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had heard about the show in Holland for so many years and everyone in Bull Terriers assured me that I would enjoy it greatly. It does not take a lot of coaxing to persuade me to attend any Bull Terrier show. I made the hotel reservation back in the early spring since I feared the Holiday Inn in Leiden would sell out. Since the show is held right in the hotel, I did not want to miss being surrounded by Bull Terriers for the four days I would be in Leiden. Luckily from Newark there is a direct flight to Amsterdam. Leiden is only 23 miles from the Amsterdam airport. Several days before leaving I spoke with Franne Berez and Jan Dykema and found out they would be on flights arriving just slightly later in the morning than my flight. Jan had secured a driver and van from the airport to the hotel. Although there would be five of the ladies already, Jan felt I could probably ride with them. I figured I

Of course we spotted a Bull Terrier in an Amsterdam Flower Market!

could always get a cab if there was no room for me. Since I was not judging I did not investigate how the show would run. I only knew the Trophy show would take place on Saturday with an entry of about 250. There would be several rings running at the same time and the only one judging that I knew was our own Mary Remer. Sunday fourteen different countries would bring a team from their home. The teams would consist of four males and four females and they had to be of different ages. The dogs would be judged individually and the judges would not know which countries they were representing. Wednesday we were scheduled to depart Newark at 5:40 PM. Due to tailwinds our flying time would have us arriving in Amsterdam before 7:00 AM. Because of the noise factor of planes they do not allow planes to land in Amsterdam before 7:00 AM, so we delayed our departing time to arrive after 7:00 AM. Upon clearing immigration I very quickly started to see several BT fanciers from the AUS. Seeing some of the Americans, I immediately became very excited about the next four days. Franne Berez, Jan Dykema, Mary Remers, Heide Clayton and Cindy Parrot were all arriving shortly after I did and I was to ride with all of them to the hotel. Due to the larger number of arriving flights they had a rather longer line to clear immigration. Around noon we reached the Holiday Inn in Leiden, the host hotel and show venue. After settling in, unpacking and freshening up, we were ready to start touring. We decided to walk into the center of Leiden. It was about a half hour walk and we got to see the lovely residential area before entering the city center. Leiden is a small, charming city about 25 minutes by train outside of Amsterdam. Around four o’clock we decided to find a charming little place to get a snack and liquid refreshment. This was very welcomed since I had passed on eating the terrible airplane food. After our short snack

we renewed our walking tour. It was decided that we would also walk back to the hotel instead of taking a cab, which had been the plan when we departed the hotel. Reaching the hotel around seven, I was ready to hit the bar and get off of my feet. Upon entering the bar many exhibitors from all over the world were greeting old time friends. Having such a late lunch we decided to have a light dinner from the bar food that was available in the Ocean Bar. This enabled us to spend more time with friends. Most of the exhibitors that could drive would not arrive until Friday. After our much needed good night’s sleep we were off to spend the day touring Amsterdam. Knowing the day would consist of walking, walking and more walking, we opted to take a taxi to the train station. It was about a half hour ride on the express train to the central Amsterdam station. Our first attraction was to see the great museum. Franne Berez, knowing the city so well, was able to figure out which train we would take to the museum area. We spent about three hours in the great museum, but did not get to see it all. Walking in the direction of the flower market, Jan was finally able to locate a Coke with ice. I guess having McDonald’s in foreign lands has some benefits. Next pause was a slice of pizza for Jan and me. Mary and Cindy and Franne opted for Ben & Jerry’s. I was so relieved when we sat down while Heide ordered some fries at a frites shop. The walk to the flower market took us past some very interesting shops and coffee houses where pot and other drugs are legal. We went past two very beautiful hotels on the canal. We wanted to stop for a drink, but because of time restraints we walked briskly onto the red light district. It was now around 6 PM so the beautiful red lights were glowing in the dark. This famous world attraction has to be seen after dark to appreciate the wonderful atmosphere the red lights offer. The first shop window I came upon had a very beautiful young girl advertising her services. Taking a closer look she also had male parts. The ladies had not noticed, but then I called them back to see more. It is fascinating to see the gentlemen bargaining in the doorway about the prices for different services. I learned the ladies pay 150 euros per day in rent for their small cubicles. That is roughly a little over $200 per day rent or $73,000 per year. It was interesting when the girls were not performing their service they would be standing in the window texting or talking on their cell phones. We would like to have enjoyed dinner in Amsterdam, but promised Mary we would be back at the hotel in Leiden by 8 PM. Hans Konings, show chair, was meeting Continued on page 111

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Dog News, November 29, 2013  

Dog News The Digest of American Dogs Volume 29, Issue 48 November 29, 2013

Dog News, November 29, 2013  

Dog News The Digest of American Dogs Volume 29, Issue 48 November 29, 2013

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