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Heart Failure Due to Braces

Jess Smith, a 16 years-old girl, nearly lost her life due to heart failure. Heart disease she suffered was a result of an infection when mounting braces. Beginning, Jess Smith having chest pains. When taken for examination, the doctor even gave medicine for digestion. A few days later, A few days later, Jess did heart test and it is heart problems, as reported by Thesun. Jess suffered heart failure caused by bacteria that enter the bloodstream after installing braces. The existence of these infections make heart valve damaged and doctors should did heart surgery for seven hours. “They said I could die in a few days,” said Jess. Her dream to become a dancer over and her mother, Dawn (51) said, “I’m proud of her. She was strong and made it through. “Read More on Related Posts High Protein causes the Heart Disease

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Heart Failure Due to Braces

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Heart Failure Due to Braces  
Heart Failure Due to Braces