in the W.A.O. With him to the W.A.O. Jonas also has his 2 year young german hunting terrier Sajko, which has a really dangerous speed on the agility field, though she is so young. Jonas and his both dogs best strength is that they always give 100% and if they catch the turns, few can beat their speed. Second place is the first looser.

Maria Melakari & Issi (Shetland Sheepdog) Maria is the Swedish team’s most merited handler. She has since she started with agility 1991 participated ten times in the Swedish National Team with four different shelties, where she has a bronze medal with the Swedish team (2001) and individual a 6th respective 9th place. At the Nordic championships she has won one individual gold medal, a couple of silver and bronze medals with both the Swedish team as well as in the individual competitions with different dogs. In the Swedish championships she and her dogs have countless of gold, silver and bronze medals, both individually and team. Of course, she also has several championship titles from all the different Nordic countries with all of her dogs. Maria has her own kennel, where she breed shelties – Brainpool’s (www.brainpools. se/). Maria will participate in the W.A.O. with her new talent and own breeding Issa, and W.A.O. will be Issa’s first big international competition. Their strength lies in Marias experience and Issa’s natural talent for agility!

team Sweden

525 DIVISION Eva Marie Wergård & Ozelot (Border Collie) see the coach /manager page

Anna Käll & Chilli (Border Collie) Anna started out agility the hard way with a maniac parson russell terrier (Tilda) 2002 that she managedtoqualifyto the Swedish agility team 2006-2008 and entered FCI agility WC in Hamar, Norway 2007 and Helsinki, Finland 2008. Despite trying to eat up the interior before starting, she got fourth place at the FCI agility WC in Helsinki 2008. Tilda is now retired from agility because of a tow injury. Anna got her second Parson Russell Terrier, Vira, 2005 that she now competes with from Tilda’s first litter, Anna’s own kennel Goodgirl ( Anna loves the stubborn and crazy terriers that can be a real challenge to convince, quite like herself, but she also wanted the challenge to try and experience a larger dog. She started to co-train and compete with her friends (Fredrika Jonasson) BC Chilli 2010 to see how far they could get and they are making great progress. At home there is now an own bred grand child of parson Tilda 6 months old and a border collie at age 3 thatalso loves herding. Vira and Chilliare the two dogs that she will enter the W.A.O, with and though Chilli is a small Large dog in FCI/Sweden it will be interesting to see how she can compete in a smaller Large class at the W.A.O. Vira is a FCI/ Sweden small dog and might get a hard time with the higher hurdles in the W.A.O. medium class but they are all looking forward to a great challange.

650 DIVISION Fredrika Jonasson & Hippie (Border Collie) Fredrika started training agility 2004 with her bearded collie Wilma. A couple of years later she got her border collie Chilli, which will start at the W.A.O. with the handler Anna Käll (see below). With these two dogs Fredrika has participated in one Swedish championship, competing in the same team. To this year W.A.O. Fredrika is bringing her 3 years young border collie Hippie. This team’s strength is their very good contact fields, which is 100% all the time.


team Sweden

650 DIV


Jonas Erlan

(German Sh

To find informations

Katarina Holmér & Fiona (Belgian Tervueren) Katarina and Fiona, 7 years old tervueren, started their agility training 2007 and have been living in Spain during their first years of competing. This means they instead have attended the Spanish championships, which they have done three times. As best results they have a bronze medal from 2011. They have also participated in the European Open two times, ending 13th place 2009, and one time at the International AF, ending 8th place 2010. Fiona’s strength is her initiative talent to know what to do before Katarina knows, she really follows Katarina’s every move. It ain’t over til it’s over.


ndsson & Goblin

horthaired Pointer)

s about Jonas see the 400 division

Anna K채ll & Colin (Border Collie) To find informations about Anna see the 525 division

summary team USA


Last year the United States was the country that returned home with more medals of all. 10 medals of which 5 gold 4 silver and 1 silver. The Coach was Tracy Sklenar . Sandy Rogers was her assistent coach. The best results were 2nd placement in the TEAM AGILITY PENTATHLON category. The Individual results were : 2 GOLD Medals for Daneen Fox & Masher (height 300) Pentathlon Speedstakes & Agility Biathlon , Jennifer Crank GOLD with Blaste (height 400) in Agility Biathlon and SILVER Games (2nd in Snooker and 5th in Gamblers). Rosanne Demascio & Drifter were GOLD in Agility Biathlon (height 550), Ivette White & Zip (height 300) GOLD Games Combined (1st snooker , 8th Gamblers) , Jeannette Hutchison & Rumble (height 550) GOLD Games Combined (1st snooker, 1st Gamblers) , Karen Holik & Sizzle (height 400 ) GOLD Individual Agility Pentathlon , Dudley Fontaine & Sweet (height 550) SILVER Individual Agility Pentathlon ,Linda Mecklenburg &Wonder (height 650) BRONZE Individual Agility Pentathlon.

USA WAO team 2011


Tracy Sklenar Tracy is involved in agiltiy for more then 10 years . She’s the trainign director at the Leader of the Pack ( in central New York State and is a longtime instructor at Susan Garrett’s Say Yes! Dog Training ( in Ontario, Canada. Tracy has competed successfully in agility with a variety of dogs of shapes, sizes and temperaments. today she’s the owner of 5 dogs: 2 Dalmatians , a Rat Terrier and 2 mixed breeds . Tracy uses positive reinforcement, games and shaping to build brilliant behaviors in the dogs while teaching the handlers to be consistent and positive in their handling and dog training. She was the Coach/Manager for the US team last year for the World Agility Open in May 2011 in the United Kingdom - and the team was truly the Dream Team of American agility!She served as the Manager for Team Canada at the IFCS World Agility Championships in the U.K. in May, 2010, reprising her role from the 2008 event in Belgium.  Both the 2010 and 2008 teams were very successful, ranking high in the Individual medal count and bringing home the Bronze overall in the Team event. Local and national level students have achieved great success with a variety of breeds, including championship titles, national finals appearances, top five finishes in their breed, and more! Last year the they have took home some excellent results  with Trecy as Coach. This year they will do even better!

team USA



This will be your second WAO as a Coach with the collaboration of Sandy Rogers . Tell us in what consist your role?

Greg Fontaine is also an important member of our management team! We handle everything that the teams needs so they can focus on their runs during the event. This includes everything from helping with travel arrangements, raising funds to pay for the trip, arranging uniforms to sending out drills for practice, researching judges, deciding which dogs run in which events, etc. At the event itself, we have a dual role: to handle whatever details arise so the team members can focus on their dogs, and to help as needed with course decisions. The last year you were the strongest team, you were almost on every podium. This year there are new members, one of their is Daisy Peel, seems that this year you will win in all categories? Thank you for the kind words, I was incredibly proud to be part of the 2011 team! We have many returning team members, and many excellent and experienced new team members. Part of our preparation for the 2012 event is that we don’t worry about wins or medals... we prepare ourselves for the challenges we expect to see on course, we prepare our dogs to be fit and ready for these challenges, and we prepare our mental focus so we can achieve our goals on course and work with maximum teamwork with our dogs. We look forward to making our country proud!


“The best part of the 2011 team for me was the unique and supportive overall team spirit” How the team train in the period before the event , from March to May? The USA team is spread out over many thousands of miles across the continent, so most of our training is done online. I have sent the team drills and courses, and team members have also contributed by submitted courses and drills. In March and April, however, team members will be meeting in groups to train together – we will have group practices in different parts of the country: California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, to name a few. Which is the first memory that comes to your mind remembering the 2011 edition? The best part of the 2011 team for me was the unique and supportive overall team spirit. Everyone on the team was focused and supported each other, sharing goals and creating a great team spirit. This was reflected in our results – every member of the team earned a placement in at least one class, with many members earning overall medals in the events.


team USA You have experience with many different breeds .The strange thing is that you do not have Border Collies at all! You are the demonstration that the difference is made also by the owner, isn’t it? I think that Border Collies bring a special combination of work “ethic”, drive, and athletic ability that make them very well suited for excellence in agility. However, the owners have to train and handle these dogs, so simply getting a Border Collie does not guarantee a place at the top of the podium! Excellence in agility can be achieved with a variety of breeds, however, and the difference is in the training and handling by the owner. Also, there is much to be learned from other breeds of dogs – I consider my Dalmatians to be my best “teachers”. I actually have 2 Border Collie mixes – a 6 year old Border Collie/Jack Russell Terrier cross, and a 3 year old Border Collie/Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. The 3 year old cross, Matrix, is very much like a Border Collie in many ways but is just under 40cm tall, and my 6 year old cross, Export, has done some sheep-herding!

What are your major strengths and weaknesses? My strengths are my love of dog training, problem solving and love of playing with dogs in general. I also really enjoy working with people, especially with teams – I enjoy working through training issues or deciding on handling to help other people do their best in competition! My major weakness as a handler is my short height and my love of food... if I was taller and smaller in the waist-line, I would be faster and more able to stay ahead of my very fast young dogs :)

“My strengths are my love of dog training, problem solving and love of playing with dogs in general” Who or what had the greatest influence on your life? Professionally, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest positive dog trainers and handlers in the world. They have had a tremendous influence in the path my life has taken. Also, my local students here in New York have had tremendous influence by giving me feedback on our training and allowing me to work with their dogs regularly over the years. Personally, my family has been incredibly supportive throughout my life, which has allowed me to pursue some dreams that might have otherwise been out of reach.


The favorite toys of your dogs? My 3 year old dog, Matrix, considers me to be her favorite toy, but she also likes anything that she can tug on. My 6 year old dog, Export, adores the Kong Wubba, the Egg and the Cuz Ball. My other dogs love stuffed toys.

This will be your first time in Belgium, or you had already visited it? I was in Belgium in 2008 as the Coach/Manager for the Canadian IFCS team. Belgium is a lovely country and I am very excited to be returning in 2012! What do you expect from this event ? I expect an even higher level of competition from all the returning teams as well as the new teams. I also expect the event itself to be even better than 2011, which will be great as the 2011 event was impressive! See you in Belgium!

Tracy and Greg at the WAO 2011

team USA


Greg Fontaine Greg have a lot of years of experience .Greg and his Labrador Retriever Ivan were USDAA Grand Prix National Finalists in 2000 & 2001. Ivan was the top AKC agility Labrador Retriever for 2001 & 2003. They were invited to compete at the 2002 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. Ivan has earned his AKC Master Agility Champion and USDAA Agility Dog Champion titles. Greg and his BC Maverick won the 2007 USDAA . Greg is a highly respected person which occupies a very important role.


Sandy Rogers & Quill (JRT) Sandy Rogers is the founder of ACE Dog Sports in San Francisco. ACE (Agility Canine Education) offers private instruction, group classes, workshops, seminars and lectures for all types of dogs and their people.  Sandy and the staff at ACE have enjoyed training people to handle their dogs to a variety of goals since 1993. She is proud to be associated with the Power Paws and Clean Run Agility Camps; she has managed the events eight times to date.  Sandy’s philosophy in training is that the relationship between the dog and handler comes first. Sandy loves to compete with her dogs and is very proud that her agility champions are in three different height categories; 12, 16 and 22-inch and on three different breeds. 


300 DIVISION Ivette White & Zip (JRT) Ivette White and her Jack Russel Terrier Zip earns 2 Silver Medals at the World Agility Open Championships 2011. This year she’s ready to do a better job. Words by Ivette: My drills will help sharpen your handling skills without a lot of space and a lot of equipment. These are exercises I practice in my own yard to tune up my dogs and myself to get us ready for competition. I like to incorporate Snooker and Gambler skills in my most of my exercises, as these skills always need tuning up. These drills include international style challenges such as threadles, pushes, pulls and back sides. I also have included repetitive fronts, distance work and getting your dog to turn away from you. These drills will also help you work on being where you need to be to handle the next challenge and adding speed to challenges in a small area. Most of these drills can be handled in various ways, I encourage everyone to try these in different ways, try things out of your comfort zone. This is the only way to take your handling to the next level and who knows, you may have fun in the process! Happy Training!!

team USA

300 DIVISION Monique Plinque & Tiki (Papillon) Monique Plinck has enjoyed competitive agilty for over 15 years. Her teammate, Papillon named Tiki, had a fantastic year in 2011 at the age of 4! In Tiki’s short three years of competing Tik has earned: 2011 USDAA 12” Spring Festival winner 2011 USDAA Grand Prix Finalist 2011Steeplechase finalist 2012 USA WAO team member!

Mike Padgett & Kona (Shetland Sheepdog) Kona is a 4 ½ year old Sheltie from South Carolina. She likes long walks through the woods, sitting in her mommy’s lap, playing agility and food. She really likes food. Her dog pals call her Skunk Dog, probably due to her size and color, not so much the smell. Originally from Indiana, Kona moved to South Carolina to enjoy the warm winters, year ‘round agility and the food. Banana puddin’ is her favorite. She has been known to get seriously “puddin’ faced” at local agility trials. The 2012 WAO will be Kona’s first major trip outside of the US. Someone told her that they have great waffles in Belgium. She is very excited.

400 DIVISION Anne Kajava & Manja (Shetland Sheepdog) Anne has a really unusual carrier behind. She has a Master’s Degree in International Policy Studies and lived and worked in Japan for over 10 years. In 2001, she left a lucrative career in international marketing and business development in the high-tech industry in order to pursue her passion of working with dogs. She instructed at Power Paws Agility for 3 years, renown as one of the most premier agility training centers in US and abroad, before going on to teach independently and form Jump’n Java Agility. Anne’s teaching style following a clearly defined and consistent system of handling ,Providing high rates of reinforcement (for both dogs & people); and includes a lot of patience and humor.

team USA

400 DIV Jenn Crank & Blaster (Shetland Sheepdog) & Salsa (Shetland Sheepdog) Jennifer Crank is the owner and founder of IncrediPAWS Dog Training in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Jenn began training and showing dogs at the age of five. At seven, she earned her first agility title with the family sheltie. In 1993 Jenn got her first sheltie Skittles, and earned her first MACH. All of Jenn’s dogs hold numerous titles. The last year has already proven to be very strong with the 1st place in the Agility Biathlon (height 400) ,2nd place in the Games. This year will be even harder to beat .

Delaney Ratner (Schnauzer)

& Jonesy

A young talent from the USA. She’s in agility since she was 6 years old. Delaney and her Schnauzer are the team to beat.

VISION Nancy Kleinhans & Jimmy Dean (Shetland Sheepdog) Always a top contender in AKC and USDAA agility Nancy has done well in International as well as National competition. Nancy and Joni are the first team to compete for both the USA at AKC and USDAA Worlds where Joni placed 3rd all around. They have placed at AKC Nationals in multiple years and had the privilege to compete in USDAA Nationals Grand Prix 7 times. In 2007, Nancy and Jimmy Dean placed 2nd in the Steeplechase finals and 5th in Grand Prix finals. She also placed 7th with Joni. Nancy has conducted seminars all over the US. Nancy currently instructs at Pals and Paws Agility Club in Jacksonville, FL. Nancy’s clear, concise teaching style will insure you come away with many new techniques and exercises to improve your game and you’ll have fun to boot!


team USA

525 DIV Jeannette Hutchison & Rumble (Border Collie) Jeannette Hutchison has been involved in agility since 1990 and owns and operates CDOGRUNAGILITY.COM. She believes in creating a great relationship with your canine companion and taking the time to build a strong foundation, teaching attention, reliable obedience, handling, socialization, independent obstacle performance, jumping skills with extension and collection, and being consistent in what you expect and except. She understands the relationship that behavioral and obedience problems have in the agility ring. She has been very successful in helping teams overcome issues which have lead to their success. Last year Jeannette and Rumble collects a gold medal in the Games (height 550) , 6th place in Bithalon Jumping (height 550).

Rosanne Demascio & Kiba (Border Collie) Rosanne has been training dogs in agility since 1992, starting with aflat-coated retriever who acheived her ADCH and made the USDAA Finals twice. Since then she has run border collies, acheiving 3 more ADCH titles (Freeze, Drifter and Kiba) and has been Top Ten multiple times. At the World Agility Open (WAO) she earned a gold with Drifter in the Agility Biathlon (height 550) and silver medal in Gamblers (Games).

VISION Maureen “Moe” Strenfel & Kyna (Border Collie) & Kindle (Border Collie) Moe started her own business, Momentum Dog Sports in 2006 after teaching for Power Paws Agility for over five years. She continues to teach for Power Paws as she grows her own business. Moe contributes her success to having two of the greatest agility mentors: Nancy Gyes and Jim Basic. A native of California, Maureen has over 17 years experience in teaching and counseling dog and cat owners about general pet training and behavior problems. She was the behaviorist for the Humane Society Silicon Valley for over 12 years before starting Momentum Dog Sports. She was sought after by local media, utility companies and other animal organizations for her expertise. She is the author of thebest selling DVD “The Road to a Perfect Partnership, Foundation Training for Agility”. She is currently being trained by four border collies and one border cat named “Nan”. For more information about Moe and her dogs, visit her website: This will be the first time for Moe at a WAO competition.


team USA

525 DIV Vanessa Mortarino & Habit (Border Collie)

Mary Ellen Barry & E-Z (Border Collie) & Maizy (Border Collie) Mary Ellen has been involved in dog training for 15 years.  She’s earned an ADCH with 4 border collies, Zoe, Fizz, E-Z and Maizy.  Fizz and Maizy both earned their ADCH before the age of 3.  Fizz and Mary Ellen represented the USA at the 2006 IFCS World Championships in the Netherlands where they earned 6 placements including 3 Gold Medals.  They represented the USA again at the 2008 IFCS World Championships in Belgium.  She’s currently competing with Fizz, E-Z and Maizy.


VISION Elicia Calhoun & BreeSea (Border Collie) Elicia Calhoun is a top National and International Trainer, National Champion and World Champion, Lecturer, Professional Agility Instructor, and Author. As a World Champion Team member in 2001 and Bronze Medal Team member in 2003, Elicia has represented the United States for an unprecedented five consecutive years with the same dog, Suni. She and her Aussie, Suni, MACH 5 Slydrock’s Solar Power ADCH, also have the top individual Maxi dog placement at the World Championships, and are nationally recognized icons, having been featured competing at large televised events on Animal Planet (AKC and USDAA National Championship) and ESPN (Great Outdoor Games) numerous times since 1998.

Dudley Fontaine & Sweet (Border Collie) Dudley Is Greg’s wife . She’s also very good in agility. Last year in England She achieved a silver medal. in the Individual Agility Pentathlon (height 550) . ..see the 650 division

team USA

650 DIV

Linda Mecklen

Linda Mecklenburg is int has represented the USA FCI Agility World Cham for the USDAA. Linda h Agility World Champion competition on 3 occasio multiple competitive form Invitational, USDAA Wo more. Linda Mecklenburg the USA. She and her stu agility at her Awesome Pa leading a popular discussi Teams, is the most compr two dvds that supplement

Last year at the WAO she



nburg & Wonder (Border Collie)

ternationally recognized as one of the leaders of the sport of dog agility. She in international competition on 12 occasions, competing 10 times at the mpionships and once at Crufts for the AKC, and twice at the World Cup has earned both gold and silver medals in the Team competition at the FCI nships. In addition, she has placed in the top ten overall in the Individual ons with two different dogs. Linda has been successful with multiple dogs in mats including the AKC Nationals, AKC World Team Tryouts, AKC Agility orld Championships, the USDAA National DAM Team Tournament and g is one of the most accomplished dog agility trainers and instructors in udents have achieved the highest levels of success in the sport. Linda teaches aws facility in Mt Gilead Ohio in addition to instructing online classes and ion forum. Her book, Developing Handling Skills for Awesome Agility rehensive book on agility handling available today and she recently released nt the book. For more information visit

e earned a bronze medal in the Individual Agility Pentathlon (height 650).

Dudley Fontaine & Maverick (Border Collie) Dudley , Greg’s wife , very good in agility. Last year in England achieved a silver medal in the Individual Agility Pentathlon (height 550) . Good handler , amazing dogs and fantastic people behind , she will impress this year!

team USA

650 DIV

Ann Zarr & Skylar (Border Collie) Ann Zarr is a retired registered nurse who lives in Leawood, Kansas with her husband Jim. Ann and Jim are parents of Emily, Erin, and Elyse (ages 24, 22, and 20, respectively) who aren’t into agility themselves but who enjoy caring for and loving the family dogs, 16-year-old Toto, 13-year-old Ringo, seven-year-old Skylar, and fivemonth-old Bizi. When not doing agility, Ann enjoys photography, gardening, and “being a mom.”

Mary Dougherty & Trek (Border Collie) Mary Dougherty resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mary began agility in Alaska 11 years ago. Maryʼs first agility dogs in Alaska were three Bouviers and a rescue Border Collie. Mary now competes with her Border Collie, Trek, and Belgian Tervuren, Jade. Trek has earned two High in Trial honors at the Rose City Classic agility trial, a two time Grand Prix Regional Champion and Regional Steeplechase Champion and has competed for a team spot with AKC, USDAA, and WAO.

VISION Terry Smorch & Presto (Border Collie) Terry Smorch has been actively involved in dog agility since 1993 and is an AKC and USDAA agility judge. Terry started in agility with Keeshonden, handling them to numerous titles in AKC, USDAA and NADAC. Ramsey and Terry placed second in the 20” class in the first AKC National Agility Championship in 1996. AKC Breed Champion MACH2 Pixie and Terry followed with 3 consecutive AKC National Agility Championships in 1997, 1998 and 1999.  Ramsey and Pixie were the first Keeshonden to earn the USDAA ADCH title which they both did jumping 24”. Last year his best results was the 6th place on the Agility run of the Biathlon (height 650) competition and a final 6th place in the same competition.

team USA

650 DIV

Daisy Peel & Solar

Daisy is already well known around spent a lot of time trying to improve results that Daisy and Solar  achieve Germany 2010 6th place overall in I the Crufts in the International Agil place Agility , 3rd place Jumpers , 2n She’s very determined and talented

Lori Michaels &

Lori Michaels has been involved honors in the 4-H Dog program title in the early ‘90’s and compe attention to training assistance d Service Dog program, she imple highly skilled partners for peopl Assistance Dogs International se Last year she placed 3rd in the In

Stacy Goudy & Maze (B

Stacy Peardot-Goudy has been teaching, compe when she was bitten by the “bug” while compet her agility career competing with Jazz in NCDA while at the same time teaching agility. When U in that venue as well, soon after becoming a US competed and judged as well. Stacy’s first Borde of the sport of agility and accomplished many fi World Team Member , 2 time US World team c Champion , National Finalist 15 years in a row A handler to keep an eye on !


r (Border Collie)

d the world . She has reached very relevant goals in agility. She e the handling skills and mental management skills. Some ed in Europe are: at the FCI Agility World Championship in Individual Competition, and 3rd in Individual Large Agility. At lity Spotlight, and finished with the best USA finish to date: 1st nd place Final Round ! handler , almost an awkward figure for the others.

Solei (Border Collie)

d in the “dog world” since 1983. After earning national m, becoming the first 4-H member to earn an NCDA agility eting in AKC and UKC obedience trials, she focused her dogs at Kansas Specialty Dog Service. As coordinator of the emented new positive training protocols to help shape more le with disabilities. She was active on several committees of etting the standards and ethics of placing assistance dogs. Individual Agility Pentathlon (height 650).

Border Collie)

eting, and generally living dog agility since 1989 ting in obedience with her Boxer “Jazz”. Stacy began A agility. She soon began to judge for that venue USDAA came onto the scene she began competing SDAA judge. Then came NADAC where she er Collies “Jack” and “Secret” are 2 of the pioneers firsts. First IFCS Agility World Champion , 4 time coach , 7 time National Champion , 5 time Regional with multiple dogs.


team USA

Lori Michaels

You were a member of the USA Team at the FCI Agility World Championship.This will be your first World Agility Open.  What do you expect from this event ? After a friend competed at the WAO last year and told me how impressed she was with the event, I am looking forward to the experience! I know it will be a completly different atmosphere from the FCI Agility World Championship- just as intense, but a little more intimate. I appreciate the structure of the WAO and how it is truly designed for the dogs and competitors by being held at a beautiful facility and on a surface where I don’t have to be concerend about my dog’s safety. I also appreciate having more runs and medal opportunities since I only ran in the team competition at previous FCI events. Also, I competed at the FCI Agility World Championships with my Sheltie, Skye and this will be my first international competition with my young border collie, so that will be a change for me running in a different jump height. Tell us on what is based  your workout / agility training. Does it changes  before a big event ? We are just coming off of having some down-time in trialing and training while I moved to a new city, so we are really starting to get busy prepping for the WAO. I have been reviewing video to find areas we need to improve. In training sessions, we work both short sequences focusing on specific skills as well as running very long courses with challenge upon challenge. At local trials, my goal will be employing handling skills that I may have to use on the more difficult, international courses and we are pushing ourselves in every run to increase our speed.


“I have been reviewing video to find areas we need to improve” What are your major strengths and weaknesses? I am fortunate that Solei is such a mature dog for her age (she will just be 3 in June) and takes her job very seriously. Even as a puppy, she was an old soul! The confidence I have in our teamwork, I think, is our biggest strength. Solei is incredibly athletic and sensible, which makes my job much easier as a handler. Our main weakness is the fact we aren’t as seasoned a team as many of the other competitors. Solei’s first trial was just over a year ago and we have only attended two major competitions (USDAA Nationals and the US Open). That said, the energized atmosphere of those big competitions doesn’t really affect her performance much, but it is still a weakness not to have a larger number of those events under our belts going into the WAO. The only other thing I would truly consider a weakness is that Solei is the first dog I have taught a running dogwalk. It is still a work in progress, learning to handle all the different scenarios we will come across and recognizing aspects we need to improve (turns!). Also, since the dogwalk we will see at the WAO is taller than those in the USA, that will be a new training aspect and something we will have to overcome. I have been training both a running and stopped performance for those times I absolutely need her to turn tightly.


team USA

USA This will be your first time in Belgium, or you had already visited it? This will be our first time in Belgium! Switzerland, France, Germany and Norway are the extent of the contries I have vistied in Europe. I wish I could take more time for sight-seeing and taking in everything that Belgium is known for, however I will be sure to sample some chocolate while I am there! What are your goals and aspirations for the next years? I have quite the list of aspirations, but since Solei is so young, I do not want to put too much pressure on ourselves to reach those lofty goals immediately. We will be trying out for the FCI team just a few weeks before our trip to Belgium, but I am mainly going to use the experience as preparation for the WAO. I really do hope to go to a variety of international competitions with Solei and experience how unique each of those events are. To me, it is about enjoying the journey with my dog and we still have lots of time together to make those things happen!

team Venezuela


Omar Davila

uela 525 DIVISION JosĂŠ Manuel Davila Rosales & Taita (Border Collie) This year will be the 2nd year for the Venezuela and for Jose and Taita. Last year they did a very nice run and placed 6th in Biathlon (height 550). This year maybe will be better...

team Wales


Barrie James


Barrie Jame team Wales

This will be your second WAO as a Team Manager/Coach . Tell us in what consist your role? Who will be behind you?

My role consists of many things, the main role is organising the selection day and picking the squad (the hardest part) and making sure the team are prepared for the event. One win on spot was automatic from the selection day and all others places were chosen based on a number of criteria, these include performance in the 5 classes on the tryout day, previous dog and handler experience - a matrix completed by the handler to show achievements at similar level of competition. Also with Wales being relatively small compared to some of the countries, I regularly judge/train and compete against many of the entrants so I have a background of many of the partnerships. I also have an Assistant Manager: Sarah Evans, who was competing on the team last year and has also represented Great Britain along with other team members so lots of exerience on the team. Sarah has been great, there to assist, discuss and involved in many decisions and co-ordinate they way forward for us. Hopefully as this is my second year in this role, I believe and hope that Team Wales are behind me too. In what consist the team training in the period before the event , from March to May? I believe that the team chosen - deserve and worked hard to get there spot on the squad. With this in mind, I was aware that i did’nt want to interfere with handlers ways of working their dogs and therefore wanted, to be on hand if they needed me but not try to change them. Many of the team regularly train together so only one official scheduled team practise day has been organised, when we can run through sequences and exercises and also try out some courses used by this year’s judges. This will be attended by all of the team. Last year the Welsh team did some excellent results. Which is the first thing that comes to your mind remembering the 2011 edition? Leading my team at the opening ceremony made me feel very proud indeed but watching each member run every course, also gave me a great sense of achievement, whether clear or not. The icing on the cake however was each medal ceremony time, (trying to keep up with the medalist as we took the lap of honour to the podium! see pic) and hearing the Welsh national anthem and support from other countries. For such a small country and being represented as Wales and not Great Britain, I feel we also did great and putb us on the map, Mark Douglas and Ruby gained a gold and silver medal, and Tracey Bennett and Derek Osborne both winning a bronze medal each. Also other fab runs from all the team made me so proud.

es What are the most memorable competitions that you have entered? Each time I compete with my dogs, I feel a great sense of achievement, having only rescue dogs at the moment, I do feel working with them is a bonus. Qualifying and competing at Crufts with different dogs, different year’s and gaining podium places also hold fond memories but the buzz and adrenalin of Olympia is my favourite. In addition, I have gained numerous podium places at the International Kennel Club Festival with many dogs in the small, medium and large categories which is also a great feeling and picking up some fabulous crystal both in individual events and Nations Cup classes.

What is the secret to being able to stay focused during a high level competition? I don’t really suffer from nerves or loss of focus at competition but feel I work harder under pressure. With my own dogs, I compete knowing that I have deserved my place at the event and try to run like I have trained, If it does’nt work, so be it, I obvioulsy have’nt trained it good enough. I think I am more nervous watching my team or students competing in qualifiers and finals but don’t tell them that. Do you remember your first competition? Yes, over 21 year’s ago with my rescue crossbreed Smartie, we gained a 7th place out of over 200 dogs and since then I have been hooked.


team Wales

“I don’t really suffer from nerves or loss of focus at competition but feel I work harder under pressure” Who or what had the greatest influence on your life? My wife Sam and all my dogs (passed and present) without a doubt. Without there belief in me, I think I would never have competed and just trained for fun. Also my training buddy Susie Josty has given me so much confidence in my training, having trained with her for many years and her achievements speak for themselves, especially having the first Welsh Agility Champion and qualifying for Olympia and Crufts for over 10 years consecutively. What are your major strengths and weaknesses? I have been told one of my strengths is my people skills when training individuals and groups. I do try to please everyone but also challenge and question handling techniques. Not having the most athletic figure myself, my handling often gets praised and my distance work, however this can often be a weakness of mine too. I strive to train to the best that both my dogs and I can achieve, if this means we are good enough to win- great or we lose- then I can only try to change it. I still bring the best dogs home. What is the worst part of agility? Bad training and people who always blame the dog. Train don’t complain. What is the best thing about agility? Spending time improving the relationship with my dogs, whether training, competing or just sitting around in each others company, time is precious and we have one life to live, so live it. Saying this, I do like to be social and love to have a few drinks with friends after competing and thrive on the good sportsmanship that agility has to offer. What do you expect from this event ? It will be a world class event that showcases the sport with all breeds. If last year is anything to go by, it will be a well organised event that everyone enjoys and I gain great memories, great results, great team mates and hopefully new friends.



team Wales

300 DIVISION Judith Doble & Scruffy (Cross Breed) Welsh Agility competitor Judith Doble lives in Efail Isaf, Pontypridd, with her three dogs. She began agility in 2005 with Raja, a Lab x Retriever. She’s belong to Cynllan Lodge Dog Training Club in Llanharan and Caerphilly Agility Club.

Derek Osbourne & Gizmo (Papillon) Derek is at his second WAO. Last year did a very good job by achieving the 3rd place in the Biathlon with Gizmo.

Kaylee Rowsell & Tommy (Poodle)


400 DIVISION Martin Cavill & Dylan (Cocker Spaniel)


Rosie Cavill & Spice (Cocker Spaniel) Rosie has been involved in agility since 2003 . Her agility career? A discreet one that this year has led her to the European Open 2011 with average results, the finals at the Crufts 2011 and Olympia finals 2011 . We’ll see...

Mark Douglas & Blossom (Shetland Sheepdog) See the informations about Mark on the 650 division

team Wales

525 DIV Judith Doble & Kali (Cross Breed) Kali is also a rescue dog from Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary and Judith got her at four months old. Originally from Ireland, Kali is a Sprollie (Spaniel x Collie).

Ann Harmes & Noo Noo (Working Sheepdog) Ann actually began training in Agility before Stuart with her first dog Mostly Moss… Having started their introduction to dog training in Obedience,Moss took them to the dizzy heights of Advanced and won the NCDL and Crufts Singles titles before his career was cut short by injury. Noggin the Nog was Anns second dog who needs no introduction! Ann has provided individualised training in the UK for the past 15 years, offering bespoke training days, seminars as far afield as South Africa, specialising  in an individualised approach to training.

Stuart Harmes & Noo Noo (Working Sheepdog) See the informations about Stuart on the 650 division

VISION Susie Josty & Billie (Working Sheepdog) See the informations about Susie on the 650 division

Helen Perryman & Jinx (Border Collie)

Mark Douglas & Ruby (Kelpie) See the informations about Mark on the 650 division

Connie Sellers &

Fly (Border Collie)


team Wales

650 DIV Martin Cavill & Zeke (Border Collie)

Mark Douglas & Puck (Kelpie) Mark is one who forgot to get off the podium. Last years , he has racked up some superb results Olympia ABC Agility Stakes winners 2011 ,Agility World Champion in 550 Pethatlon at the WAO 2011, 1st at the Olympia 2010 ABC (1st in agility and 1st in jumping) .3rd at the Olympia 2009 ABC...I think he won’t be back home before being finished on the podium.

VISION Stuart Harmes & Tog (Border Collie) He has competed for 20 years in the sport with a great degree of success! With his first dog Trelogan Trim and subsequently with the infamous Noggin the Nog and his son Nog Bach, and more recently with his young dog Darleyfalls Tog. All dogs have gone to the very top of the sport, and have been to all major finals with great success! Stuart is known for his motivational style of handling both in the UK and abroad.

Susie Josty & Ozzie (Working Sheepdog) Susie Josty began agility in 1997 with her small crossbreed dog Jack. Jack was all speed and no control but despite his wild side he quickly climbed up the grades earning his Agility Champion status in 2005 and becoming the first Agility Champion in Wales Susie currently works three Working Sheep Dogs.



2012 Wildca Qualified individuals who are not on their country’s team, or who are from a country that hasn’t entered a team, may apply for Wildcard entry. The WAO Committee can offer up to 5 (five) wildcard places per jump height to individuals who the WAO Committee believes have demonstrated world-class potential; for example, competitors who have placed in the top three of their country’s National finals in the last two years or competitors who have competed internationally in the last two years. Wildcard competitors whose applications are accepted may run under their country’s flag as an additional dog for that country in the individual events if invited to do so by the country’s team manager. In this case, however, Wildcard competitors may not be used in the Team Pentathlon. Wildcard competitors not running under a country flag will run under the WAO flag, and there will be a WAO Wildcard Team Manager. The 2011 WAO Gold, Silver, and Bronze medallists in each height of the Individual Agility Pentathlon, Agility Biathlon, and Agility Games events are automatically invited to the 2012 WAO to compete as Wildcards in the event for which they won a medal in 2011 (for example, the 2011 Agility Biathlon medallists are automatically invited to compete in the 2012 Agility Biathlon). In addition, the Individual Gold medallists from the previous year in each height of the following championship events are automatically invited to the 2012 WAO: FCI Agility World Championships European Open IFCS Agility World Championships If a 2011 medal winner also qualifies for his or her country’s 2012 WAO team, then the medal winner is eligible to run in any events for the team, but will run as a wildcard entry in the event for which the medal was earned. Therefore, that team will have an extra dog competing in that event. For example, if the 2011 Agility Biathlon 300mm Gold medallist is from the USA and she makes the 2012 USA team, she will run in the 2012 Agility Biathlon as a Wildcard. Team USA will still be able to run 3 (three) dogs in the 300mm jump height.

ards 300 DIVISION Caterina D’Amato & Peggy (Miniature Pinscher) Caterian was the one of the 2011 WAO Italian competitors in the 300 height at the WAO 2011 she collects some good results like the 6th place in Biathlon and 8th in Penthatlon

400 DIVISION Serena Ines Malgaroli & Shahrazad (Mix) She’s Italian and she’s the European Open 2011 winner in the Small class. Sherry (Shahrazad Rehika) is a female mixed breed



Nicola Giraudi & Twister (Parson Russell Terrier)

Nicola is a professional dog trainer running education, agility and obedience classes and was 3 times in a row on the Euro/World Championships podium in Obedience Team Competition.He has helped many people to get to the highest levels of competitions, bringing 2 teams to the Italian Obedience Team in the past years, and more recently one of his students gained the 3rd place at the Swiss Agility Championship in 2008 with an Aussie, and another one just qualified for the Italian Agility Team in Medium Class with his Sheltie. Nicola is the winner of the Agility World Championship 2011 .Nicola is involved in dog training and agility for more than 10 years. He moves to Switzerland in the 2005 and achieve only good results in agility and obedience. In the 2010 he returns in Italy and and found the “Oh my dog!!!” club. He’s very motivated and ready to give the maximum

525 DIVISION Dave Alderson & Goose (Border Collie) David Alderson comes from the UK. He took part in the World Agility Championship 2008 with two dogs: Libby - in toy height class and Spice - in maxi height class. David became World  Champion four times: three times with Spice (in agility-standard, jumping and biathlon) and one time with Libby (jumping).

Maria Thiry & Ella (Border Collie)


Danielle Boshouwers & Kahlen (Croatian Sheepdog) Last year at the WAO collects a 9th place in the Agility Games with Kahlen

650 DIVISION Dave Alderson & Rocky (Border Collie) See the 525 division

Wendy Tunders & Tunwill's Aydisa (Border Collie) She’s from Netherlands , she’s a Physiotherapist Physiotherapy & Animal in training , involved in agility since the 1994. Wendy is an agility competitor and trainer , she was present several times at the FCI Agility World Championship.

2011 World Champions


World Champions AGILITY GAMES WORLD CHAMPIONS 300 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Minako Tokuda & Win, Japan Silver: Ivette White & Zip, United States Bronze: Tracy Bennett & Cody, Wales 400 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Jessica Martin & Dice, Wildcard Silver: Jennifer Crank & Blaster, United States Bronze: Bernadette Bay & Zen, England 550 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Jeannette Hutchison & Rumble, United States Silver:Leslie Osborne & Fizz, England Bronze: Kim Cullen & Recess, Canada 650 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Dave Leach & Rusty, England Silver: Laura Chudleigh & Rodney, Wildcard Bronze: Lee Windeatt & Bold, Wildcard

AGILITY BIATHLON WORLD CHAMPIONS 300 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Daneen Fox & Masher, United States Silver: Anneli Hilton & Slice, Canada Bronze: Derek Osborne & Gizmo, Wales 400 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Jennifer Crank & Blaster, United States Silver: Nobuko Akiike & Kool, Japan Bronze: Tricia Elms & Jazz, Scotland

550 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Rosanne Demascio & Drifter, United States Silver: Mark Douglas & Ruby, Wales Bronze: Deb Rhodes & Britt, Canada 650 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Franky De Witte & Uboro, Belgium Silver: Ian Jackson & Bobbie, England Bronze: Ian Balchin & Bess, Wildcard photos by Ian Watts Photography

2011 World Champions

INDIVIDUAL AGILITY PENTATHLON WORLD CHAMPIONS 300 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Anneli Hilton & Slice, Canada Silver: Marilyn Adams & Tia, England Bronze: Heather McLean & Bud, Scotland

400 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Karen Holik & Sizzle, United States Silver: Tricia Elms & Jazz, Scotland Bronze: Mimi Shimono & Marie, Japan 550 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Mark Douglas & Ruby, Wales Silver: Dudley Fontaine & Sweet, United States Bronze: Nigel Staines & Zico, England 650 JUMP HEIGHT Gold: Dave Leach & Rusty, England Silver: Niina-Liina Linna & Rhett, Finland Bronze: Linda Mecklenburg & Wonder, United States

photos by Ian Watts Photography


TEAM AGILITY PENTATHLON WORLD CHAMPIONS Gold: England Silver: United States Bronze: Scotland MEDALS WON







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8 4





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4 4


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3 1 1


About the WAO

About the WAO World Agility Open Championship

The World Agility Open (WAO) is an annual international event designed to: Provide the ultimate in dog agility competition where speed, efficiency, and consistency are all necessary for success. Showcase the highest level of agility training, human/canine partnership, and athleticism Acknowledge the dog as an athlete and equally important member of the agility partnership Enable all dogs, whether pedigreed or not, to compete in an environment that is solely focused on the sport of agility. Promote the design of better and safer agility equipment, new technology to improve the sport, and better show management processes. The WAO provides competitors with: Jump height divisions where similar types of dogs compete against one another An excellent competition running surface and show environment Several different types of contests with maximum runs to adequately test teams for all the skill sets necessary to be the best in dog agility. In the spirit of our goal to provide the ultimate in dog agility competition, the Individual winners from the prior year’s FCI Agility World Championships and European Open, the All-Around winners from the prior year’s IFCS Agility Championships, and the three medal winners in each height division from the prior year’s World Agility Open Biathlon and Individual Pentathlon are automatically eligible for entry to the WAO regardless of whether their country submits an entry. The WAO is the first international agility event created and managed by agility competitors (Greg Derrett and Monica Percival). It is not run under the auspices of any agility organization. Without the encumbrance or politics of a large organization where agility is not the only concern, this WAO organizing committee of three can make decisions quickly and in the best interest of the event and the competitors. We welcome feedback from all participants so that the event can continue to evolve. The official language of the WAO is English.

the Competitions INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION INDIVIDUAL AGILITY PENTATHLON CHAMPIONSHIP The Individual Agility Pentathlon consists of 2 rounds of Agility, 2 rounds of Jumping, and 1 round Speedstakes. The combined results from the 5 classes determine the Individual Agility Pentathlon World Champion. One world champion will be declared in each jump height. Scoring is cumulative; faults are added to time, and the lowest score wins in all aspects of the Pentathlon. Each country can enter 2 dogs per jump height. AGILITY BIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIP The Agility Biathlon consists of 1 round of Agility followed by 1 round of Jumping. The combined results of the two classes determine the Agility Biathlon World Champion. One world champion will be declared in each jump height. Scoring is cumulative; least faults wins with time as tie breaker only, in all aspects of the Biathlon. Each country can enter 2 dogs per jump height. AGILITY GAMES CHAMPIONSHIP The Agility Games Championships consists of 1 round of Snooker followed by 1 round of Gamblers. The combined results of the two classes determine the Agility Games World Champion. One world champion will be declared in each jump height. Scoring is cumulative; highest number of points wins with time as tie breaker only, in all aspects of the Games Championship. Each country can enter 2 dogs per jump height.

photos by Ian Watts Photography

About the WAO


The Team Agility Pentathlon consists of 2 rounds of Agility, 2 rounds of Jumping, and 1 round Speedstakes. The combined results from the 5 classes determine the Team Agility Pentathlon World Champion. Each country will be eligible to enter 1 team. Each team will be comprised of 4 dogs, 1 dog from each jump height. Only 3 dogs per team will run in the 2 Agility rounds and the 2 Jumping rounds. No height can sit out twice; for example, a country’s team entry might look like this: Class 1: 300, 400, 550 Class 2: 300, 550, 650 Class 3: 300, 400, 650 Class 4: 400, 550, 650 Scoring is cumulative; faults are added to time, and the lowest score wins in all aspects of the Pentathlon.



The object of this class is to negotiate a full course of agility equipment. There are a minimum of 19 obstacles and a maximum of 20. JUMPING The object of this class is to negotiate a course without contact equipment. There are a minimum of 19 obstacles and a maximum of 20. INDIVIDUAL SPEEDSTAKES The object of this class is to negotiate a Jumping course that also includes an A-frame. There are a minimum of 19 obstacles and a maximum of 20. TEAM RELAY SPEEDSTAKES The object of this class is for 4 dogs and 4 handlers to work together to perform a relay course as a team. There is 1 dog from each jump height on a team. The 300 and 400 dogs will run at 300mm (11.81in), and the 550 and 650 dogs will run at 550mm (21.65in). Each dog on the team will perform a minimum of 15 obstacles and a maximum of 20 obstacles. GAMBLERS The goal of Gamblers is to accumulate as many points as possible within the time allotted by the judge, and then to make a strategic decision to perform one of the two short “gamble” sequences within a specified time period to earn bonus points. SNOOKER The object of the game is to earn as many points as possible within the course time set by the judge. Scoring is similar to the billiards game of Snooker; however, the judge may place the obstacles in the ring in any position.

JUMP HEIGHT DIVISIONS The goal of the World Agility Open in establishing the jump height divisions listed below was to create a height division (our 300 class) where small dogs such as Papillons, Toy Poodles, etc. could compete internationally, as well as to create a Midi/Medium division (our 400 class) that was truly for medium-sized breeds. The 525 and 650 divisions split the larger dogs into two jump heights so that dogs are competing against dogs of a more similar height.


DOG HEIGHT AT WITHERS 320mm & under (12.60”)



300mm (11.81”)

1.7m (5’ 7”)

300mm max

600mm (23.62”)

450mm (17.71”)


410mm & under (16.14”)

400mm (15.75”)

1.7m (5’ 7”)

400mm max

800mm (31.49”)

550mm (21.65”)


500mm & under (19.69”)

525mm (20.66”)

1.7m (5’ 7”)

525mm max

1050mm (41.33&”)

675mm (26.57”)


Over 500mm (19.69”)

650mm (25.59”)

1.7m (5’ 7”)

650mm max

1300mm (51.18”)



photos by Ian Watts Photography /

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World Agility Open 2012 special issue  

This is a special issue of dedicated only to the World Agility Open 2012 (WAO 2012). In this issue you will find a lot of inf...