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Obama Has Millions Fake Followers on Twitter

President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama has nearly 19 million followers on Twitter, but apparently not all “followers” accounts are real. A tool of social media corporate StatusPeople, Fake Follower check revealed that approximately 70 percent of the total Obama’s followers are fake or inactive accounts. Quoted from Mashable, Saturday (08/26/2012), according to the analysis, 30 percent of 70 percent are fake accounts, while the remaining 40 percent, or nearly are inactive accounts. StatusPeople founder, Rob Waller said the fake accounts tend to be follower of a lot of people, but the fake account has no followers. fake accounts Usually created to send spam messages, while inactive accounts do not have the latest tweets update in a long time. “We then combine accounts with some other metrics to confirm the account was fake,” said Waller. In addition, the analysis of other popular accounts are also used StatusPeople tool indicate that the popular accounts in Twitter likely has more fake followers.Read More on Related Posts This man threatens to kill Obama on Facebook

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Obama Has Millions Fake Followers on Twitter  
Obama Has Millions Fake Followers on Twitter