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iPad Mini Price

Photo : apple insider

German electronics retailer internal system shows the price for the new device called the “iPad Mini”. IPad Mini price list published by Geeks Mobile site. Reported by Apple Insider, Monday (10/15/2012), for the iPad Mini with 8 GB memory and supports WiFi connectivity only priced 249 euros. The price list also shows Apple plans to bring some tablet 7.85-inch models. In addition to the entry level model, version 16, 32, and 64 GB will also supplement the ranks of iPad Mini with cellular connectivity. iPad Mini 64 GB will cost 649 euros. But until now there has been no official confirmation of the Apple regarding the iPad Mini news and price. Even so, Apple is rumored to be holding a media event about the smaller iPad on 23 October. If the date proves, it is likely Apple will issue invitations on Tuesday, October 16th.Read More on Related Posts “iPad Mini” USD 200 Immediate Produced?

Screen for the iPad Mini Start to Produced


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iPad Mini Price

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iPad Mini Price