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Stay tuned! We are producing very nice calendars for 2012 with pictures of dogs for adoption. The profit from the sale of those calendars will benefit the dogs in Cantinho da Milu. They should be ready very soon! You can already order them by sending us an email to: It will be a great Christmas present for someone that loves animals!



In the end of October we hosted four volunteers from Germany. Thank you Kai, Annika, Carina and Marion!

October was a very busy month! On Saturday October, 8 we hosted a group of students from St Dominic´s school to whom we offered “community service” in the shelter. The kids walked, brushed and bathed the dogs. Next edition of the project: November, 19. Anyone interested in participating please contact us by email. Saturday October, 15 we had a fundraising event / BBQ in central Portugal. With the donations received we bought Advantix for dogs in the shelter! Thank you Carol, Alan, Gaynor and Keith for organising it!

Saturday October, 29 we put Advantix and Pulvex spot-ons that we received as donations on all the dogs in the shelter. Now they are protected against fleas and ticks! Thank you for making this possible.


During October tests of leishmaniose were done in the shelter in partnership with the Portuguese Observatory for Leishmaniose.Now, every dog in the shelter has been tested!

Cesar, Leia, Shanai, Caju and Poli were living in the forest near the beach. The dogs that once had a home are abandoned there, probably thrown out of a car on the road or attached to a tree with a string that they manage to chew away…. They have been living there, in the forest, for months, chased away by people and they have lost their trust in humans. They are afraid but they are also starving. So at the end of the day they go to the beach to look for scraps of food or leftovers of diners from the restaurants. Near one of the most famous Lisbon beaches, Caparica, 17 dogs have been spotted in the forest. Skinny, starving and scared of people. Difficult to catch but one day 5 dogs were caught with a cage.

ADOPTIONS THIS MONTH This month a total of 14 animals (11 dogs and 3 cats) were adopted: Tobias, Onyx (adopted as Bagira), Gaia, Poquitas, Catarina (adopted as Dolly), Bernardo, Jenny, Huguinho (adopted as Lucky), Blue, Jackie (adopted as Jeany), Daisy, Sorrisinha, Yupi and Princesa! If you have adopted a dog or a cat from us, give us news!

Milu generously offered to take them in to her shelter. Cesar, Leia, Shanai and Caju are very scared. But now they are safe, they have food and they will be sterilized so there will be no more unwanted puppies. Polly is different. She is social, cuddly and would like to have a home. Any help is appreciated, especially food and financial donations for sterilizations. We would like to present to you our partner organization: DOGS OF PORTUGAL DEUTSCHLAND. finds homes to our dogs in Germany – by now we had one cat rehomed and 13 dogs! So if you know someone in Germany that would like to adopt a dog from us, direct them to our German website:


We also need “flight partners”: a person who flies between Lisbon and Frankfurt and can take a pet on their flight. We provide assistance at the airport on departure and arrival, provide transporting box and passport and pay the costs of the pet travelling. Have you ever consider helping this way?!


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