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Keeping your cup half full in unpredictable times.


SILVER LINING do gooder by

#InThisTogether VOLUME 1 •  MARCH 24, 2020



Good news? What could possibly be good about the current Coronavirus pandemic? We know. It's hard to find the positive at times like this. But, Do Gooder is here to help. Every issue of The Silver Lining will be filled with nothing but positive news, even if it's news about CoVid-19.

NEW CASES ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS While we wait out the virus, we can still look at the bright side. The effect of hundreds of factories closing down for weeks at a time has had a positive impact on our environment. Reports from The Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air have shown significant drops in China's carbon emissions since the outbreak began. The Washington Post has reported a drastic decrease in greenhouse gases over Europe. With most citizens staying home and cars being off the roads, an economics expert on climate change at Georgia Tech University told the Washington Post "in a few days, they will enjoy the cleanest air ever over northern Italy."

RECOVERY We can see a silver lining when looking to China where the virus began. Of the 81,000+ cases reported, more than 72,000 have completely recovered so far. That's 90% of total cases. Just last week a 103 year-old grandmother in China completely recovered from the virus. She received just one week of treatment.

Very few new cases are being reported in China. In fact, yesterday only one new domestic case was confirmed. While they are still seeing international cases, it's very comforting to see that the tight restrictions put in place to keep the virus from spreading have worked.

TESTING IMPROVEMENT MetroHealth in Cleveland has developed a test that can provide results in hours, not days. This kind of innovation is happening worldwide, with all hands on deck. Many private companies like Nurx, Everlywell and Carbon, are now selling at home test kits. While they have a price tag of over $100, flex-spending and/or health savings account will cover the cost.

TREATMENT Researchers in Australia are currently testing two drugs as possible cures against CoVid-19. BBC News reports that these scientists have learned how the immune system fights the virus and are using that information to test drugs that can cure it.

VOLUME 1 •  MARCH 24, 2020

DO GOODERS #GiraffeStatus

Since Do Gooder began, we've been encouraging our readers to "Be a Giraffe." We know it sounds funny, but here's why: -Giraffes -Giraffes -Giraffes -Giraffes

have HUGE hearts (quite literally - some can weigh up to 25 lbs.) have completely unique spots. Just like us, no two giraffes look alike. travel in groups called Towers. There is no hierarchy in a tower. All Giraffes are equal. stick their neck out for others.

When we see people out there, displaying all the qualities of the gentle giraffe, we immediately tag them with #GiraffeStatus. And who is more deserving of the title than our own Dr. Amy Acton and her team who are working around the clock to keep Ohioans healthy.


Photo: Fox28 - See their full story on Dr. Acton's social distancing techniques here.

VOLUME 1 •  MARCH 24, 2020

The GOOD Doctor

On March 15th, Executive Director of The Human Service Chamber- Mike Corey, posted this story about our home state hero, Dr. Amy Acton. He shared his experience in getting to know her and what she has meant to him in the time he's gotten to know her. Here is what he wrote... By: Mike Corey

Photo: Cleveland.com


Meet Dr. Amy Acton. Dr. Acton is the Director of the Ohio Department of Health. She is becoming a national leader before our eyes, as she has led one of the most aggressive efforts to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus in the United States. With approachable intelligence, calm urgency, and compassion for everyone that lives in our state, Dr. Acton is saving thousands of lives during a once-in-a-century crisis. Once a professor of public health at Ohio State, Dr. Acton grew up in Youngstown where she experienced homelessness during a 12-year stretch when she lived in 18 different places. She knows how hard this crisis is on people most in need. She knows that for many she is serving, every day is a crisis, too. I met Dr. Acton in her role at The Columbus Foundation, where she helped raise critical funds to fight youth homelessness, among other tasks. She also recommended our organization’s first Fellow, an extraordinary former student of hers at OSU that was a star for us over 18 months of work. But I digress. During one of our meetings, Dr. Acton and I started talking about public policy. (Okay, this came up in each of our meetings.) On this occasion, we veered to homelessness. At the time, I had no idea she had once been homeless. She was eager to learn more about homelessness policy, and administration, and housing. I suggested she chat with Lori, and in a few weeks, they had a rigorous meeting where Dr. Acton and Lori—two experts I admire—could begin to plot out a path forward while understanding the landscape that limits opportunity for so many. Dr. Acton is now fighting for all of us, in a fight for our lives. We are in good hands. I am proud to live in her city.

DO GOODERS We all know there is a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) for our healthcare heroes. What we might not know, is that there are generous people and companies who have donated supplies from their businesses to ensure our healthcare workers are kept healthy.

Sandy Clark of Canton, North Carolina is using her sewing skills to make masks for healthcare workers to wear over their N95 masks. She's been busy sewing as many as she can to do her part to keep North Carolina's healthcare workers healthy!

Paul Werner of Werner Contracting donated his supply of N95 masks to the St. Ann's Emergency Department.

Nevin Bansal, Founder of Small Biz Cares, took it upon himself to raise funds to purchase more N95 masks from an overseas vendor.

I’m excited to share we have reached our milestone of $3,000 in less than 2 days! This allows us to provide 1,000 N95 masks to Central Ohio healthcare professionals. In addition, we have received a match of $3,000 from an Ohio native physician which allows us to provide an extra 1,000 masks.

Jo-Ann Fabrics is giving away all the items needed to make masks at stores across the country! They'll meet you curbside with mask-making kits so you can make masks to donate to hospitals across the country. Get instructions details here.




DO GOODERS With most of Ohio being on strict orders to stay home, many people are wondering how they can still be helpful to the many who need it. We'll be bringing you new ideas each week so you can still DO GOOD. In the meantime, our friends at Point have given us this great flow chart to determine if volunteering for causes that support food and other essential needs for lower-income neighbors is OK for you.

STAY HOME, Doctor's Orders! We know, it's not easy. You're feeling cooped up. You can't watch another show on Netflix. Your supply of wine is rapidly depleting. But the most DO GOODER thing you can do right now is to just STAY HOME. If you absolutely NEED groceries, go. But if you don't, please do your part and stay put. Go for a daily walk outside. Clean the garage. Write letters to friends. Do a puzzle. But don't go out if you absolutely don't NEED to.

DO GOODERS #RainbowTrails

Kids across the world are giving their neighbors hope and a little fun activity with Rainbow Trails. It's pretty easy to implement. Draw a rainbow, put it in your window, give your neighbors a sense of hope and one more rainbow to search for on their daily walks. See the full story here.

Kristen Neil Van Way is asking for people write letters to the seniors at the assisted living community where she works.

VOLUME 1 •  MARCH 24, 2020

FUNNIES Even though we're in the midst of the biggest global health crisis most of us have ever seen, it's so important to keep laughing. So we hope you enjoy this collection of tweets, memes and stories designed to do nothing but put a big smile on your face..

Even Giraffe's believe in social distancing The Columbus Zoo may be closed for the time being, but they're still making sure we get some behind the scenes footage of our favorite animals! Check out Aurora's 17 week-old cub learning to swim! See the video here.

VOLUME 1 •  MARCH 24, 2020

FUNNIES Keeping a positive attitude about the situation is all The Red Shoe Society can do these days. So when the NCAA cancelled the 2020 Tournament, they decided to get creative (real creative) to keep things light and remind their members that even though they may not have basketball, they'll always have potatoes. They've built the following STARCH MADNESS bracket and each afternoon they put a vote on their Instagram Story with two potato options. Want to get in on the voting? Just follow @cbusredshoe on Instagram. We think that Mashed Potatoes are a lock for the trophy, but it's really any potato's game.

VOLUME 1 •  MARCH 24, 2020

KEEP THE GOOD GOING Share your stories with us... Do Gooder is committed to keeping positive news flowing your way in this extremely difficult time. To do so though, we need your help! We can't be out there talking with people, companies and non-profits about all of the GOOD that's happening. To help us share all the positivity you're seeing out there, we encourage you to share your stories with us. Below you'll see a few ways to keep us in the loop on all the GOOD you see. #GiraffeStatus - When you see a story of someone doing GOOD - use #GiraffeStatus on the post. We'll do our best to share as many as we can. Report a Do Gooder - Visit Do Gooder Columbus to report an individual or company that's doing everything they can to keep our community healthy. #DoGooderColumbus - When posting pictures on Instagram, use #DoGooderColumbus. All pictures with that hashtag will appear on our website.

Advertise with us... Do Gooder is an independent media company focused on sharing nothing but the positive. We'll keep your brand tied to stories that uplift our communities. We have many opportunities for advertising and sponsorship in our weekly digest The Silver Lining, on dogoodercolumbus.com and for our future print publications.. To learn more email Alex Stoneburner at alex@dogoodercolumbus.com.

VOLUME 1 •  MARCH 24, 2020

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The Silver Lining, by Do Gooder.  

Keeping your glass half full in times of uncertainty.

The Silver Lining, by Do Gooder.  

Keeping your glass half full in times of uncertainty.