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Choosing A Dog Travel Bag For Flying The Friendly Skies By Lacey Waters

A dog travel bag is how stylish pet owners like to travel with their small pets. While you could just get a boring-looking airline approved pet taxi, why not choose one with some flair? That way your dog can travel in style and you can show off your good taste in accessories. If you have never taken your dog on a flight before, then there are several things you may not be aware of. And if you have traveled with your dog before, then it's always a good thing to be reminded of the basics. So before you go buy that travel carrier for your dog, here are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, weigh and measure your dog. Dog travel carriers that are airline approved are sold based on weight, length and height of your dog so you need to know that before you even start. Make sure your dog is in the standing position when you take his measurements. Once you know your dog's weight and measurements you can start looking at airline flights. Different airlines have different guidelines and requirements so that is your first consideration. But even after that, different size planes Choosing A Dog Travel Bag For Flying The Friendly Skies

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might have different acceptability rules. For example, a DC-10 might have slightly different requirements than the larger 747 so you will also need to know the particular aircraft for your flight. Then, and only then, would you want to start looking at dog travel carriers with an eye towards making a purchase. By knowing all the pertinent details before starting, the whole shopping process can be a lot quicker and less stressful. Because this can be such a tedious process, one thing you might want to consider is a Sherpa pet bag or carrier. For over twenty years Sherpa has been helping pet owners and their pets fly the friendly skies and in late 2009 they came up with an even easier solution. The Sherpa Pet Group got together with many of the major US airline carriers and worked out arrangements for their pet carriers to be accepted ... guaranteed. They introduced the Guaranteed On Board program which ensures that you and your pet will be allowed passage on the flight you booked ... or they will refund the cost of your ticket and any pet travel fee you may have paid. The last thing you want to do is arrive at the airport all excited about your trip only to find out that they won't let you take your dog with you in the cabin. Don't let that happen to you! Get an airline approved dog travel carrier so you and your pet can enjoy your next vacation. And while getting the right dog travel bag is extremely important, you also need to know about travel safety for your dog. Stop by for more articles and videos before embarking on your trip. Choosing A Dog Travel Bag For Flying The Friendly Skies

Š 2010

Choosing A Dog Travel Bag For Flying The Friendly Skies