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ERH = Electrical Resistance Heating ET-DSP™ = Electro Thermal-Dynamic Stripping Process ISCO = In Situ Chemical Oxidation CHP = Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide

ERT France

Guillaume Garcia, business and project manager

ERT France

Issues and challenges in the French market…

Since December 2012, ERT has an office in Toulouse 109 avenue Lespinet - bât. A, 31 400 Toulouse Guillaume Garcia, Director of ERT France has over 12 years of remediation experience in

French markets related to “engineering and technical services” have a characteristic

France. Mr. Garcia holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from Ecole des Métiers

chain of responsibility that is often very different from other countries. In France,

de l’Environnement in Rennes & Coventry University (UK). His previous experience in-

regardless of the number of techniques available or required to implement at a polluted

cludes in situ technologies for the largest French remediation company, at over 40 field

site, responsibility for achieving the cleanup goals on a set schedule falls primarily on

projects including groundwater extraction, venting, air sparging, ISCO, multiphase ex-

the Remediation Works Companies (RWC) and very little upon the consulting firms.

traction, and bioremediation. In 1999, Mr. Garcia was responsible for developing the

This requires the RWC to be competent in all remediation techniques to ensure the

“multiphase extraction” technology in France, including improvements to increase the

commitment and assume the risk. As a result, in France RWCs are expected to be

efficiency by refining the system and on site construction. In 2002, Mr. Garcia designed

technically proficient in many areas with an extensive range of services (including in situ

and supervised the operation of one of the largest European in situ remediation projects,

technologies and both on-site and off-site services) or order to answer all of the client’s

for a petrochemical plant in Romania, which included 13 different in situ treatment sys-

needs. Facing this situation, and understanding that investments for technical innovation

tems at different polluted areas. From 2003 to 2008, Mr. Garcia created and managed

are limited, RWCs typically focus on classical remediation techniques that are commonly

a business unit in southwestern France (Toulouse) leading to 3 MC in revenue with a

utilized. This has consequences for consideration of technologies that are specifically

staff of 11 professionals. In 2008, Mr. Garcia expanded his professional horizons to a

used, and for development of promising new technologies, which as a result are rarely

worldwide water treatment company, with responsibilities in sales and marketing for the

if ever proposed by RWCs.

EU. Passionate about in situ remediation, he returned to his first interests and has now joined ERT to develop the French and Swiss businesses.

In contrast, in many foreign markets the responsibility of achieving remediation objectives typically falls on the shoulders of consulting firms. Consulting firms define the technical approach to achieve the remediation goals. Frequently, consultants select one or several remediation subcontractor companies to partner with and complete the job. Consultants wish to partner with the most skilled and experienced firms capable of designing and implementing the remediation in the field. In that way, the broad remediation market tends to favor specialized remediation firms that are very competent in a narrowly focused suite of technologies. The consequences of this typical scheme are: • These specialized firms are commonly small- to medium-sized companies with a very efficient organization. • The specialized firms feature highly skilled experts at the forefront of their technology. • The specialized firms have considerable experience with their technology at a wide range of sites, which fuels improvement and innovation.

Office ERT France

• The specialized forms are able to accurately design and achieve remediation goals on schedule due to their focused experience. • The primary goal of a specialized firm is to satisfy the client in order to increase reputation and to win the next project. Therefore, specialized remedation firms must be successful in order to exist. ERT has chosen this “specialist” model, with a focus exclusively on in situ treatment technologies, with our expert partners who lead the world in their techniques. In 2013, the challenge of ERT in the French market is to convince all remediation protagonists that we perform our technologies in the most successful and effective manner that you can find around the world: • In situ chemical oxidation and reduction (ISCO-ISCR) via Geo-Cleanse International, Inc. (US) • Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH / ET-DSP®) via McMillan-McGee (Canada)

Guillaume Garcia, Business and project manager


• Anaerobic & aerobic bioremediation : ERT’s know-how and supporting of Carus Corporation (US) and BioRem Engineering (Belgium)

content ERT France


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European Remediation Technologies



ERT (=European Remediation Technologies) has existed for 8 years, started as a Belgium based remediation company specialized to deliver full services for in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), aerobic and anaerobic (CAP 18® and CAP 18 ME®) bioremediation, we are pleased to announce that we opened end 2012 an office in France and we intro-


duced in Europe Electrical Resistance Heating (=ERH) following the ET-DSP™ (=Electro-Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process) method. Our device still sounds ‘LET US DO IT TOGETHER!’, we are convinced that this ap-

Bioremediation 12 Projects




proach is the key for mutual success! Enjoy reading our ERT NEWS and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us. Always prepared for a meeting.

Kristof Van Vooren

Stijn Haghebaert


ERT France Content ERT ERH / ET-DSP™ ISCO Bioremediation Projects Pictures

McMillan-McGee Corp McMillan-McGee Corp. is a full-service, client-focused company providing advanced engineering solutions to our clients in their management of environmental challenges. We are the creators of the patented “Electro-Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process”, ETDSP™. The Electro-Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process is our in-situ thermal remediation technology for cleaning contaminated sites. ET-DSP™ uses readily available three phase electrical power to heat the subsurface with electrodes. Electrodes are placed at various depths and locations optimized to the unique dimensions of a site. Electrical current to each electrode is controlled continuously by computer resulting in uniform heating of the target contamination zone. 4


thermal hydrolysis accelerated bioremediation

electrical heating

NAPL treatment

vadose zone

numerical modeling

dynamic stripping

since 1997 mobility improvement H2O circulation system

ET-DSP™ system design

rapid and uniform heating largest in-situ thermal remediation in the world

› 60 projects fast ‹ 1 year


bench test


clay/sand/loam saturated zone

safe electrical heating




Cross section ET-DSP™ electrode

McMillan-McGee Corp



European Remediation Technologies

Online modeling and results


Extraction system and PDS units on site

Bruce McGee President and CEO McMillan-McGee Corp

Dr.McGee has over 25 years experience in the energy and environmental industries and is the acknowledged world leader in thermal remediation. His technical focus has been the application of electro-thermal processes for the remediation of contaminated soils and enhanced oil recovery. In addition to a strong technical background, Dr.McGee has experience in corporate development, finance, public company directorship, and successful completion of small to large projects. Dr. McGee is the founder and President of Mc², which began its enterprise in 1991 with the Lawrence Livermore DUS demonstration project, the first field demonstration of in-situ electrical remediation. He has developed the company to provide a full range of electrothermal solutions, which include electrothermal remediation, numerical modeling, remedial design, bench scale testing, sample profiling, manufacturing and ET-DSP™ fieldwork on sites across North America. Dr McGee currently provides technical leadership at Mc², with project management and administrative responsibilities undertaken by management professionals. He is responsible for ensuring every Mc² project is a technical success, on time and on budget.

ET-DSP™ System design


ERT France Content ERT ERH / ET-DSP™ ISCO Bioremediation Projects Pictures

Geo-Cleanse International, Inc. Since 1995, the US firm Geo-Cleanse International, Inc. has established a reputation as the premier in-situ chemical remediation company. Geo-Cleanse consistently provides quality service and ensures that the goals of their treatment program are achieved. GeoCleanse has the most experience of any chemical remediation firm and was the first to commercially apply oxidants for a successful NAPL remediation. Our experience, together with independently published results of our work, and a highly qualified staff of professionals, keeps Geo-Cleanse and ERT at the top of the industry. As the chemical oxidation field continues to evolve, Geo-Cleanse has expanded their services to incorporate the advances occurring within the industry, as well as our own proprietary technologies. Geo-Cleanse and ERT offer a variety of different chemical oxidation services to our clientele, including bench testing, pilot-scale applications, and full-scale applications. The Geo-CleanseÂŽ Process can effectively treat a wide variety of contaminants in a range of lithologies. To date, Geo-Cleanse has field experience on over hundreds of field-scale sites in many US states, Canada, and Europe. Geo-Cleanse has experience remediating a wide variety of contaminants including chlorinated solvents, petroleum products, coal tars/MGP constituents, explosives and pesticides. 8

Will Moody

Director of Sales & Marketing of Geo-Cleanse International, Inc.

Will Moody has over 10 years of environmental consulting and site remediation experience. For the last eight years, he has been working with Geo-Cleanse’s innovative remedial design, implementation and marketing departments. Mr. Moody has supervised two of the largest in-situ chemical remediation projects in the U.S., and has been involved with several projects in Europe. His work for Geo-Cleanse also includes field operations, site analysis, and laboratory studies. Mr. Moody is currently Director of Sales & Marketing and a Project Manager for Geo-Cleanse. Mr. Moody has a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Geo-Cleanse reference


ERT - ISCO Projects · CHP : 4 projects · Permanganate : 6 projects · Persulfate : 1 project




Other Oxidant


CHP (Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide)

exothermic aggressive fast

75 to 90% mass reduction

complete destruction versatile



short lifespan LNAPL no residue well studied PERMANGANATE

multiple injection methods mineralisation no DNAPL

no heat precipitation stable oxidant

one solution rapid

long lifetime purple

chlorinated ethenes


bio helps aerobic bio many delivery options inhibits anaerobic dissolved phase plumes

sensitive to structures needs activation


long lifetime no heat

easy to mix source removal 10

CHP pilot injection set-up

Process monitoring equipment

CHP trailor and H202 50% storage on a full scale project

Direct push injection set-up permanganate injections

Proof of permanganate distribution in monitoring well

In situ mixing with permanganate

Injection base

Injection head

Injection set-up


ERT France Content ERT ERH / ET-DSP™ ISCO Bioremediation Projects Pictures

Carus Corporation Carus Corporation has been an active participant in the remediation industry since the late 1990s. The Carus Remediation Technologies (CRT) team is dedicated to the support and growth of in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO – specifically permanganate), bioremediation(aerobic and anaerobic) and other emerging technologies.

CAPISCO™ process The CAPISCO™ process is a remediation model that is developed by ERT whereby the use of ISCO and CAP 18® and/or CAP 18 ME® are standing central as remediation technologies in the course of which remediation target values can be guaranteed. 12

MAP Sites Completed and In-Progress

7 2

2 12





CAP 18 ME速


CAP 18速


inhibits methanogenesis

NO HEATING CAPISCO™ nitrate low cost

easy to inject

high hydrogen yield

CAP 18 ME® injections with small direct push rig

CAP 18® injections with big direct push rig


no recirculation

FOOD GRADE no emulsification

chlorinated solvents

perchlorate high hydrogen yield long lasting (› 3 years)

direct push or fixed injectors


C18 unsaturated fatty acids


injection or infiltration

Ready to use

Sample Oxygel™

Oxygel™ production unit


Mixing unit

Injection set-up



Project East-Flanders (Belgium)

case studies

ET-DSP™ Bench test






Project Antwerp (Belgium)

Project East-Flanders (Belgium)

Project Haut Garonne (France)

Project East-Flanders (Belgium)





ERT group picture

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ERT News - april 2013  

Newspaper about the firm, partners and projects of ERT (European Remediation Technologies)