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Google Will Stop Support for IE8

Google will stop support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) in mid-November this year. This step should be taken by Google, because the next version of Internet Explorer will appear some time ahead. “Internet Explorer 10 slide on October 26, 2012 and as a result, we will discontinue support for Internet Explorer 8 approximately November 15, 2012,” said Google, as reported Pcadvisor, Monday (09/17/2012). Furthermore, Google said, after November 15, 2012, users who access the Google Apps services using IE8 will get the recommendation message that they need to upgrade their browser. IE8 is the Microsoft’s browser that runs on Windows XP. Previously Google had to leave IE7 and IE6. While IE9, which launched by Microsoft in March 2011 or IE10 which will debut with Windows 8 in October, will be able to run on Windows XP. After November 15, 2012, PC users who still running version of IE8 would likely have problems at some of the features in Google Apps. Some sites and services, including Gmail and Google Calendar will also be affected. At some point, the application may stop working in IE8.Read More on Related Posts Google projects that would be Closed

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Google Will Stop Support for IE8  
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