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DOGS AND PUPPIES GUIDE A Complete guide to train your DOG

Dog Obedience Training- An essential for your dog and puppy You come back from your office from a very hectic schedule and your dog greet s you with unconditional and priceless love…. And when someone visits your home your dog obeys you like anything… your dogs always understand everything about you and acts accordingly…. Your dog comforts you, obeys you, and plays with you… and… those sloppy wet kisses….. You must understand the real joy of these wonderful feelings if you have ever owned a dog or puppy. And for those who are planning to own a dog there are some points they should always remember that this unconditional love comes with some responsibilities. Your dog is your best pal and like every other friend it requires your time. Dogs, by nature, have some behavioral problems associated with it. But there is no need to worry….. One can easily get rid of these behavioral problems with proper dog obedience training. Why Dog training is important: Dog is an animal and in lack of proper training it will behave like an animal. It will naturally destroy your belongings, make your house dirty with urine, potty and other ways, barking all the nights, fighting with other dogs or pets, since it has canine it can bite you in odd situations. Dog obedience training is to train your dogs about those behaviors that are acceptable in the domestic settings. The dog obedience training will not solve all the problems yet it will be extremely helpful at many places. Obedience training is very important and one should take extra caution it. Below are some points you should take care of-

 Remember that your dog is an animal and it will not understand everything exactly you are saying. So HAVE PATIENCE.  Arrange training for your dog as it is a fun activity for you. This will you help you not to lose your patience and your dog to understand you quickly.  Notice your dog’s activities and take necessary steps wherever required.  There is no rule for a dogs training. Going in a head straight way may result in to undesired results. You need to keep watch and change your training strategies time to time.  Always surround your dog with the things you want it to get indulge with for example- dogs toys, its crate etc.  Never force your dog to do anything. This may annoy your dog which may result in a deadly dog biting.  Make every of your family member and friends familiar with your dog. They all need to have a certain level communication with your dog.  To start in a right way you may seek help from some dog training book. They are easily available in the market.  If you are not comfortable with your dogs training or have no clue at all you may also hire a dog trainer and he will take care of dog training. By keeping these things in mind you may improve your dog’s behavior. It’s true that your dog initially requires your precious time and efforts but the reward you get is priceless.

Dogs and puppies training guide  

Dog is an animal and in lack of proper training it will behave like an animal. To Help you get started here are some wonderful tips.

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