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Google Translate Now Can Translate Photos

Google provides an interesting update to its translation application in Android. Now, the users of that application can also translate the images. TechCrunch reported on Saturday (8/11/2012), that application gets additional feature support for the camera, so Google Translate can translate the words in the photo. Users simply take pictures of foreign-language words, directly use of Google Translate. next Simply sweep the finger to the words want to translated. Unfortunately, languages that can be translated by that application are still limited. Only the Czech, Dutch, German, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Spanish and French can be translated. In order to do this, with the simple condition. Users must have a device with Android Gingerbread operating system or higher, and internet connection. Portrayed text will be translated via the web.Read More on Related Posts Yahoo Mail Launch “Share Photo” Application

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Google Translate Now Can Translate Photos  
Google Translate Now Can Translate Photos