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Common Skin Problems

During the Summer

7NEWS Sports Reporter

Donovan Campbell and his dog Mandingo

Hope for the

Thunderstorm Anxious

Be prepared for Hurri-K9 Season Heat Stroke Commissioner Sarnoff talks to DogsAreOk South Florida’s upcoming events

Amazing Success Story

“K9s in-flight”

Trendy and Ergonomic doggie bowls to bark for





























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{ DogsAreOk Vol. 2 No. 4 }

July - August 2010 Let’s enjoy Summer! EDITOR’S LETTER DogsAreOk Team 2 and Contributors FASHION AND TRENDS 4 Summer’s best picks and Astro-Dog horoscopes 6

Trendy and ergonomic bowls to bark for!

FIT AND COOL 10 Heat stroke awareness 11 Skin problems during the hot summer season

TRAINING 12 Help your dog manage Thunderstorms


“Stay” command

CANINE SUCCESS STORY 8 K9s in Flight: A remarkable show around the world

Elga Gutierres


Jack and Shaker

17 20

13 A Bernese Mountain dog


{ Editor’s letter } Hello DogsAreOk readers! Our July-August issue is dedicated to the summer! Oh yes! This incredible time of year takes me back to my school days and summer vacations. It was a time for planning long summer camps, vacations with family and friends, and enjoying my free time to do whatever came to mind. Now that I am older, summers have changed a little but the essence of it is still the same, my mind relaxes just by knowing that summer is here. Now I enjoy sun tanning by the beach, happy hours with family and friends and of course, more time with Jack Sparrow and Shaker! Before you blast off into some summer fun this year, be sure to review the following recommendations that are designed to help you and your best friend stay safe while making the most of the summer season: Be careful of hot temperatures and avoid long walks with Fido during noon. Instead, wake up early enough to take advantage of the empty beach and go for a swim with your four-legged friend. You could even try a different water sport every day of the week. Don’t forget to prepare for hurricane season and to register in advance for pet-friendly shelters. Always remember to avoid sun burns by using UV protection for everyone, including your dog. Grooming is also very important during this time of year and make sure to use a flea-repellent shampoo. Do a daily check on Fido’s coat to ensure that the shampoo is working to keep your dog free of those pesky blood-sucking insects. Other important tips to remember include keeping your dog’s bowl filled with fresh water at all times and making sure to never leave your dog inside of the car if the AC is not running. My last recommendation is to go out and buy a soccer ball as well as your favorite team’s shirt for both you and Fido, because we are all enjoying the World Cup 2010!

Contributors Doug Gelbert has written over 30 guidebooks on such diverse topics as public golf courses, the Civil War, movie filming locations and town walking tours. His guides to the best places to hike with your dog can be found at

Richard Heinz known as The Miami Dog Whisperer, is the go-to dog expert in South Florida. He is recognized as one of the best dog behavior experts in the world today. His innate ability to understand and read dogs and to train people is truly unmatched in the dog training industry. For more information go to Carol Caridad, President of Paws 4 You Rescue, supports the welfare of unwanted dogs located at Miami-Dade Animal Services. There are 100-150 animals put down each day at this County Shelter. Carol’s professionalism and passion inspires those in the rescue field.

Dee Hoult has an MBA from the University of Miami, is a positive reinforcement trainer and is one of only two certified professional dog trainers in Miami (CCPDT). Affectionately known as the “Doggie Deeva”, Dee serves as the director of the South Florida Veterinary Foundation and head trainer for Paws 4 You rescue. For more information visit

Sylvia G.Duprat

DogsAreOk Team July-August 2010. Vol.2 No.4

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Dr. Nancy Wilber has been practicing Veterinary Medicine since 1993. She enjoys all the rewards and challenges of general practice with a special focus on preventive care. She loves working with both dogs and cats at Brickell Animal Hospital.

Born in Valencia, Spain, Laura Díaz lived in Chicago for 16 years, where she received her second Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics and pursued a career in Foreign Language Education and modeling. Her outgoing 14 month old silver gray Weimaraner likes Miami weather and enjoys updating his own website Jackie Kurzban has worked at Knowles Animal Clinic Central for the past 18 years as a vet assistant. Since 1989, she bred and raised Rottweilers under kennel name Targon Rottweilers. She shows her dogs in conformation, agility, rally, obedience, flyball and carting. They are also active therapy dogs. Jackie is a member of various local dog clubs, a CGC tester and a Therapy Dogs, Inc. tester/evaluator. Juan Carlos Diaz graduated from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. JC is a 26 year old professional illustrator and a full time designer. He has a hilarious personality and a passion for movies, animation, video games and animals. His favorite dog, of course, is Krypto (Superman’s dog).

July - August 2010 COVER STORY 14 Exclusive interview with WSNV’s Donovan Campbell and his French poodle Mandingo

ART & EVENTS 22 Krypto: Superman’s dog


ALL WE NEED IS LOVE 24 Basset Rescue of Florida

LET’S TALK ABOUT 18 Hurri-K9 awareness

DogsAreOk CLUB

17 Suggested summer sites to go with Fido


Breed Profile: Are Weimaraners for you?


Commissioner Marc Sarnoff and his four Bernese Mountain dogs

TRAVEL 21 Find out about Florida’s Highest Waterfall


Events you can’t miss!


Readers submitted photos


DogsAreOk@ Events


Donovan Campbell and Mandingo, his lovable French Poodle Photographed by

Boris Cvitanovic,

{ fashion and trends } BEACH SUMMER PICKS

ASTRODOG © IstockPhoto

Capricorn -

Leaders by nature! If you have other pets in the house, Capricorn is in charge of his domain and will keep the siblings in line. Leo owners and Capricorn pets create a wonderful and harmonious household.

Aquarius –

They are outdoors lovers. They need owners that like to explore, hike and breathe fresh air. No couch potatoes please…

Pisces –

JULY 2010

Taurus -

Sure, Taurus dogs can be stubborn. They just don’t like change! Things are good the way they are, right? Just give them lots of good lovin’ and they’ll be happy.

Gemini –

Gemini pets have two distinct personalities. These intelligent canines like to rule where they drool! Remember, male Gemini dogs have a wandering eye… Compatible with Scorpios, Sags and Aries.

Virgo -

If you live with a Virgo pet you know they like order, have lots of energy and do not like change. Leave things just the way they are and your doggie will be very happy!

Libra –

Libras love a tidy and organized home. If they could clean the house, they would. They can be quite moody, so indulge these critters from time to time.

Scorpio –

One of the most amicable signs for a pet. Cancer doggies are happy in their home and love television! They love to cuddle and are great companions for guys living alone.

These babies are the lovers! Pups are intelligent, love attention, lots of energy and will keep you in good physical shape and on the move! Left on their own, these pups have gourmet tastes and will always buy top shelf.

Leo –

Sagittarius –

Pisces pups do very well in an artistic household. Kings and Queens of their home, they often believe that they are the humans and you are the canines. Be gentle with them and watch what they eat to avoid stomach issues.

Cancer –

Aries –

One of the strongest signs. Leo pets are leaders, friendly, loving, survivors and have strong bonds with their owners. Leo dogs have a wide range of culinary interests. They become “alpha dogs” in a kennel, pack or doggie day care.

Free spirited Aries puppies! Enjoy these friendly and lovable creatures. Diet is important for them so keep it natural and consistent. These kids love to flirt, so make sure they are kept on a leash!


BY PATTY your Pet Psychic

Pets born under this sign are very intuitive beings. They know what you’re thinking both positive and negative. You can run, but you can’t hide from your sag pet.

{ fashion and trends }



YOUR DOG WILL LOVE! The Stainless Steel Raised Dinnerware Adds function to form, this movable, wall mounted dinnerware is customizable to your pet’s height and keeps his bowls off the floor to create a comfortable dining experience.

Zuka Bowl Is smaller and more fashionable than the typical “camping” travel bowl. Complete with carabineer for easy connection to leash or belt. Choose from fashionable patterns, colors and 2 sizes: small and large. Made in the USA

Hugx pet bowl

On the nose with its ergonomic design and funky good looks, get ahead of the pack at dinner time with the multi award winning Hugx. Choose your size and statement color.

The Skate Board Raised Feeders

Are unique elevated pet feeders created out of skateboard decks. They improve your pets’ posture & digestion, while relieving stress on their joints.

The Meshidai Double Feeder Is a simple and contemporary design with a refined look. Available in Mocha, Black or Pink with white heavy-weight ceramic bowls. It is easy to clean and has anti-slip cushioned feet.


JULY 2010


Presents the latest fashion from Chromebones! Your pet will be the coolest pooch in town! It has a quilt pattern with a wooden base. Water resistant and easy to clean. It has plated hardware and snake skin trimmed ceramic.

B&W w/ Colour Ceramic Dog Bowl Set Has funky swirls of black with colorful bones! These hand-painted ceramic creations, by artist Alyson Whitney, are sure to compliment your canine’s unique, carefree style. Dishwasher & microwave safe. FREE PERSONALIZATION!!

The Elegant Raised Feeder This feeder with its elegant curves and high quality materials adds a beautiful touch to any feeding area. The bowl is built to last and comes in a variety of finishes. Suitable for large and extra large dogs.

Marseille Raised Dog Bowls Are unique raised dog bowls that exemplify the term “eating in style.” Made from highly durable resin with an Old World distressed paint finish. Each size comes in a specific color.

Urban Dining Dish This uniquely shaped dish ergonomically conforms to a dog’s mouth and can also provide relief to cats with hyper-sensitive whiskers. Its two-piece construction also makes it easy for cleaning. DogsAreOk


{ Canine Success Story } John Misita and his incredible dogs

‘K9s in Flight’

… By the time I saw Razzle Dazzle jumping in the air, I knew that there was no time to waste before sharing John’s incredible story of conviction and passion for helping rescue dogs with DogsAreOk readers.

Just a few months ago, we went to a dog-walk event at Bayside, which is close to our home on Brickell. Organized by Walmart and the ASPCA to help homeless dogs, it turned out to be a really nice event. While walking around the event, we decided to stop near some people who were gathering, applauding and having fun. It was a Frisbee dog show! We quickly realized, that this wasn’t just any show…it was John Misita’s “K9s in Flight” show! All of the dogs that make up John’s show have been rescued or adopted. The show promotes and em8

JULY 2010

phasizes the importance as well as the urgent need for pet adoption. K9s in Flight is committed to becoming part of the solution to the pet overpopulation problem by raising awareness and educating the public. Since the creation of K9s in Flight in 1992, the team has been comprised of 8 dogs. CJ, John’s first dog, the inspiration and motivation for the Show, was given to him by a friend before he was taken to the pound. CJ and John learned K9 Frisbee together and eventually played their way into 3 consecutive K9 Frisbee World Championships, an experience which literally changed John’s life. John later adopted Turbo from a close friend named Linda Towery, who found the dog eating out of a trash can. Turbo amazingly also went on to 3 Consecutive K9 Frisbee World Championships and won The Purina Incredible Dog National K9

Razzle Dazzle jumping in the air

Photo by Victor Steel

“Homeless to High Flying”

The show promotes and emphasizes the importance as well as the urgent need for pet adoption.

Jetta on Animal Planet Tour

Photo by Victor Steel

Frisbee Championship in 1998. During the next 12 years, John adopted Zeta, Jetta, Blitz, Razzle Dazzle, Dixie Chopper and Sport. Razzle Dazzle and Jetta were both adopted from the Broward County Human Society, while Blitz was rescued from an abusive home. Sporty was adopted from a North Jersey animal shelter, and last but not least, Dixie Chopper, the cute Jack Russell, was adopted from Ocala, Florida. John continues to perform and educate all over the country in memory of all of his “kids”, past and present, that have given him a wonderful reason to live. The K9s in Flight show has been seen on the Discovery channel, ESPN, the Disney Channel, Animal Planet, HBO, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, MTV and more. They have also been featured in Dog Fancy Magazine, National Geographic for Kids, Dog and Kennel Magazine and over 25 major, national newspapers. The amazing K9s in Flight team has also toured with Turbo’s frisbee perfect catch Animal Planet, the NFL Experience. They have performed in over 200 cities across America where millions of people have had the opportunity to enjoy their cutting-edge, high-flying acrobatics. I really hope that you will one day be able to experience the “K9s in Flight” show. Watching these talented dogs make the most of their second chance at life serves to remind dog lovers all over the world about the importance of helping magnificent creatures like these, find loving and permanent homes through adoption. Article by Sylvia Gonzalez and John Misita

Dixie walking towards Frisbee

{ Fit & Cool Dogs }

Heat Stroke Article by Jackie Kurzban

One of the most common emergencies that we see during this time of year is heat stroke. Since heat stroke can happen to any pet (or person) at any time of day or night, it is important to know which precautions to take and how to recognize the signs. A normal dog temperature ranges between 101 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to cool down, dogs will pant and “sweat” through hairless areas such as the nose and foot pads. Their hairy coats protect them from getting sunburned and also serve as insulation. It is common to see an increase in cases of heat stroke early on in the summer season. We believe that one of the reasons for the increase at this time is that it sometimes takes a while for habits and bodies to make the adjustment of going from a cooler time of year to a warmer climate. Although none are immune to it, older dogs, sick dogs, very young pups, flat-nosed/ pudge-faced dogs and heavy dogs are more prone to heat stroke. It is also common for dogs that have experienced heat stroke in the past to do so again. Some precautions that you can take to protect your dog from heat stroke include making sure that there is fresh water and plenty of shade available at all times, avoiding exercise or long walks with your dog in the middle of the day, and watching out for hot asphalt and sidewalks that can burn your dog’s feet. It is also important to keep your dog clean, groomed and free of matted hair. Since temperatures rise dramatically as soon as the A/C is turned off, you should never leave your dog alone in a parked car, not even for a minute.

Sierra Setambrino 10



© IstockPhoto by Nathan Shelton

A normal dog temperature ranges between 101 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to watch for signs of overheating and exhaustion while playing with your dog and stop to cool down often. Even though some dogs seem like they are able to go on, we, as their caretakers, need to monitor their activities and make sure to give them breaks. Signs of overheating include bigger looking eyes, a wider and longer look of the tongue, heavy panting, restlessness, elevated body temperatures and a red color to the gums, eyes, and ears. If your dog appears to be overheating, run cool water over

Signs of overheating include bigger looking eyes, a wider and longer look of the tongue, heavy panting, restlessness, elevated body temperatures and a red color to the gums, eyes, and ears.


his body, head and abdomen, and if possible, connect a fan to cool him off or place him into a cool, air-conditioned location or shaded area. Don’t place a wet dog in an enclosed crate until his temperature has gone down and is cool again because it will retain heat. You may dab a bit of rubbing alcohol on the foot pads to help cool him down in an emergency, but if the temperature is high and your dog is either collapsing or disoriented, then you need to rush him to a vet since it is a life or death situation. Heat stroke can cause irreversible damage

Since temperatures rise dramatically as soon as the A/C is turned off, you should never leave your dog alone in a parked car, not even for a minute.

to the kidneys, liver, and brain, which is why it is so important to try and prevent it from happening. Many dogs die of heat stroke every year. No matter how often we read on this subject, it always helps to review the precautions again. Stay safe!

{ Fit & Cool Dogs }

© IstockPhoto by Charity Myers

Is summer weather affecting your dog’s skin?

Article by Dr. Nancy Wilber

Skin problems are common throughout the year but during the warm, humid summer months, these issues are often magnified. Any breed of dog

Ear infections are often an extension of skin problems. The skin that lines the ear canal can get very moist and inflamed. Prompt diagnosis and thorough treatment are necessary to prevent the ear condition from becoming chronic. We all know how the sun affects our skin but have you ever considered that your dog may need sunscreen? Dogs that have short hair and skin without much pigment can suffer from sunburns and an increased risk of skin cancers. If you’re going to spend the day in the sun with your dog, don’t forget to bring the sunscreen. There are veterinary specific formulations or you can use any sun product that is safe for use on infants. Skin problems are obvious summer issues but while we are thinking about the heat it is important to remember how difficult it is for your dog to cool off. Heat stroke can be rapidly fatal, so it is imperative that you carefully monitor your dogs’ exertion in hot weather. Always have fresh water available, never leave them in the car, and be especially careful with those that are brachycephalic or have short noses like bull dogs. Shaving will not necessarily help prevent heat stroke. If you do choose to shave your dog, it is best to leave them with at least 1 inch of hair to protect their skin against direct sunlight.

can be affected by “hot spots”, but they are most common in dogs that have a thicker hair coat with a lot of undercoat, such as retrievers and sled dogs. A hot spot is created by anything that causes inflammation and breaks down the natural barrier in the skin that protects against infection. Moisture is a big contributing factor. Allergies, insect bites and minor trauma to the skin are the most common underlying problem. Regular grooming, either at home or professionally, will decrease the chance of your pet getting this ugly, painful infection. Hot spots can spread rapidly and often require prescription medications to control them. Allergies to pollen, grass, mold and almost anything that causes congestion and sneezing for you and me, will be expressed as itchy skin for our canine companions. This type of allergy, referred to as atopic dermatitis, can lead to severe itching, hair loss and yeast and bacterial infections which not only make the dog uncomfortable but often make them unpleasant to be around. Dogs that have allergies can keep you up at night with scratching and they often smell bad and

Ear infections are often an extension of skin problems. The skin that lines the ear canal can get very moist and inflamed. shed like crazy. There is no easy treatment for allergies. Skin testing and serum or blood testing can be done to determine the cause. Your veterinarian can determine what tests will be most useful to diagnose the problem and prescribe the right combination of medications to help manage this frustrating condition.

The Dog From Ipanema Boutique & Pet Spa Grooming experts since 1986 7230 SW 57th Avenue South Miami, Florida. 305-663-1712 “Making your dog look like a champion everyday” Open seven days a week

Illustration by Juan Carlos Diaz

{ Training }

Hope for the Thunderstorm Anxious Article by Dee C. Hoult, CPDT

For many dogs, a thunderstorm is terrifying, even if they are safe and dry indoors. Your dog becomes anxious, clingy and agitated when her high sensitivity to barometric pressure warns her of a coming storm. When

the storm hits, she paces, drools, barks at cracks of thunder, hides under things or cowers and shakes. After the storm, she may have trouble settling down; some dogs can be restless for hours, even days afterward. Thunderstorm rumbles can make dogs panic and engage in behaviors ranging from excessive panting to eating through drywall. Desensitization training can calm some of these dogs – but such training takes a while to work. For storm-phobic pooches who need a quicker relief, the following measures can help: See if your dog will eat highvalue foods during storms. Highvalue foods are treats your dog likes so much, she will do just about anything to score one. For some dogs it’s a tasty piece of chicken, for others a warm hot dog bite will do the trick. Sprays or diffusers that contain dog-appeasing pheromones, which are similar to the pheromones released by nursing mother dogs, are complimentary therapies. Having a pheromone 12

JULY 2010

plug in, or spraying pheromone on a bandana and putting that bandana on your dog often helps. It’s never a bad idea to try spraying your dog’s bed with calming pheromones, or even ordering a pheromone diffusing collar that your dog can wear on a daily basis, so that when a storm hits, your dog is already equipped. A common pheromone is Comfort Zone’s D.A.P. Another


Thunderstorm rumbles can make dogs panic and engage in behaviors ranging from excessive panting to eating through drywall.

simple and easy therapy is rubbing a dryer sheet on your dogs fur prior to a storm. Yes, it’s weird, but sometimes it works! The static build up in their fur irritates many dogs. Another over the counter complimentary therapy is Rescue Remedy (, which can be mixed into your dog’s water. If using high value food and complimentary therapies isn’t enough, there is still hope for the storm-phobic canine. The Anxiety Wrap or the Storm Defender cape are two products that may reduce

thunderstorm anxiety in some dogs, but experts suggest acclimating your dog to such products before a storm starts. Some dogs are so afraid of thunderstorms that they need pharmaceutical help. If your dog is one, your veterinarian may prescribe anti-anxiety medication. “Most vets carry alternative herbal medicines that can lower anxiety,” says Dr. Robert Pane of South Kendall Animal Clinic. But when do we, as dog owners, know when we need to seek medical help for our dog’s behavior? Dr. Pane recommends that you seek help from your veterinarian when a dog is causing physical damage to itself or severely damaging your property. “We frequently recommend multimodal treatments, meaning that we prescribe a medication to help ease a dog’s anxiety so that it responds better to desensitization programs.” It’s always better to do more than one thing to alleviate anxiety. Simply medicating an animal usually doesn’t solve the root of the problem. From calming music for dogs (check out throughadogsear. com), to placing your dog in a dark and quiet room away from windows, there’s a lot we can do to help get our dogs through life with South Florida thunderstorms.

{ Training } “Stay”Getting your dog to “stay” anywhere, anytime. Article by Richard Heinz

The “stay” command gives the owner the control they need when the dog needs to stay put and not move. Before beginning the stay command with your dog they should already have developed a decent understanding of the “sit” command. Let’s go step by step:

5. When you first start to train this com-

mand, do not use any words; instead use your hands to speak to your dog. This will help you communicate with your dog when they are too far away to hear you.

6. Stay completely quiet as you continue

to use your hand to indicate to him to “stay” and move away from him.

7. If he moves to get up, go back to him and start from the beginning.

1. Have your ‘high end’ treats ready

8. Once he stays, take 2 steps back and im-

2. Attach your leash to your dog’s collar while holding the handle in your left hand. You will use your right hand to deliver the treats.

9. Try again with a little more distance

for easy access

mediately come back and give a treat.

4 steps, and a little longer 8 steps, and go back to him and give him a treat immediately.

3. Step directly in front of your dog and

10. Try leaving the room and coming back right away and treat, then take a little more time to return and treat.

4. Put your right hand in front of their face

11. The goal is to go away from him where

give him the sit command with your hand. As soon as he sits, give him a treat. and pump your hand in a “stay” motion. Immediately give him a treat, to show that the word “stay” and him staying is a good thing.

he cannot see you, while he stays in the same place until you ask him to “come” –which will be your release command (look for the “come” command in the next DogsAreOk issue).

Richard Heinz

{ cover story }

7NEWS Sports Reporter

Donovan Campbell and Mandingo Interview by Laura Diaz

If you have ever watched Sports Reporter Donovan Campbell on WSVN Channel 7-News, you probably remember his live energy, passion and entertaining connectivity with the audience, and love for sports and broadcasting. A SoFlo native with a Broadcast Journalism major at FIU, Donovan joined WSVN in January 2007, just prior to Super Bowl XLI. When he is not on TV, he loves working out and spending quality time with his girlfriend and 13 months old chocolate poodle, Mandingo. Photographed by Boris Cvitanovic, 14



Q:Tell me a little bit about your dog. A: Mandingo is a male chocolate poodle, a little over a year at a whopping 8 pounds...Killer ha! I got him from a friend as a birthday gift to my girlfriend Jessica when he was eight weeks old.

Q: Is Mandingo your first dog? A: No, growing up we’ve had dogs in the past... My mom would always bring them home and tell my dad some crazy story...We had two Pomeranians named Money and Profit, and another poodle named see the theme with names here...I guess my mom loves money. LOL

Q: I hear Mandingo has a big personality… What do you love about him?

Mandingo did a great job during the photo shoot

A: Where to begin...This dog is super smart... Sometimes we wonder if he knows English fluently! I swear he understands everything...He is very rambunctious, and wild...But that’s why we love him so much...he reminds me of both me and Jessica.

This dog is super smart... Sometimes we wonder if he knows English fluently! Q: How did you come up with that name? A: I’m not sure really. We didn’t want to call him Coco or Brownie or anything typical...I was being silly and I blurt it out, and it just stuck.

Q: Let’s talk about a subject of your expertise. The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is around the corner… In your opinion, how has soccer changed in the past 10 years in the US?

Mandigo has a unique French Poodle expression

A: I think it’s grown greatly considering the MLS has expanded with more teams since it started in 96. And people really got into the whole David Beckham thing with the LA Galaxy.

Q: The World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world. Would you like to cover the next 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

Q: Is the US your favorite team? You can say ‘no’. I won’t tell anyone... :-) A: Obviously, The U.S is my favorite team...I like Landon Donovan for obvious reasons, but I love the Reggae Boyz... My parents are both Jamaican.

“Dingo” is always happy and alert

A: OMG are you kidding? I’d be honored. It would be one of the best things for any sportscaster to do. And from what I hear, Brazil is a great place.



{ cover story } Q: Do you think the US will be in the final match this year? I hope so, but it will be tough with the European teams and the South American teams so historically dominant.

Q: Which two teams would you really enjoy watching compete for the trophy? I would have to say the U.S vs. Brazil. That would make for a great finals match, which would break all television ratings in any sport ever.

Q: And finally, does Mandingo like playing any sports? Mandingo is super active, and he really likes to run around...he plays fetch if that counts, and likes jumping. So I guess I would say he’s a track and field kind of dog.

Donovan and “Dingo” relaxing at home

I got him from a friend as a birthday gift to my girlfriend Jessica when he was eight weeks old. Jessica and Mandingo 16

JULY 2010

{ DogsAreOk @ }

DogsAreOk suggested sites for the summer:

In the mood for ice cream??? Walls Old Fashioned Ice Cream 8075 Southwest 67th Avenue Miami, FL 33143 At Wall’s Ice Cream Tom McKinney and his wife Carol, give away “Doggie Sundaes” to dogs. This delicious treat contains a scoop of vanilla yogurt, topped with a dog biscuit. The nice casual ambiance, friendly service and homemade fudge make this ice cream parlor a great place to visit this summer with Fido. By the way, one of the owner’s daughters is a Veterinarian.

Article by Selene Barrientos

Want to go to the beach this summer? Rickenbacker Causeway Key Biscayne, FL 33149 You can take your dog to this recently renovated beach, which extends along the causeway, and experience a whole day of fun. Early in the morning, start your day with a walk on the paved path (don’t forget to hydrate). Then you can take a swim in the shallow water and later on, relax under a palm tree, or better yet, bring an umbrella, and enjoy the scenic view of the bay. Please don’t forget to pick-up after your dog and NO GLASS CONTAINERS!

Elga Gutierres

Photo by Boris C.

Washington Avenue Bark Park 201 2nd Street Miami Beach, FL 33139

Figo at Rickenbacker Key Biscayne beach

Residents, community and dog loving organizations contributed in the design and construction of this pet friendly park. Located next to a Police Department substation, it has a gated area where you can unleash your dogs. This park was recently reopened with brand new benches and drinking fountains for canines and their human companions. Parks are always a great place to meet new friends and, why not, maybe a summer love!!

DogsAreOk ;f^j8i\Fb`jk_\g\i]\ZkdX^Xq`e\]fi[f^cfm\ij :fekXZklj]fiX[m\ik`j`e^fi[`jki`Ylk`fe fggfikle`k`\j1

`e]f7[f^jXi\fb%Zfd G_%*', /*(+'0/ ;fnecfX[fliD\[`XB`k7nnn%[f^jXi\fb%Zfd

Be prepared for HURRICANE season! Article by Carol Caridad

We organize our disaster plan all year round and encourage you to do the same. Whether you stay home during a storm or are forced to evacuate, you’ll need a disaster kit that contains a week’s worth of your pet’s food in an airtight waterproof container, one to two gallons of water, plastic bowls, a two-week supply of your pet’s medications, a first-aid kit and clean-up supplies such as paper towels. Also set aside important documents like vaccine records, vet records, proof of ownership and photographs of your pet to have on hand in case he or she gets lost during the storm. In addition to staying with relatives or at a petfriendly hotel, Miami-Dade County has two pet-friendly

Whether you stay home during a storm or are forced to evacuate, you’ll need a disaster kit... Also set aside important documents like vaccine records, vet records, proof of ownership and photographs of your pet to have on hand in case he or she gets lost during thestorm.

© IstockPhoto by BanksPhotos

Pet Preparedness for Natural Disasters Should Start Before the Storm Warnings! With hurricane season in full swing, it’s never too early to start planning for a natural disaster. Having a disaster plan is a must have for not only rescues and shelters, but for pet owners too. Here at Paws 4 You Rescue, we developed Plan Hurri-K9, because not all of our dogs are lucky enough to be in foster care during their stay with our rescue. Those without foster homes are placed in kennels where they are boarded in between being rescued and finding their forever home. Although these runs provide ample space and comfort for our dogs day to day, they are at risk during hurricane season. Plan Hurri-K9 is designed to place them in temporary homes during hurricanes that are not life threatening to humans. For those storms that we are able to ride out in the safety of our homes, volunteers are able to pre-register to foster one of our dogs in case of a storm. Please go to foster for more information on our Hurri-K9 Program. 18



shelters that open to residents in mandatory evacuation zones during hurricanes. But pre-registration is mandatory and can be done by downloading an application at The shelter allows up to four pets per family. Keep in mind that all pets’ vaccine records and dog licenses will have to be up to date in order to stay at the shelter, and all pets at the shelter are required to remain in a crate. If you don’t currently use a crate for your pet, consider buying one ahead of time so your pet can familiarize himself with it without the added anxiety he may feel from being in a new environment as the storm passes.

Should you have enough space in your heart and home to include one of our dogs in your disaster plan, please e-mail with the subject line “HurriK9.” Best wishes in keeping yourself and your four legged friends safe this hurricane season!

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Is a WeImaraner for you ?

I remember Merlin’s vet’s greeting words during our first visit: “A Weimaraner, Laura? Do you know what you got yourself into???” —I had to laugh.

Article by Laura Diaz

I was first attracted to the breed for its distinctive appearance: shinny and velvety silver-gray coat, ocean blue eyes Devoted and affectionate, and graceful, aristocratic features. DisWith such endearing wayscovering the Weimaraner’s big Dr. Jekyll My Weimaraner shares my life, and Mr. Hyde personality, and becomAnd brightens all my days. ing addicted to this highly energetic, --Author Unknown easy to train, intelligent and loyal human companion came later. Before you decide whether a weim is the right breed for you, here are The Top 15 Things About Weimaraners That Are Not Necessarily Listmany parts of his body touching ed in the Breed Description… yours as possible. •If you try to pet another dog he will The good-natured, obedient, get in between. All affection must go fun-loving and highly to him and no one else. entertaining Dr. Jekyll: •Your hands are best used rubbing • Once you own one, you have to have his belly. at least two, and will never own a different breed as long as you live. The opinionated, fearless, resilient, • His pinkish fleshy lips are perfectly and strong-willed Mr. Hyde: sized to store tennis balls. • This attention-craver doesn’t mind • All toys deserve to be shacked at least embarrassing you in front of people by 50 times before they are chewed up. yawning loudly in a crowded elevator. • He enjoys a nomadic life style. If he • His favorite game is called “Who is finds a better place in the house to nap, faster getting the ball, my teeth or your he will pick up his blanket and move. hand”. • He prefers to sleep ON you, or with as • If you are relaxing on your favorite


© IstockPhoto by Tomaz Levstek

chair after a long day at work, watch out for saliva-bathed bones or toys falling onto your lap. • Protect your butt if you are playing “Tag”. • Uproarious and dramatic body-plopping to the ground is his best way to communicate disagreement. • His neighbor the Russell Terrier is his best buddy, until there is a tossed ball involved… • All the tennis balls in the house must loose their fur before we can play with them. • And the #1 thing they don’t tell you in the Breed Description - You will become addicted to them.

From the Hometown Magazine

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Family portrait

Commissioner Sarnoff and his four Bernese Mountain dogs Commissioner Sarnoff and his wife, Teresa, first became acquainted with Bernese Mountain dogs while vacationing in Colorado several years ago. They were staying at a small inn and the owner asked them to take “Otis” for a walk. They responded, “Sure, but who is Otis?” That’s when this beautiful, large dog, came bounding toward them. They enjoyed spending time with Otis so much, that they decided this breed would be the perfect addition to their family. The first Bernese Mountain dog to join their family was Zoe. Then, Zoe’s puppies Zena and Plugsy. They then adopted 8-year-old Petey. Their latest addition is 1-year-old Beaux.

When we are ready to go, they jump back in the car and fall back asleep.”



Commissioner Sarnoff and Teresa love travelling with their dogs and have made long road trips with as many as four at a time.

“They are such great travel companions,” says the Commissioner. “The fall asleep as soon as we start driving and perk up as soon as we get to a rest stop where they hop out and get some good exercise. 20



Commissioner Sarnoff believes in making Miami one of the friendliest and welcoming cities for dog owners.

He has worked hard to create several dog parks in his district, including Blanche Park and Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove, Legion Park in the Upper East Side, and is hoping to unveil several more in the Brickell area and even near Downtown. “One of the ordinances I am proud to have spearheaded allows dog owners to dine with their pets at outdoor restaurants that apply for a special permit. This is actually one of my earliest pieces of legislation and has been very successful. “ My wife and I get so much joy from our dogs and I am very gratified to be able to strongly support the large community of pet owners in Miami with legislation that improves their quality of life. I encourage all dog lovers to take an active role in our community and enjoy the

beautiful dog parks in our area. I was recently honored with the People, Pets, and Vets Award for “Outstanding Government Leadership in 2010.” The award means a lot to me because it shows that the residents of Miami care about animals and appreciate elected officials who are dedicated to making Miami a better place for pets and their owners. I am active with the Humane Society of South Florida and encourage everyone to support the outstanding work they are doing to save the lives and find loving homes for thousands of dogs and cats.

Marc and his dog enjoying a sunny day

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Doggin’ Florida’s Highest Waterfall Article by Doug Gelbert

At 73 feet, Falling Waters is home to Florida’s tallest waterfall. It is only 100 feet shorter than Niagara Falls, which is darned impressive in a state where the highest elevation is only 345 feet. The trick is that most of the waterfalls underground into a sinkhole. The potential of power generated from tumbling water attracted industry in the 19th century. A grist mill operated here, grinding corn into grits and cornmeal during the Civil War. In 1891, a whiskey distillery just above the waterfall provided legal hooch for nearby railway workers. A crack in the earth and old Indian legends triggered dreams of black gold in the head of Jose Mantanza. In 1919 he parsed together a tall, wooden derrick and steam-driven rig and sunk one of Florida’s first oil wells at Falling Water. At 3.900 feet a blow of gas shook the ground and reports of a gusher raced through the community. But no oil followed. Drilling continued to a depth of almost one mile but no oil was ever found. The well was capped in 1921.

Starting from the parking lot your dog will be working up one of Florida’s highest hills to an elevation of 324 feet in the campground. At Falling Waters State Park you take your dog into woods of towering Southern pines and Northern hardwoods but it doesn’t take long for this hike to cease to resemble a typical forest walk. In short order you are introduced to fern-draped sinkholes, the namesake waterfall, a wiregrass prairie, and a two-acre lake. The trail system essentially links the Sinks Trail to the Wiregrass Trail to the Terrace Trail. Starting from the parking lot your dog will be working up one of Florida’s highest hills to an elevation of 324 feet in the campground. Probably not enough to set him to panting but midway the trail passes by the lake where your dog can slip in for a quick refresher. Detailed plant identification brochures accompany the trail to explain the rich biodiversity that exists along the Branch Creek. Your dog will be trotting on elaborate boardwalks and the remnants of old country roads throughout the park. Park Information 1130 State Park Road Chipley, Florida 32428 (850) 638-6130 Hours: The park is open from 8:00 a.m. until sundown, 365 days a year. For fees and more information about activities visit

© IstockPhoto by Carrie Bottomley

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Superman’s pet


Also known as the “Superdog”, Superman’s pet dog, Krypto, is proof that even superheroes recognize the value of canine companionship! Krypto was born into the Superman comic book series in March of 1955, when he made his way into Adventure Comics #210.


Krypto’s story began when he was living on Krypton as Kal-El’s pet dog but things quickly changed after a rocket mishap left Krypto drifting aimlessly around space for several years before eventually landing on Earth. Once he made it to Earth, Krypto was reunited with Kal-El, who had grown into a teenage superhero known as Superboy.


Photo by © DC Comics

Although his pedigree was never specified, Krypto was illustrated as a white dog that closely resembled a Parson Russell Terrier. Sporting a miniature red cape along with a gold collar and an “S” dog tag, Krypto followed his master’s crime-fighting lead.


In addition to his crime-fighting adventures with Superboy/man, Krypto also spent a good deal of his time frolicking around in space or posing as the Kent family’s pet dog, “Skip” while on Earth. In an effort to protect their super special dog from being discovered, the Kents disguised Skip by applying a brown patch of dye to his back.

] To learn more about Krypto, visit and




JULY - AUGUST EVENTS 4th Annual Bark at the Ballpark Date: July, 2010 Location: George M. Steinbrenner

Field Bring the whole family, including your four-legged friends to the baseball game! Pet Friendly vendors will be open for business 2 hours prior to the first pitch. Start of game TBD Find more: for updates.

Pet Chamber & Zoological Wildlife Foundation “Summer time Safari” Date: July 10, 2010 2:00-8:00 PM Location: 2501 SW 87th Ave.

Meet our wildlife animal’s a lemur, tiger cubs, a black bear cub and much more!

Doggy Days of summer Date: July 11, 2010 2:00-6:00 PM Location: The Garden at the Village of Merrick Park, 358

Lorenzo Avenue, Coral Gables. The HSGM will be bringing many dogs available for adoption - it’s the perfect time of year to add a new companion to the family! Enter your own pooch in the doggy parade and receive a complimentary bandana. There is a $5 entry fee, which will help the HSGM care for more than 300 cats and dogs each day. The doggy parade begins at 3:00 PM Prices will be awarded for top three categories: 
1. Best attire 2. Best owner/dog look alike 3. Best personality Contact: Jessica at 305-534-0081 x 12.



Date: July 12-16, 2010 9:00-4:00

Date: July 14 and 22, 2010 2:00-3:00 PM Location: The Humane Society of Broward County is located at 2070 Griffin Road

PM. / 3rd-5th Grade Date: August 2-6, 2010 9:00-4:00 PM / 6th-8th Grade Location: Orlando Shelter, 2727 Conroy Road, Orlando, FL 32839 Date: July 19-21, 2010 9:00-4:00 PM Location: Sanford Shelter, 2800 County Home Road, Sanford, FL 32773 3rd-5th Grade Find more:

Kids ages 5 – 13 years of age are welcome to join us the Humane Society of Broward County for Pet Story Time. The first 20 minutes the kids will hear a fun animal story. Then our Pet Education/Animal Assisted Therapy dogs will be all ears as the kids take turns reading to the dogs. Kids may bring their own book or choose one of our animal books. Guardian must accompany and supervise children at all times. Contact: Call the Education Department at 954-266-6848 or visit

“The Adventures of Mattie Mae” is a true Canine Success Story, & PETCO Date: July 24, 2010 3:00-6:00 PM Location: PETCO South Beach Doggie Diva’s SOBE STYLE – free fashion show for doggies, adoptable pets, free goodies and more…

Indian River Dog Training Club is holding an AKC Obedience/Rally trial.

k A heart warming story about

a Yorkie-Chihuahua mix, Mattie Mae, who was abandoned and subsequently rescued by the author.

Date: August 7-8th

Entries close: 6pm Wednesday, July 21st 2010 Location: Palm Bay Community Center Contact: Contact IRDTC at 321-722-1222 /

k A touching narrative where

you will discover what goes through your dog’s mind and will leave you pondering about life, love and company.

Pet Expo Date: Aug 28, 2010 11:00 AM-4:00 PM Location: 1955 N. Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33062 Contact: /

Bring the family and your pet for a day of pet-loving fun. Animal vendors, best-looking pet competitions, pet entertainment, kids activities and so much more. Free to the public.

Please, confirm the events before assisting. Dates and information are subject to change without notice.

Book price $12.99

A book for you and your kids that can’t be missed. Proceedsare donated to the Humane Society of the United States. For more information:

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Mission: Basset Rescue of Florida, Inc. rescues, rehabilitates and relocates Basset Hounds in the South Florida area. Their goal is to make certain no Basset Hound looses his life in any shelter in their service area. They welcome questions about the breed and will be happy to work with you to find the perfect match for your family.

Georgette This grand old dame has seen many seasons come and go and would love nothing more than a forever home to call her own. With unusually long hair and a very sway back, she’s very different from the typical Basset Hound. Won’t you give this sweet girl a forever home?

Gracie Boogie This handsome middle-aged Basset boy is approx. 7 years old. He loves nothing more than to sit by your side. Boogie won’t push himself on you but instead will be your quiet and steady companion for many years to come. Please open your home and heart to Boogie. 24

JULY 2010

Gracie is quite the diva. She would love to spend her days being spoiled rotten. Mostly black, this five years old, is unique and striking – just like a diva should be. Won’t you open your home to this gorgeous soul?


Photos by Vision Haus: Photography + Design



George is known around the rescue as the “perfect Basset”. He is such a funny character and hasn’t met a person he didn’t like. George is five years old and would make a perfect “first Basset”. Once you meet this handsome boy, you won’t be able to stop at just one Basset.

Nakita is an active and very smart young Basset girl. She is three years old and loves to chase lizards all day long. Nakita knows how to give you a “high five” and will be perfect in an active household. She would love to have a family with or without children… as long as someone plays with her, she is happy!

tommy Tommy is such a sweet and loving 18 month old boy. Although he is quite active, he is more mellow than the typical young Basset. He loves to sit by your side and get lots of pets and belly rubs. Tommy loves people and loves to play. Would you like to have Tommy play at your house?

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Did you know that DogsAreOk helps non-profit rescue organizations to promote dog adoption by donating advertising space in every magazine? We are competing to win a $25,000 grant in the Neighborhood category. Now you can help us help them. Let’s keep this project alive. Visit for more information

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Sporty Dogs 2010

Send us your SMILING DOG PICTURES Last day to send pictures: July 31st Send them to Best picture wins a surprise gift DogsAreOk will choose the best picture of 2010 for an exclusive photo shoot with our photographer

Trevor Goldsmith. Visit our website gallery and don’t forget to join us on

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DogsAreOk @ Events! SFVF 10th Annual Awards Luncheon/May 2nd, 2010

10 stival/May 16th, 20 Green Dog Day Fe

Green Dog Day Festival/May 16 th, 2010

SFVF 10th Annual Awards Luncheon/May 2nd, 2010

Walmart an Care Fa d Aspca Pet ir/May 2 010

Walmart and Aspca Pet Care Fair/May 2010 Green Dog Day Festival/May 16th, 2010

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JULY 2010

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DogsAreOk Magazine July - August 2010  

DogsAreOk is South Florida’s perfect magazine for dog lovers. In this issue we interview to 7News Sports Reporter Donovan Campbell. We also...

DogsAreOk Magazine July - August 2010  

DogsAreOk is South Florida’s perfect magazine for dog lovers. In this issue we interview to 7News Sports Reporter Donovan Campbell. We also...

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