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Scientists Discover Diamond Planet

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Scientists recently revealed a planet in which contains diamonds. The findings of this planet has been announced a few days ago and revealed approximately 1/3 of the planet is composed of pure diamond. This alien planet was named 55 Cancri e and have been found in 2004. It is located around nearby stars in the Milky Way. After estimating the mass and radius of the planet, and to study the composition of its parent star, scientists confidently say that the planet has a certain material. These materials are diamond and graphite (minerals similar to charcoal). In addition, the planet also contains iron, and silicon carbide. Scientists found that a third of the mass of planet 55 Cancri e is pure diamond. “This is the first time we see the planet, which fundamentally have different chemical element with the earth. Surface of the planet seems to contain graphite and diamonds than water and granite,” said lead researcher, Nikku Madhusudhan of Yale University, as reported by Space, Monday (10/15/2012). He said that 55 Cancri e is the “diamond planet” was first identified. The planet has a difference with the earth, which have relatively little carbon. “Instead, the Earth’s interior is rich in oxygen, but very little carbon,” he added. 55 Cancri e is also known as super-Earth, with radius twice as wide and has mass eight times larger than the Earth. 55 Cancri e was able to move quickly around the parent star. So, capable of orbiting one full rotation with a time of 18 hours, different from Earth’s orbit or around the sun for 365 days. This planet has surface temperature of 3900 degrees Fahrenheit (2,100 degrees Celsius). Scientists hope to be able to examine more deeply about the “diamond planet” and reveal the composition of the stars and analyze the atmosphere of the planet 55 Cancri e.Read More on


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Scientists Discover Diamond Planet

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Scientists Discover Diamond Planet  
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