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Yahoo Recruit Lockerz Founder, Kathy Savitt

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Marissa Mayer made great strides in recruiting employees since first joined Yahoo as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Yahoo! has announced the new person who will occupy the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), which is Kathy Savitt on 14 September future. Reported from VentuBeat, Tuesday (08/28/2012) Savitt has the rare combination of the operating experience and entrepreneurial. For nearly four years, she served as Chief Executive in Lockerz, a social-commerce company focused on teen market and has grown to 45 million users. Before founding Lockerz, Savitt was CMO of clothing retailer American Eagle and the Vice President of Strategic Communications in Amazon. In Yahoo, Savitt will be responsible for worldwide marketing and branding. “I believe passionately about Yahoo’s ability to inspire and delight users, partners and advertisers around the world. I am also pleased to join with Marissa (Mayer) in defining Yahoo new chapter,” Savitt said in a statement.Read More on Related Posts Microsoft Recruit Former Yahoo! Researchers

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Yahoo Recruit Lockerz Founder, Kathy Savitt  
Yahoo Recruit Lockerz Founder, Kathy Savitt