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Intel Atom D2560 Processor

Computer processor manufacturer, Intel, announced the launch of the new dual core processor, D2560. Superior than the D2550 series ever launched in the first quarter of this year, a new family of Atom D2560 processor is running at clock speed 2.0 GHz. Reported TomsHardware, Monday (10/29/2012), this processor perform with Saltwell architecture 32 nanometer with core Cedarview processor. Working at the speed of 2.0 GHz, which is much faster than the D2550 at 1.86 GHz clock. However, the D2560 series is slower 133 MHz than the Cedarview chip D2700 that supposedly its production canceled. Intel does not provide any information about the reason D2700 series suspended. It’s just, Intel revealed that market demand has shifted, once introduced in the third quarter of 2011. Like the other Cedarview processors, D2560 has the maximum power consumption of 10 watts. Like the D2550, the processor is also capable of running four threads in parallel and priced at USD47 (tray). The information circulated previously revealed, Intel Pentium Ivy Bridge will slide early 2013. Central processing units (CPU) Intel Pentium series, has been positioned as the PC processor that includes the broad user. The processor uses a combination, good performance and low price. Intel Pentium processor also claimed to be more powerful than the Atom and Celeron, but the ability is still below the Intel Core and Xeon series.Read More on Related Posts Intel Working on Windows 8 Processor With 10 Vendor

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Intel Atom D2560 Processor

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Intel Atom D2560 Processor