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World’s First iPhone 5 Owner

James Vohradsky dan Tamsyn Vohradsky World’s First iPhone 5 Owner/ Photo : AFP

On Friday (09/21/2012), the nine countries get the first opportunity to sell the iPhone 5, which Apple launched last week in San Francisco, USA. These countries are the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, England, Canada, and Singapore. Australia become the first country to sell the iPhone 5, considering Australian time zone faster than other countries that gets iPhone 5 IPO allotments. Automatically, the World’s First iPhone 5 Owner comes from Australia. Duo brother and sister James Vohradsky and Tamsyn Vohradsky, be the first to have the iPhone 5. Quoted from technology site ZDNet, both have been in line for 17 hours more at the Apple Store, George Street, Sydney, on Friday (09/21/2012). Apple Store in George Street is open from 8 am. They exit the store with happy face. James bought iPhone 5 black, while Tamsyn white. According to spokesman Apple, Vohradsky and Tamsyn also lined up in the front row when the iPhone 4S was first sold in this Kangaroo State. Read More on Related Posts Photo iPhone Thief stuck on the Facebook

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World’s First iPhone 5 Owner  
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