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Google Lower Search Rating for Pirated Content

Google says it has made adjustments to its search formulas to give the higher priority on legal content. While the content ratings contains piracy complaint will drop. “Starting next week, we will begin to calculate new sign in our ranking that is the amount of valid copyright notice that we received from sites,” said Senior Vice President of Engineering Google, Amit Singhal in a blog post. Changes in the rating is expected to help users find the source of quality content more easily. Thus was launched, Businesss Line, Saturday (08/11/2012). There are more than 200 signal or sign inserted into the Google search engine algorithm to do that. Google also said it has received more notification about the abolition of copyright, approximately 4.3 million in the last month. “The site has a lot of complaints about copyright would seem to be lower in our search results,” he added.Read More on Related Posts Google Test Paid Search Service

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Google Lower Search Rating for Pirated Content