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UFO sightings Seen in Three Countries

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UFO sightings Seen in Three Countries. This time, witnesses claim to have seen UFO in the three skies from different countries Eyewitnesses admitted that they saw UFO in Arizona (USA), Melbourne (Australia) and Manchester (UK). Reportedly, the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) seen in the three major cities within five days. A pilot and aircraft systems engineer in Arizona, on Wednesday said that he saw a strange aircraft in the sky. He was with his girlfriend at the time, believing that what they see is something unusual. “I am an aircraft systems engineer and also helicopters pilot and commercial aircraft. I have never seen activity like this before in the sky. I usually try to get rid of visual impairment, to ensure they are not insects, cosmic activity, satellites, aircraft and so on , “the pilot said, as reported by International Business Times, Tuesday (09/25/2012). Not only sky in Arizona, two brothers Maggie Waldron and Lorna Hanmore from Manchester also said to have seen UFO on September 22, 2012. They describe that the UFO is similar to iconic character in the Toy Story movie (Buzz Lightyear). At that time, Waldron accidentally capture UFO image when he takes pictures of his sister (Hanmore). The image shows that there is a foreign object in the sky, as the background image. Besides Manchester, the UFO was also seen in the Melbourne sky, Australia. On Saturday night, a man perpetuating strange light hovering over the Carlton Gardens. “It was moving like no other flying object that I’m aware exists, and it was displaying amazing patterns of lights that looked something like a light show display in the sky,” said a man named


Tod in the description of the video on Youtube. The video can be watched here. Read More on Related Posts Flame Virus Targeting Saudi Arabia and Middle East Countries

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UFO sightings Seen in Three Countries

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UFO sightings Seen in Three Countries  
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